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  1. This looks like that WW2OL after 17 years of improvement.
  2. SPOILER * * * * * Puzzled: On the second mission I tried both the cease fire following capture of Lodomez and following a save, pushing forward to a major victory at Richard. In both instances the briefing for the third mission read, "[H]aving rested overnight ..." Is that right?
  3. I had this experience as well. Tracer fire was coming through the side of the bunker. I was like WTF?! BTW, this is one tough nut. I have restarted and saved I don't know how many times. After clearing the hotel and approaching the pillbox from the right, I just get beaten back. I've tried using every unit's smoke simultaneously to create a large cloud, and still just get beaten down by the Germans in the trench on the opposite side of the tracks.
  4. The units are engineers and they're better at finding the mines anyway. I gave them hunt orders and they found them without detonating. Didn't split the squads. I play RT so I cancelled the hunt order when they discovered them and issued a "mark mines" order. Edited to add: once I breached the wire, I gave one squad a slow order with a face towards the corner of the building then had them pop smoke. After the smoke spread, I ran them up to breach the wall as you did, then quick ordered the remainder of the platoon into the building through the breach. Pathing, yeah it can be frustr
  5. Thanks for all the effort in putting this together Bil. This is the first prerelease DAR's I've followed live.
  6. This is the first one of these that I've followed live. Very nice job Baneman, and thanks for all the effort.
  7. Gebirgsjager & pupchen for the Axis on defense.
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