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  1. 1. Please make a floating icon specific to each fortification type so it is easier to identify them during set up. 2. Please let these icons persist after set up, preferably with an ON/OFF toggle.
  2. A note to that effect in the rulebook would have been...how to understate this...handy.
  3. Cross posting from the CMAK forum because we might be seeing a problem in the CMBB OPERATION To the Volga. Has anyone else noticed whether weather has an impact on the continued availability of air support during operations? Our concern is that one battle of non-clear weather (or night) might prevent the air support from showing up for ensuing daytime battles that have clear weather. If so, then Operations should always have air support built into the reinforcements. The manual seems tacit on this.
  4. We're running CMBB Operation To The Volga so the German side has At Start air support in their OoB. The first battle was Rain, so of course the Luftwaffe did not put in an appearance. In the second battle, it now is clear, but after 13 turns we have had no sign of the German air support. Did the first battle's weather knock it right out of the operation?
  5. So, Catacol, did this work? My friend and I find that if you simply Alt+Tab out, then back in, it is already noticeably faster. I will try this suggested fix and see how it goes...nope, no better than simply Alt+Tab out-then-in. Also, it seemed to reset to ALL PROCESSORS after it was closed, then reopened.
  6. I presume it represents rubble that is too rough and tumble to permit entry vs rubble that has been pulverised smoother so it may still be entered. I have never scrutinised the artwork to see if that makes it obvious. IIRC, this has existed since CMX1?
  7. [cross-posting from the Tech forum, where it seems to have garnered no response] I need one of the tech team to contact me so I know how to send them the 36.9 Mb PBEM file. In a v1.12 PBEM game of Biazzo Ridge, one of my 3-man MMG teams is firing from the one man who has become a casualty. The other two have the MMG and are well away from him by at least 100 m. I noticed at about the 23:07 mark that their MMG fire was emanating from the casualty location while the rifle fire was coming from the assistant's position. So, either the MMG fire graphics are screwed up or the MMG gunner is not shown in the correct location. Team ID is 3rd MMG Team Machinegun Platoon They are in the NW (left side) of my line.
  8. Just one if he's complaining about the mythical Italian ATR snipers.
  9. You can already do this if they drive over a fence or wall and destroy it. You even get the sound effect to let you know something's been crushed and this alerts you to start snooping for terrain changes.
  10. 1. RT is the only ones with flame weapons. I am hoping the Crocs eventually show up in a CMBN add on. 2. CW = Canadians (who, unfortunately, still sound like Yankees and S'uthanuhs).
  11. Amen. My rig also seems to have trouble with levels above 2 or 3 - starts to look like Hitchcock's Vertigo. Clicking on a unit in a church tower is very disorienting.
  12. The three voice file bugbears that persist in CMX2 from CMX1: 1. Canadian troops using US voice files (the Southern drawls are the most egregious...I would love to be able to turn those off); 2. a unit down to one man still mutters to himself (my favourite being when he tells himself to "have some noise discipline"); 3. you can hear enemy troops wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too far away if you just get the map position near them.
  13. It's one of those French gas stations/garages that are on the main floor of an apartment block because they have to go somewhere in that high urban density.
  14. ...and should impact friendly fire probability. I used ~12 strafe-only IL-2s in a QB and it was an absolute hoot. Unfortunately, my opponent did not have AAA so we did not get to see that in action.
  15. Sorry - I did not mean to suggest that the technical issue was not resolved nor that I had any trouble. I was just trying to keep CM Helper threads front and centre for anyone in the midst of making the H2HH to CM Helper transition, like I am currently. For instance, your initial post has the URL, which is handy. I found the thread while trying to search out how to get going on it.
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