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  1. No, you’re not stupid! Windows 10 is the most intrusive “I’m going to do this because I know better than you do” software systems I have ever seen. I’m really glad I was able to help. It feels good!
  2. Well, I don’t know how you have your Windows 10 Startup set up, but when I start up my computer, right after Windows 10 starts up, I have to type in a “pin code” that I set when I installed Windows 10. Is is possible that one of your Windows 10 system start up options got changed so it requires your pin code, sort of like a password for starting as an administrator, or a security option to download from an unknown source? I know that sometimes the Mac OS has refused to allow the installer on CM demos if it doesn’t recognize the source. In that case, we simply right-click and select “open.” It then runs the installer. Try doing a right-click and open, and see if that works.
  3. Well, whatever names were called in what must have been a very heated and energetic “discussion,” he at least still purchased Fire & Rubble. Times have changed, and while we don’t have to use or accept such language, we must understand that many people see those terms as simply emphasizing their statements. One of the women I worked with used it all the time, even though I’d admonish her with “You know, profanity is the mark of a weak mind attempting to forcibly express itself.” She’d just laugh and tell me to go “F” myself. Regardless, we were still a very good writing team because I didn’t accept them as insults.
  4. Well, I don’t know what the sighting system was on the Flak 88, but I have to assume that the sights are good enough at 400-600m, and the trajectory flat enough that they can target the weakest area possible. It actually took me a few minutes to spot where the round hit. It is usually useful to analyze hits and KOs in a new release. I’ll see if I can get a screen shot and post it here.
  5. I’m playing a scenario (single player, elite) where I have an initial force of three or four IS-2s. It one engagement when an IS-2 was hull down, an 88 AA/AT gun bounced four rounds off the turret at about 400-600m. The fifth hit in the lower-left corner of the gun mantle, and penetrated through the space between the gun mantle and the turret, and appears to have deflected down into the crew compartment. It killed my commander and gunner, but didn’t further affect the condition of the tank. Bad luck there.
  6. I set mine to “desktop” in the options but usually have to edit the “display.txt” file to a size I can read (I have a 3840 x 2160 monitor and the text can sometimes be too small to read when set to desktop) and the CM won’t allow you to select any size except the ones listed. If you know the size of the flat screen you are using, you can open the “display.txt” file in (I believe) your data folder, and edit it to your actual screen size. Your data.txt should be “0, 0, 0.” You can edit the numbers to the size of your flat screen. For example, if the flat screen is 1920 x 1080, then edit the “0, 0, 0” to “1920, 1080, 0,” and save the file. That’s the extent of my knowledge, so if it doesn’t work, I can’t help, sorry.
  7. Welcome to the club. You'll find many of us here share your compulsion. some even exceed it and beta test new releases.
  8. They'll get my bicycle over my cold dead body.
  9. I'd interpret BFC Elvis' reply as "very very" encouraging. Especially since today is the last day of April!
  10. I hear ya, although I'm about to quit Elite Odyssey Alpha. Phase 4 doesn't seem to have anything beyond Phase 3, and a lot more really annoying bugs. This is the last week of it anyway. Good concept, but too much PVP for me, and the threat levels in the missions are way out of sync with the actual missions. It'll be good to focus on CMCW instead.
  11. I usually find it much easier to just say 1300 ET,CT,MT, or PT and let the other guy figure it out. When it's the same time for 6 months, why bother to specify standard or daylight savings? By the way, the concept of different times have been around for a long time, and everyone you ask why we use it gives you a different answer. The one I like the best is that it started in Scandinavia so people could have an extra hour of sunlight in the parks in the summer evenings!
  12. What is the difference between being cynical and being experienced? When you're cynical, you expect something will be late. When you're experienced, you know it will be late!
  13. Well then, I stand corrected and apologize for the misinformation I received and then distributed. Information can vary widely depending on what sources come up on a search. Again, my apologies.
  14. If the Cold War turned hot in the late 70s or early 80s, I don’t envision many USMC amphibious assaults taking place outside of Norway. The USMC just isn’t large enough. The primary Marine area of operation was defense of Norway. That’s why we trained there starting in 1976. In 2020, the total strength of the USMC was 219,458 Marines. That’s 180,958 Regular Marines and 38,500 Reserve Marines. Those are the numbers allowed by the Congress, who set the manning limits for the U.S. military. To put it all in perspective, of the five largest Marine forces in the world, Russia’s Naval infantry is the largest, followed by the ROK Marines. The USMC is number five in size. Even the Netherlands Korps Mareine (spelling is probably incorrect, but you get the gist) is larger than the USMC. The entire USMC is only about 30,000 larger than the U.S. Army Reserves. People think we’re larger because we do more with fewer. Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for I’m the meanest S.O.B. in the valley!
  15. Following is a quote (perhaps not exact) by a very famous man: ”We don’t stop playing because we get older, we get older because we stop playing.” Benjamin Franklin
  16. It might be because East Prussia and West Prussia were separated by Poland after WWI. If I had to make a geographic determination, I’d put East Prussia in Eastern Europe along with Lithuania. Since CMRT covers the battles from Operation Bagration (sp?) to the battle for Warsaw, which is west of the East Prussia region, I’d expect East Prussia to be covered under the base CMRT.
  17. I believe that Steve posted, in another thread, that a smaller patch file will be available, but I got the feeling that he was anticipating a while before it’s released. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is when BFC releases the patch with the new Slitherine multiplayer system after Slitherine releases it’s version in June or July.
  18. Well, that’s probable, however, if you open the CMRT Fire and Rubble manual in the game folder, the Schwimmwagen is detailed on page 27 under Unarmored vehicles. It might just be me, but the manual for an expansion to an existing family is always the first thing I look at after downloading the expansion. It helps me to understand what has changed, and new advantages and disadvantages in the expansion.
  19. I just installed F&R on my mid-2010 MacPro and didn’t lose a thing. When asked for my install path, I specified my Combat Missions directory on a drive where I keep all my games. It’s installer created a new “Applications” directory, and put the new CMRT in that Applications directory. Then I dragged the new one out of the Applications directory and dropped it into my CMRT directory (I have a specific directory for every Combat Mission game). It replaced the old files with the new ones, but left my existing Data, Mods, and zCMRT directories alone except for the new files. Or, at least that’s how I remember doing it.
  20. Well, I don’t know what your real life military background is, or you have any real life military experience, but honestly, it rather galls me to hear someone say that the infantry in CM is not “realistic,” meaning too brutal. I on the other hand served in the USMC and USMCR from 1969 to 1981. The last 8-years of that were as a Weapons Section Leader and as a Rifle Platoon Sargent. You complain that the Axis defensive position was selected to make the assault as deadly as possible for the attacker. That is how you select defensive terrain in reality! You then complain that “Hollywood” depicts the Soviet soldier as a brainless beast that was simply thrown at the enemy in vastly superior hordes. While the Soviet Soldier was largely uneducated, most were truly dedicated to saving their “Motherland,” that is how they were actually used. Of course, the fact that the Commissar political officers stationed heavy machine guns behind the lines to gun down any soldier who ran from the assault or the defensive position didn’t hurt the soldier’s resolve to continue the assault or to stay in the defensive position! You complain that the combat is unrealistic. You are absolutely correct! It was much, much worse than depicted in CM. If you doubt me, read the accounts of combat on Peleliu where Marines and Soldiers pushed bodies in front of them to stop bullets allowing them to advance a few yards, or Okinawa where if you slipped in the mud on the Naha/Shuri line, you most likely ended up sprawled in the mud amid rotting dead and maggots! Please try to refrain from making those types of “judgement” statements unless you have the actual experiences and knowledge to back them up.
  21. But not before you save your mods and saved games. You naughty, naughty boy @purpleheart23!
  22. LOL, I know exactly what you mean! I was a technical writer for about forty years and remember many times, after pounding a keyboard for 10 hours, exiting MS Word, seeing “do you want to save?” and my finger going for the “N” key, all the while my mind screaming “NO.” Didn’t help though, instinct always override the mind. One lead writer I worked with told me about the time he typed in “/format c.” When asked “do you really want to Format the c-drive” he said to himself “”I said I want to format C,” and hit the y key. Nough said.
  23. Ah, just saw the typo I made. I used “movement” phase instead of “Command” phase. I always save at the end of the command phase. Just reverted back to my ASL days.
  24. A residence in Texas is having a blow-out party tonight
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