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  1. This looks like that WW2OL after 17 years of improvement.
  2. Yeah, just buy them all. They all play the same. Tank riders haven't been incorporated into the CMBN & CMFI family yet (and may not be simply b/c of the effort involved to add to those early models), but other than that, all the families (CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMBS & CMFB are within a patch of the latest release.
  3. I can't remember showing my Dad CMBO, which is odd. He used to play PanzerBlitz with me when I was a child. I remember showing him the old Campaign Series Rising Sun title. I know he played around at least a little with close combat on an old computer of mine I gave him shortly before he died. Now that I typed this out, my memory has been jogged and I'm pretty sure I showed it to him along with a bunch of other games on the computer I gave him. I think he sort of just picked up close combat from there rather than CM. Never asked him why. If I had to guess, simpler game. He didn't t
  4. SPOILER * * * * * Puzzled: On the second mission I tried both the cease fire following capture of Lodomez and following a save, pushing forward to a major victory at Richard. In both instances the briefing for the third mission read, "[H]aving rested overnight ..." Is that right?
  5. Where's the CMBorg to a[CM]ilate this guy?
  6. It certainly did cause casualties to my troops.
  7. I don't believe the comment concerning the AI is accurate. My understanding is that the AI's "decisions" are the same at all difficulty levels. The difference between the levels is the amount of information available to the player and the delay associated with certain actions such as spotting.
  8. Didn't notice friendly. Playing US, in real time, the German small arms fire passed through the concrete bunker on the hotel side of the rail tracks. Whacked my troops. Wasn't expecting that.
  9. Small arms fire passes through the concrete bunker housing the AT gun on Trouble with Siegrfried (whatever the name of the 2nd Mission on the CD). I haven't tested it on any other scenario or the MG bunker in that same scenario.
  10. No, it happened to me in real time play on the second mission, and my troops were definitely getting whacked by it.
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