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II SS Panzer Corps was where on July 11, '43?

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Do you know who would benefit, I mean really benefit, from all this ground breaking research? There is no point in keeping it hidden away here, in this obscure backwater of the WWW. This message needs to be spread wide, so the the truth is no longer suppressed!

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Fascinating new research reveals the depths of SS experimentation. As the allied local air superiority saw more audacious attacks newer, "funny" technologies had to be found as a counter to protect the Führer's Reich. Here a Königstiger Speiseeiskampfwagen II with Henschel jingle jangle is coated in a Zimmerit non-magnetic coating adapted to show only as a small hillock.

This experiment is bending the laws of physics and nature so that a normal, placid fawna of the pasture is encouraged to participate in weaponised, cannibalistic bovine behaviour. Truly these actions show the SS at a new scummiest biotechnological level of depravity while hiding like cowards.

What next, undead zombies!!?


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The sterile hell itself. You won't see cleaner Nazi scum plying their dastardly skills anywhere else.

No wonder why young impressionable GI was told by his father , just before embarking for Europe, the slightly adjusted WW I adage :

A German Speiseeiskampfwagen is cleaner than a Whore.

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