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  1. I have a reoccurring problem in both CMRT and CMSF2. In both games I was playing a campaign. Multiple missions into these campaigns in both titles the current save game when loaded crashed to desktop. Save games further back would also crash. Far enough back and a game might load but a save off that game would also crash making further campaign progress impossible. When the crashes start occuring I'm already well into the campaigns with dozens of saves marking the way. Both games run perfectly to the point the game starts crashing loading a save game. I've unloaded all mods for CMRT but this hasn't helped. I've got a completely vanilla CMSF2. Both games are fully upgraded. I haven't played a campaign in CMBN or CMFI in a while to know if I have the same issue in these titles. Has anyone else experienced this issue before?
  2. I'd have grave doubts calling Ambrose a historian. I had the misfortune to purchase his book on the development of the North American railways and found it truly atrocious. Even my layman's knowledge knew what I was reading was bad history - which a few quick web searches confirmed. Anyone reading his WW2 books should remember Albert Blithe. This guy would write anything without any fact checking. I don't have time to research if the facts in books I'm reading are actually real or just the authors make-believe facts. Dreadful stuff to waste money on when there is so much quality well written well researched history on the market these days.
  3. Thread title says it all. CMSF is not available to download from the 'my account' of the website. It's a 2007 order. Does that matter? I thought I read something on the website about orders recorded since 2008. Anyone any ideas how I get CMSF available to download from the 'my account' section? Thanks in advance for all replies.
  4. Select the unit, select a move order and then put your movement way-point on a vehicle. If there is room in the vehicle you'll see the mouse icon change to show the embark icon. Click and your troops will move to the vehicle and embark.
  5. In many table-top or board-games broken troops are simply removed from play completely. Broken is the same as a KIA for all intents and purposes.
  6. I'm playing a lot of campaigns against the AI with 4.0 in CMFI, CMBS and CMRT and I'm just not seeing any new extraordinary behaviour over 3.0. Badly panicked troops and crews have always had a bad time when they've 'broken' in an engagement under any version. If anything playing the new Russian CMBS campaign last night I was amazed at the staying power of Ukrainian infantry in fixed positions under incredible artillery and direct fire. If anything panic and morale is grossly overstated in CM due to the time compression factors that make the game enjoyable/playable. On a side note I've been gaming for thirty plus years at this stage. Any system I've dabbled with - table-top, board-game or computer game - when troops break under fire and panic it is usually game over for that unit. Opinions - of course - are like .........
  7. Thank you for updating this old campaign of yours Dragonwynn. I didn't notice many of your 'huge number of mistakes' playing though this a couple of times. I always thought it was a great effort. Hopefully the enhanced AI plans will make my next playthrough as interesting as when I first attempted it all those years ago.
  8. Thanks Erwin. This is a great resource for CM players. I try to grab scenarios and especially campaigns as soon as they get released but even I was missing a good few of both. Hopefully this thread is kept updated and attached to all the relevant game family mod forums.
  9. Just got this last night and am half an hour into the first Russian campaign mission. Loving it so far. Great work on these 'battle packs' BF. A must buy for me as I love campaigns. Hopefully we'll see lots more of these packs rolled out for all the titles over the next few years.
  10. Graviteam games are more 'realistic' Company of Heroes style RTS games. CM is a simulation type game. Tried Graviteam many times and could never get into it. Controls were nearly incomprehensible, graphics were a bit whiff when zoomed out to actually play the game, ToE seemed limited and battles didn't seem to play out the way I'd have thought - as an above poster said infantry are next to useless. These are personal experiences. I'm delighted if others loved it. I'd much rather play CM or other games to get my tactics fix though. RTS games leave me completely cold.
  11. Not many Sherman variants had a rotating .50cal ring on them. Would the early version Shermans with a rotating .50cal ring even be involved at the Normandy stages of the war? Early Italy maybe. Information about what exact variants the .50cal ring was fitted to is hard to find which is strange.
  12. Thank you dragonwynn. Will be firing this up tonight for the first time. I'm a massive fan of your other efforts. If this one is as good I'm in for a treat.
  13. Always found the Heuman Lock Bridge to be nearly impossible without horrific losses in any case. Anyone ever post an AAR of their success in this mission? I'd be interested to see how it is done. Even the change of the pillbox from concrete to timber didn't really help me.
  14. I had to look up what a 'subreddit' was. Now that I have I can see how having CM on a subreddit would massively increase my enjoyment of the game.
  15. I wouldn't get too hung up on the 'quality' of the scenarios or campaigns. The maps and AI are better in the newer releases but the quality is still good for the older stuff. The engine is near identical in both. In my opinion the early campaigns and scenarios supplied with the original CMBN are better for 'learning' the basics of the game system than the newer titles.
  16. Just replying to the war-gaming part of your post KlKitchens. As a tactical battle 'simulator' the CM series has no competitor. It is simply light years ahead of anything else on the market. It is the dream of us old hex and chit gamers when we first realised the potential of computers for our hobby decades ago. It's ASL brought to life. It's simply a war-gaming grogs dream game system. It is simply amazing what this system can offer. Platoon through to multi-battalion sized fights with a historically accurate ToE covering a multitude of nations and combat formations. Every man, bullet and shell tracked in-game. Morale, leadership and communication all tracked in-game. It doesn't get better than this for the war-gamer.
  17. If I was buying the series in stages I'd go with the CMBN big bundle. The amount of content is staggering. You would be getting series bang for you money. The game engine is the same in all titles - baring CMFI for the moment. So it really comes down to what WW2 battles you have an interest in the most.
  18. I read a book called "Salerno 1943:Gulf of Hell" many years ago. I remember it being enjoyable and very interesting. It focuses sorely on the Salerno landing with only a few pages devoted to the attack up the boot of Italy. Not a full recommendation though as I read it over twenty-five years ago and the memory fades.
  19. I found Red Sabbath : The battle of Little Bighorn by Robert Kershaw to be an excellent read John. He tracks the battle though every stage using the bullet cartridge evidence. It wasn't so much a battle as a rout. As a poster above said it was a strategic loss. Once the attack order by Custer was given the tactical battle was lost - it was just a matter of how badly Custer's force would suffer.
  20. Just getting a play through of this now Lille Fiskerby and I have to say this is amazing work. I'm just getting stuck into the third battle but I can see myself returning to this campaign time and again over the years. Thanks for sharing it with the community.
  21. Just gave this a run through and had a blast. Thanks for the hard work Mark.
  22. Infantry firing anti-tank weaponry at other infantry is very common in my experience. Especially if the opposing infantry is in buildings. I would have thought this AI behaviour is entirely appropriate if a little annoying from our God perspective - "Damn it! I'm expecting enemy armour in fifteen minutes!".
  23. I'm sure BF aren't feeling much pressure from the talk on this forum. Meanwhile it is vital for small niche companies to be 'in touch' with their fans in this day and age. To have no forum of ideas from fans or no interaction with those fans would be disastrous. Before the internet companies spent a fortune trying to engage their customer bases in all industries - now they can get engagement for free with a little effort. Companies that don't engage actually cede that advantage and give it to third parties. Their customer base's major contact point with them is now through a nearly uncontrollable and unaccountable third party. I don't think we see too many crazy ideas in general on this forum anyway. This is more a fun dream thread - I'm not really expecting BF to release a CM:Battletech. Other things like fire, better defensive works implementation and other tweaks that are frequently mentioned or new time periods or settings are much more achievable aims in the mid to long term. BF hearing this is no bad thing. It's up to them to then prioritize these customer ideas with their own ideas and the resources they have available.
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