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  1. Thanks to everyone for the helpful responses. It was an outstanding answer to my query. I also received this video from from Valkatox at "The Few Good Men" community.
  2. Does anyone have any good references for indirect fire? Questions: How to use? - General Command and control - dos and don't How to decrease delay? How to improve accuracy? Limitations and considerations of the "Cancel' and "Adjust" order. Other helpful hints. It seems that my troops have a lot of difficulty hitting what they target, if they fire at all. I've done a search on the forums and come up with; more than 70 results for Arty and 125 for Mortar. It would be nice to find a comprehensive guide, tutorial, or video. Or series.
  3. Hope you managed to sort this out. Battlefront has a wonderful support department. I've found that they are very helpful, prompt and intelligent. I'm happy to spend money to a company that stands behind what they sell. I've never had any issues giving them my money but I suspect they would offer the same outstanding service I've experienced post purchase. I'm interested in this thread. The feedback may guide the decision on my next purchase. Guachi, have you experimented with the demos? Black Sea Final Blitzkrieg Red Thunder Fortress Italy
  4. Does anyone have a list of the equipment (weapons, vehicles etc) available in Black Sea? The manual contains great information but I was wondering if there is a tabular format (Or a spreadsheet) that has already been created..
  5. Wow. I am truly delusional or I failed to communicate effectively. First off. Panzersaurkrautwerfer, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading many of your posts and I find your content very thoughtful and well informed. From what I have gleaned from your words I would be far out my depth to debate military tactics with you. So don't take this as a confrontation from an arrogant computer gamer but rather as an enthusiastic interested old guy seeking clarification. I understand your comment "... smoke does transform aimed fire at point targets into area fire" and aimed fire in certain ci
  6. Seem reasonable to me. Good use of ammo. If the enemy is stupid enough to pop some smoke close to his own position then your whole platoon (or Company) should be able to target the smoke and saturate the position with massed area fire. The smoke makes a great target indicator. Or if the enemy is a little smarter we should be able to mark his position with smoke and fire into it. By aiming through the smoke we can cause surpression if not casualties. This is a great standard drill as smoke on the battlefield is usually very dangerous for those close it it. Smoke is just two thin to st
  7. Very informative comments. Thanks for the ideas
  8. Hmmm. If that were true then it might be more interesting to play on huge maps ... to allow for more flexibility. And have very large set up zones. Allow more time for enroute stage.
  9. I often wonder about that myself. Wonder how much empty terrain would be available or would friendly units be within site distance of each other (shoulder to shoulder) along the front.
  10. This type of thread is great. Thanks for your insight as to the relative effectiveness of infantry up close with armor. It reminds me of the frustration I experienced during my first CM2 missions getting slaughtered by mortars. I was irritated at my own impotence and the disappointment wth my opponent's skill with indirect fire. I'd never seen a game where the mortars and arty dominated the battle so decisively. I thought that it had to be a game flaw so I endeavored to search for topics regarding the accuracy and rate of fire for WW2 mortars. Dam those mortars in WW2 were lethal ...
  11. Very nice AR Entertaining and easy to watch Thanks for your efforts hope you enjoyed doing it as much as much as I enjoyed watching
  12. When I was a kid I loved playing war games in the woods, using toy soldiers, board games like Squad Leader, Tobrok or Panzer Leader. I loved scale miniature models and was always watching war movies on the TV. Currently I enjoy Combat Mission, Hearts of Iron 3, ARMA and Command Ops and to a lesser degree some of the Total War games. In real life I am non-violent and almost all of the physical confrontations in my life I met with a strong resistance to strike back, choosing instead to grapple and softly talk my way clear of using force. And the only time my desire to hurt someone has
  13. Awesome, thanks for the direction. Any idea where I can find anyone's voice mod? Link? Appreciate the idea.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Not sure how to do what you are suggesting - I had not thought of it and have no idea how to start. But I still think I would have a problem ... For the record. I'm not scared of the repeat voices and like them when I'm playing the game. They are great indicators. But for creating a movie .... There are moments when the infantry is creeping carefully in hunting mode and some one nearby is yelling "GO! GO! GO!". Other times everyone is hiding and quiet and someone yells out "LETS USE A LITTLE NOISE DISIPLNE!!!" Seems everyone has a bullet to the thigh "ARG M
  15. Hopefully someone can provide some direction on how to remove the voices from the game. I know nothing about modding. And I'm not technically savvy. I'm aware that lots of people like to hear the AI talking because it yields clues about their situational awareness. Hopefully this doesn't become a list of the benefits of AI voices. I would like to make a AAR video of a PBEM and it is a lot of work to remove the repetitive phases that are often distracting. Can anyone help me to remove the AI voices?
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