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  1. Perhaps an inelegant way of saying it, but probably not a million miles from the truth. A better way would be to say the Russians are likely to use "standard" wartime RoE, i.e. shoot it if it is or could be hostile, don't worry overly about collateral damage (obviously they aren't going to gratuitously shell hospitals!), rather than "kill all the things!!!!" I would expect any NATO force to be similarly hamstrung as they were in Afghanistan/Iraq, i.e. only shoot it if it is confirmed hostile, don't bomb anywhere that is likely to cause non-trivial collateral damage, even if it increase
  2. Definitely an awesome scenario Played as the Russians and was thoroughly ravaged by the Hind, that thing must have cost me at least two whole squads at least! My glorious plan for a killing field degenerated into a bunch of heroic mini-ambushes and Mexican standoffs. A tactical victory, but not my proudest moment....
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't bother for WW2 battles, just not enough low level control for me. However where it does shine is covering conflicts that no one else in their right mind would cover. Angolan Civil War (Operation Hooper), minor Russia/China border incidents (Zhalanashkol 1969) and theoretical Russian/Iranian conflicts (Shield of the Prophet). There the lack of density is actually half way credible, and if the idea of stalking T-55's in Ratel IFVs through bush in 80's African proxy wars appeals, you won't find that anywhere else. And yes the interface is an acquired taste....
  4. It's Tankovy Desant. First kink in the road, looking at the farm. It's not one of the most processor friendly maps, but it's not large by the standards of RT...
  5. Yep that looks about right. Looks just about the same as my old laptop did (with a similar vintage of ATI card, and presumably similar "high end when new" specs). Much fiddling and pointless effort later I decided it was time to put the old girl out to pasture...
  6. Hmmm..... I was hoping that there would be some set of criteria that might suggest the path, I'm almost tempted to hold off playing for a couple of months until I have a stable system
  7. Hey, I hope someone can help, I've just bought a new laptop and I'm going to install my various CM titles on it (SF to RT), but I'm not sure if I'm going to hit activation issues. As it stands I will be adding a new ssd in the near future, onto which I will move CM, and then in a few months (when my wife has forgiven me), I'll be replacing one existing ssd and placing a second replacement which will be RAIDed with the first replacement. I have a traditional HDD in the machine which I will use to prevent me having to re-image the OS but I suspect the string of hardware changes will give
  8. From the manual: Step 1: V = (A + 10) / (B + 10) where V = Victory Level, A = earned Victory Points of the side with the higher score, and B = Victory Points of the side with the lower score. In other words, take the Victory Points score of each side, add ten, and then divide the higher score by the lower score. The result is V. Step 2: The ultimate Victory Level of the victor is determined by V and also by the percentage of potential Victory Points obtained. Draw: V less than 1.25. Minor Victory: V less than 1.75. Tactical Victory: V less than 2.5 and 30% of potential VP
  9. When the cop asks you why you hit that stationary car in broad daylight, your excuse involves the phrase 'spotting cycles'.......
  10. Well, top of my wishlist would be the ability to filter by type of mod (terrain, unit, map, sound etc). It's great to be able to sort by date/downloads etc, but it would be nice to be able to see just the sound mods for example, as they tend to get lost in the swathes of graphical mods. Perhaps as an extension to this, being able to filter by "Modified Object"... Second, when you go into a list of mods (by date, for example), it would be nice if things like column titles were click-able (to change sorting), and the same for Author/Country etc (to change filtering). As it stands, it's a
  11. In Red Thunder there is TCP/IP WEGO (turn based), but it doesn't allow rewinding of the turn like you can in PBEM or solo play. This will be coming to CMBN in the 3.0 upgrade in a few months time.
  12. Fascinating, so far it's as illuminating on the psyche of early cold war western generals and propaganda as on the Russian fighting machine....
  13. Pointed questions work better when I'm not talking from a position of complete ignorance Thanks for the clarification!
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