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  1. Logged into my main battlefront account, only key I have is CMBN which I had purchased back in 2011. I apparently have an alt account with an alternate email, but I’m only finding an activation email for the alt account and I’m unable to log in. I believe my CMRT was activated under my alt account. Am I able to find the key in a data file or displayed somewhere in game? I guess my next step will be contacting battlefront to see if they can help get me into my alt account
  2. **** Steve; way to pick sides. I figured even you'd be smart enough to read through this post and just realize its one great flame war. Speaking of which, work on getting fire into the game. Everyone else... have fun. But someone get Aurelius out of this conversation..... WE HAVE A PBEM GAME TO PLAY!!!! FLAME ON!
  3. I agree... its unfortunate that occasionally the AI just goes bonkers and picks a really weird force selection. Thankfully I've got a very good group of guys I'm currently playing PBEM battles with, but if I play QB against the AI, I usually do manual purchase for the AI. When it comes time to pick their force, I click the suggestions button several times until the formations I can see appear normal. If I don't mind gleaning a little more intel from the AI, I check the formations to see if they aren't goofy either.
  4. This, right here, says it all. You need to keep everyone within C&C (&C&C)
  5. I've been guilty of backing waves of halftracks and other light vehicles right up to combat areas so as to deposit their cargo (usually AT-guns) a little quicker than otherwise. Jeeps and other small vehicles that allow anyone to drive can be used in fantastically silly ways.
  6. Has he ever addressed Stugs?... Steve that is. I thought I was in the Red Thunder area, so I laughed when I saw this thread. When I saw what was being described, the first thing I thought of was "hmm... why hasn't someone pointed him towards the other thread?" I guess I'll just add that link here if I get the time. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118147-stug-iii-bug-commanders-opening-up-at-point-blank-range/ --- TLDR: A player (beta-tester? fanboi? some relative high-up) about-faces when he takes Stugs into combat, and affirms that they are "broken" for the time being.
  7. wuts goin on in hurr? :mad: :confused: :cool: :eek: hmm... those last 4 icons aren't working for me.
  8. Oh and Luke the trees are abstracted. Not sure exactly how, but they are abstracted.
  9. Big flame at Squatting dog. Basically, you're an idiot if you can't connect the dots and see that apparently Sburke and I have the last name. Because Burke, aside from a coarse verb to strangle someone, is a last name. You dolt. BTW, why did you put my user name in quotations? The name on my birth certificate is not Fry. You don't need to put quotation marks around my nickname, you waste. Good night, and be happy I pared this down for us all.
  10. On second viewing... even if you are playing the AI, I've seen videos like this. I call it working as intended. If you try this against a human opponent, you'll get... humbled. I'm not trying to call you out, but if this thread goes on much longer, I'll upload a turn where I knock out about 6 tanks (at least) in one turn because I had immobile tanks firing at moving targets. Sure, it took them about 10-20 seconds to spot their targets (seems reasonable to me) from 1000 meters or so away, but once they had their targets, it was the Marinaras Turkey Shoot. My point is, don't ruin your game play
  11. You are kidding me.... Damnit! I swear the first time I typed this I was concise and pleasant. Things I see. Things that are happening. Things you might be missing: 1) you're playing the AI. They suck. That's not an insult, that's just a fact. They do not play, anticipate, react like a real player. 2) The ISU-152 was in the Hetzers field of vision for... what, 4 seconds? What was he looking at? I don't know... there's a smashed house directly in front of him, maybe the crew is on edge, worried that a team of sappers might come out and make a run with demo charges. There's a load of a
  12. A really good brain game, whatever you want to call it... for our purposes, a very good exercise for people is to watch people on youtube do a run through of your favorite game. I do it to figure out to solve puzzles (think Silent Hill, Resident Evil), check out upcoming games (!yea!), and generally muck around. For instance, I was watching someone do a run through of the latest Silent Hill game. The game itself is from a 1st person POV, like a First Person Shooter without the gun. And you solve puzzles... think MIST (for you older folk : ) I read the comments at the bottom, and all pe
  13. I don't know if this is the right spot for it, but I'm currently looking for the owner of about 11 flaming wrecks that I recently found on The Passage. The majority appear to have been PzIVs, but I think I was able to make out the smoldering remains of a Stummel. If you can't remember where you left them, I'll try and jog your memory. About a week ago was the last time I saw them moving. I think most of them were brewed up about four minutes after they were first noticed by my scouts. Oh speaking of my scouts, they're waiting at the objective point... So in the meantime, I'm currently
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