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  1. The battlefront team got back to me and unlocked my account, thank you for the help and thanks to the team for great service.
  2. I'm not getting a successful password reset, only gives me a username/email not found error. And I've already opened a support ticket alongside this, just wanted to check here in case I was doing something silly.
  3. Thanks Wicky, yeah it sounds like I will need to just wait and hopefully go through the migration. Thank you the info
  4. Hello all - I have access to my forum account (obviously) and have raised a ticket in the helpdesk so I'm sure they will eventually get around to helping me. However if there is a chance you good folks can help me get access so I can close that ticket to avoid wasting their time even better. It's been a long time since I last tried to login (or even play) and download combat mission (I own pretty much every single game), but I got the itch this week after watching some UsuallyHapless on youtube. I tried logging in but couldn't for the life of me remember either my username or password. The
  5. I am so looking forward to taking on some Russians with my brave British. Oh. Well them yanks will suffice for now!
  6. I too would quite like to know why we can't pre-order digital only editions? This is purely a budgeting concern on my part! I like to gift myself present for the future when I have cash to spare.
  7. They do it every time there is a new release hehe
  8. One can always hope that in the future Battlefront will be able to have invested in a more complicated pixeltruppen ai, more detailed maps (that aren't too performance heavy) and more animations. We can also hope for world peace.
  9. If someone would deign to throw in another info dump we would appreciate it! I am grateful for the amount of information you have already given in regards to a release date.
  10. Stagler UO uses your mod as part of their modset haha
  11. Continuing the naughty yet entertaining off-topic discussion.. I love Arma 3, but I really dislike the Vanilla setting and therefore campaign etc. The very best experiences in Arma 3 come from playing it online with a group of folk who play it tactically. The game is so powerful (similar to CM in terms of their seriousness) that small-unit tactics work in their engine. Fireteam bounding keeps you alive whereas blind charges will fill you with holes. I have quite a few videos of playing the Arma series with a group called United Operations, they are an open community that tries to promo
  12. I have this vision of an epic campaign wherein a platoon minus of SAS recon units are stuck behind enemy lines trying to survive and make their way back to friendlies while an armored friendly push into the area to rescue them is conducted. Switching between a micro "escape" style mission using sneaky tactics and generally trying to stay alive and onto a grand mass assault into enemy front lines and back would be very cool.
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