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  1. Even though I’m not Navy, if I remember correctly, on a modern Navy ship, the missiles are used against other ships and air threats while the “main gun” is usually radar controlled and rapid fire to be used against small, fast, agile boats (can you say Iranian gunboats). I don’t believe we use “shore bombardments” any more. We use air strikes, which are more accurate. Forget about all the movies showing shore bombardments from 70 to 90 years ago.
  2. Sorry my friend, but it was the CSS Virginia that fought the USS Monitor. It can be very confusing to those who haven’t studied the American Civil War (including most Americans) but it is very understandable because of how the battle has been recounted since the day it occurred. The Merrimack was a U.S. Navy ship that was burned by the Confederacy at the start of the war. It burned to the waterline. The Confederates raised the hull of the ship, and rebuilt it from the hull up. They then Commissioned the ship the “CSS Virginia.” To this day, I hear U.S. Historians refer to “the battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack,” and they are wrong. your comparison was dead on though!
  3. LOL, 100% agree! This is probably the biggest reason humans fight each other.
  4. You’re absolutely correct LLF! I usually try to ignore such comments, especially when I don’t know whether the poster is “Foreign or DOMESTIC.” Intolerance by anyone simply makes my blood boil as I consider them to be the cause of most of the world’s problems. I apologize.
  5. What do you mean “Even worse …about it?” The day that someone, anyone, “can do something about it” is the day this country ceases to exist as a Republic guided by our Constitution! It is extremely pitiful when someone complains that an opposite point of view, no matter how distasteful it is to another should be forbidden. The oath I swore for over 60 years both in the military and in Federal Government service “To protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC….” Is deeply ingrained in me. The First Amendment protections of free speech and freedom of association doesn’t apply to just you alone, and I will fight to the death to preserve YOUR right to speech and association even when I think you’re a left-wing nut case! Will you guarantee the same to me and others? It sure doesn’t look it from your statement.
  6. Actually, I suspect most of SBurke’s “leaks” are caused by his advanced age, as are most of ours’
  7. You really don’t want to open THAT CAN OF WORMS!
  8. Ummmm, do you know that the U.S.Navy had already broken the Japanese Imperial Navy’s code previously and knew what the Imperial Navy’s operational plan was? The only thing the USN didn’t know was the actual target. They suspected Midway, but didn’t know, only that was coded as KT or something, so they had Midway send a message in the clear that their water processing plant was down. They waited, and intercepted an IN transmission saying that KT was running out of water. That sealed the intelligence, and the rest is history! Kinda similar to the U.S. warning Ukraine of the upcoming attack and additionally letting Putin know that we knew.
  9. MTG couldn’t find her way to her office if she didn’t have a driver!
  10. My knowledge is anecdotal from when I was in an F-4 B Squadron in the Fleet Marine Force, Western Pacific (WESTPAC) in 1970 and 1971. Our pilots had a “club” called the Caterpillar Club. The only way one could become a member was to eject from an aircraft. Every pilot I knew, who was a member, had back issues.
  11. Well, I don’t know about this. Perhaps the fact that 80 - 90 years ago, more than 6 million of your people were exterminated simply because the were Jews, and for the most part, didn’t resist? Before WW II, Jews and Arabs in Palestine lived and worked together quite peacefully until the “Grand Mufta” began agitating to eliminate the Jews in Palestine. And yes, the British and the UN creating the State of Israel out a sense of guilt for not doing more to stop the extermination of Jews before the war started. Perhaps Israel has decided “never again will we go down without a fight.” The troubles in Palestine are a family fight.The Jews and Palestinians are all descended from the Canaanites, just some who chose Islam when the Arabs conquered The area, and others who retained Judaism.
  12. Wow! I guess we can safely say that Russia is Ukraines best asset for taking out Russian ships, vehicles, aircraft, etc. with the Black Sea Fleet and AD really jacking up the numbers of “kills!”
  13. As I implied before, it was another case of conformational bias. The Japanese Command considered everyone who was not them to be inferior and didn’t believe that the “Gaijin” or barbarians, could possibly outsmart the superior intellect of the Imperial High Command. Unfortunately, virtually ALL of the nations involved in war think exactly the same thing. It is amazing that after millenniums of warfare, Military Commanders continue to make the mistake of underestimating their opponent. And that same racism continues to this day by and of virtually every culture in the world. Also, the fact that the Imperial Navy Codes were broken much earlier and allowed the USN to spoof the Japanese Imperial Navy to inadvertently reveal the target was Midway, and the disposition of their forces. All because of the High Command believing that the code was unbreakable. I don’t know how “accurate” it was, but a best friend of my Father’s, who was Navy radio communications in the Pacific during the war, told me that the code was based on a dial telephone key dial (not necessarily a dial in English, but one in Japanese Kanji).
  14. Hey, here’s a thought, maybe Belgorod can hold an election and vote to become part of Ukrain!
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