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Second Rock Paper Shotgun Preview Online

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I mentioned this somewhere else here, but I'll repeat in this thread- I have changed the AI plans in the scenario since the build Tim Stone was using to review the game (especially when I noticed he was using my scenario to do the AAR from). It will play differently than the AAR as far as the AI plans are concerned, so don't feel too spoiler-ed by reading it.

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Me too. Btw, that T-34/85 that is perhaps knocked out by a grenade bundle. Is there really something like that in the game?

Probably doesn't need a bundle. My H2H opponent destroyed one of my Sherman Fireflies with grenades through a bocage in CMBN, and I knocked out two of his Panthers the same way.

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Close assault depicted as being with grenades is some sort of abstraction of various desperation methods used by infantry in the hope of defeating armour.

There was a rumour that RT would introduce hand-flung shaped charge grenades (since they were so important to the Russian soldier that generally lacked rocket/recoilless HEAT), but the manual doesn't mention such things.

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