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Best way to learn this game

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I'll be buying this game within the next couple months, along with the other xpacs. I've never played a detailed ww2 sim like this game (mainly Panzer General and Steel Panters).


For you pro's out there, can you give me some tips/hints/tricks when it comes to learning how to play this game?



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Pay attention to detail. Go slow. Pretend you're in your soldiers shoes.


Bil Hardenberger has a great guide for new and old players here: Battle Drill


It will help immensely if you find some period manuals covering company sized attacks, recon, movement and the like. And they're not dull reads either. Researching tactics and then applying them to the game is very fulfilling.

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Hi there. Welcome to CM crack.


I am gonna assume you mean CM WWII in general, not just CMBN, though the basics can be spread across all the titles regardless of setting or time period.


Good place to start would be here for grasping the controls and basic game play features.



Though it's based on 1.0 of the engine (we are now at 3.0) this is a good series for tactics (there are 4 episodes, just look to the right and you'll find the other 3).



For deeper study, Bil Hardenberger's tactics thread and blog link;




That should get you started.


It'd be much easier to discuss certain aspects of the game if you were playing it now and had specific kinds of questions. When you do have them, don't hesitate to post, we all are happy to help out and will answer what ever you come up with.


Have you tried any of the Demos? The Red Thunder demo is the most up-to-date version. CMBN and FI are using demos that pre-date the 3.0 upgrade.


Oh, and another fun way to learn about the game and where you'll discover hints and tips, is to read any of the AARs or DARs in the various forums. There are many more than what are stickied or sitting on the first page, so if you wish to find others try AARs or DARs in the search bar.



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I've joked before that initially learning CM is like first learning to parallel park. No, the task isn't impossible, not the car isn't broken, all you need is a little patience and you'll soon be parallel parking with the best of 'em. Except in Maryland.  ;)

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+1 to all the above except for Mord; +2 for his demonstration efforts instead!

Nobody mentioned Real time vs. WEGO.  I suggest using WEGO to begin.  The turn by turn replay capability lets you see what happened verses what you intended.  That in itself will help you understand game mechanics much better. 


Start with the TINY and SMALL infantry only scenarios.  Get comfortable with squads before managing platoons and then companies.  Get skilled moving infantry and mortars around on foot before learning how to "mount", "dismount", and other vehicle stuff. 


Play the game like a tall glass of single malted scotch or really fine bourbon; sip slowly and savor, no need to hurry. 


Be welcome and enjoy!

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Try the training battle first. Then play it again. Then again. Who cares they you'll know where the Germans are after the first play. You're there to learn. Do it until you can beat the Germans with no casualties. THEN try your next game. The blood your men spill is the price they pay for your knowledge. Mine spill a lot. ;)

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I would also join either 'The Few Good Men' or 'the Blitz' as there are plenty of PBEM experiences to be had on both sites. I'm a member of both, but find myself using FGM more (nothing against the Blitz!). There are some great multiplayer campaigns and tournaments organised by FGM members, players of all standards, and a friendly community of gamers.


As others have pointed out, watch some YouTube videos (Armchair General's tactics videos are good watches) and check out Bill H's tactics website. All great sources to improve your CM skills.


Oh yeah and if you want to play PBEM I recommend downloading GaJ's CM Helper, which is a great help in minimising the admin involved with 2 player games.

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