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Getting rid of voices

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The voices in the game or the voices in your head? The voices in the game can't be turned off but it should be possible to replace the voice files with silent audio files. Someone would have to make them first.

Some one thats interested in no voices at that. Think you'll have to start modding macjimm.

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The voice sounds don't tell you anything that the visual elements of the UI don't tell you, but they can serve as an auditory alert that something important has happened which you might have missed otherwise.

Ex: You hear the "Ich bin verwundet!" sound file play, and you know somewhere on the battlefield, a German soldier has just been wounded. Then you can search through your units (or the enemy's depending on which side you're playing), and figure out exactly who is the unlucky soul.

More important when playing RT where you can't rewind and it's easy to miss an event if you're looking in the wrong place. But even playing the WEGO, I still find them pretty helpful; I'd have to rewind a lot more to check on all of my units individually without them.

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The three voice file bugbears that persist in CMX2 from CMX1:

1. Canadian troops using US voice files (the Southern drawls are the most egregious...I would love to be able to turn those off);

2. a unit down to one man still mutters to himself (my favourite being when he tells himself to "have some noise discipline");

3. you can hear enemy troops wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too far away if you just get the map position near them.

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