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  1. Logged into my main battlefront account, only key I have is CMBN which I had purchased back in 2011. I apparently have an alt account with an alternate email, but I’m only finding an activation email for the alt account and I’m unable to log in. I believe my CMRT was activated under my alt account. Am I able to find the key in a data file or displayed somewhere in game? I guess my next step will be contacting battlefront to see if they can help get me into my alt account
  2. I've something that reminds me of the first Airborne mission from CMBN (I believe it came from the repository.) I think I am being too ambitious... I keep trying to come up with something that has AI plans for both sides. As it stands, I think I have something workable... PanzerMike is right, more scenario editors seem to be entering the fray. And by doing so, people like you, Seinfeld and PanzerMike, inspire people like me to make new missions. Crappy missions, but missions nonetheless.
  3. Can't wait to download. I think you've inspired me to create a small battle of my own. These all seem episodic. Seinfeld-esque.
  4. Jorge MC, that first Tiger looks amazing! (The second, not so much.) Saferight, that last picture of the AT gun looks real sharp. It's been a bit since I've booted up CMBN (never purchased the upgrade either), but is that a focus effect I am seeing? It seems like the AFV in the background is slightly blurred.
  5. I don't know why, but I just love hit decals so much. Any plans on perhaps giving their location (angle and rough point of origin) and caliber when highlighted post game? I hate having to say this, but I don't yet have Red Thunder, so maybe this is already in. In that case, that guy said it.
  6. Anddddddd off topic. Golden Monkey by Victory is the holy grail of beers. I think its something like 12.5% alcohol. Haven't seen it in New England in years.
  7. http://youtu.be/gGpiDpP5xTU its my first attempt at a video, but with all the work with saturation and that jazz... i figured i'd show what i had as far as old timey effects :cool: It is taken from Valley of the Shadow, so if you're currently engaged in this battle yourself, or plan to be, do not watch this video... even though it may seem hard to see whats going on from the allied side
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