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  1. The battlefront team got back to me and unlocked my account, thank you for the help and thanks to the team for great service.
  2. I'm not getting a successful password reset, only gives me a username/email not found error. And I've already opened a support ticket alongside this, just wanted to check here in case I was doing something silly.
  3. Thanks Wicky, yeah it sounds like I will need to just wait and hopefully go through the migration. Thank you the info
  4. Hello all - I have access to my forum account (obviously) and have raised a ticket in the helpdesk so I'm sure they will eventually get around to helping me. However if there is a chance you good folks can help me get access so I can close that ticket to avoid wasting their time even better. It's been a long time since I last tried to login (or even play) and download combat mission (I own pretty much every single game), but I got the itch this week after watching some UsuallyHapless on youtube. I tried logging in but couldn't for the life of me remember either my username or password. The
  5. Hello Krause! How many folks from UO play Combat Mission? It would be cool to get a multiplayer match or two going.
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