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  1. Sorceror soundtrack from Tangerine Dream... Fits the whole general sense of dread. Ok, I plotted a turn. Let's click 'Go' and see what blows up!
  2. Too many trees on the top of that hill... where's the kill zone? But I agree... awesome mod.
  3. But while you as a player could tailor a certain squad's, or a set of squads, 'react' behavior according to your instincts or plan, choosing to be cautious or charging forward losses irrelevant, how is the tac AI going to make the same decision on setting the 'react' posture for its planned moves? Some type of algorithm, which I assume is already in place when the tac AI chooses between the slow--fast movement spectrum for its pixeltruppen. One of the things I've always liked about the CM titles is the lack of precise control once you get far enough down the command chain. That 'randomness' keeps the same scenario from playing the same every time.
  4. Yup, Mojave 10.14.6. Runs fine, just got massacred for fun. Kinda terrifying watching a missile fly towards a piece of armor and knowing you can't do squat about the final outcome.
  5. Always someone who can't fully read an email and enjoy their boon in silence...
  6. (re)Working on the 'Regiment Eicke' map as time permits (work sux, but that's a different story). It's a 3x6 km map at the moment. Working on revising the 'contour line' mapping method (fast and pretty easy to draw) into a more visually appealing 'spline' map -- taking the high points/ridges, and lower valleys and mapping them with points to get rid of the stair-step that appeared so frequently. Some steepness definition is lost, but in favor of a visually appealing map. Just started mapping the "streams" that appear on the map, but they have significant elevation changes, so using water isn't going to work -- it isn't flat. Marsh is teh current choice, but that will need some adornment to indicate 'not really vehicle crossable' at points... still thinking through this part.
  7. Interesting (on both replies - thank you). Sounds like the ditchlock doesn't get what I'm after. From my reading, the concealment was a big issue for the Axis attackers, and the positions were pretty resilient to arty. Vanilla trenches and foxholes sounds like the better option. The keyholing with terrain sounds like a good option as well, and not too hard to do. So many options, so little time to implement and test.
  8. Working on a Campaign around Summer '43 in the Ukraine around the Mius river bend/Stepanowka/Gerassimowa/Marinowka (L-37-6-B for those map-inclined). Lots of fighting, and I've been thinking about trench systems, re: vanilla 'trenches' vs 'ditchlocked trenches'. Anyone have some experience or done some tests of the two? Perhaps ditchlocking a trench and putting trenches on top of that? Haven't experimented yet, but figured I'd ask in advance...
  9. Yup, took me longer to remember to right-click the activation .sh file and ”Open in Terminal” to kick off the Activation script rather than having macos load it in XCode...
  10. So I'm a dummy... got the email, downloaded F&R, installed... without doing a TimeMachine backup first. F&R is in, and activated, but my 'Regiment Eicke' map is gone the way of the Dodo... Rule #1: Never split attention between work and CM goodness. Important steps get forgotten.
  11. Hey, my guess is still in the running... grumble, grumble...
  12. Still working on terraforming my “Regiment Eicke” map... the attack southeast down towards Gerassimova. Cutting the number of points in almost all the contours (roughly 1/5 the density). Flat eliminating some contours in dense areas to get rid of the stair-step effect in the rendered map, letting the engine do its thing. It’s a tedious process, but made a tad easier by dropping an 8-story building where I’m working so I can zoom right there in the 3-d view to see how the terrain rendering is working out. Placing some deep marsh for streams that need to follow the land contours to help with visuals/map orientation. Once this is done, roads and buildings will be next.
  13. Yup, earlier stuff. Fewer big cats. IIRC, Nipe mentions something akin to “Of the 8 Tigers, 4 were serviceable.” The rest were MkIV or III-ish. ”Assault on Hill 213.9 - The Death Ride of SS Panzer Regiment 3.” - Might not be popular to enter a scenario where “less death” is the win (some touch objectives in the early stuff, winning happens later), but I’m thinking historical/educational, not “appease the “I have to win every scenario” gamers”.
  14. Inspiration? F&R coming out, soon-ish, CMCW soon-ish, and going slightly stir-crazy for world-wide reasons... First pass of map work roughly done for a “Regiment Eicke” assault towards Gerassimova (6k x 3k, so its big). Contour line mapping yields a map that looks, well, poor. Probably have to monkey with it a bunch. The terrain is replete with ravines off west side of the valley that don’t render particularly well. Not to mention streams building to a river — probably hint at the streams using marsh/some other terrain tile on the sloped portions until they reach the valley floor-ish and the terrain is relatively flat. I’ll probably make a second attempt at mapping that uses “ridges vs ravines” and see how that looks. I think that terrain will have a significant effect on play, which is a piece of this battle that has always intrigued me.
  15. Been re-reading "Decision in the Ukraine, Summer 1943, II SS and III Panzerkorps", and have scanned maps (L-37-6-B Dmitrijewka, 1939-ish) from the archives at the Library of Congress. Time to finally break down and try to create a Campaign based around Aug., 1, 1943. Tons of action in the book as the Germans try/push the Russians back across the Mius. First comes the map work. Probably multiple master maps as the scope of the battles spans from east of Gerassimova to south of Marinovka, some 10km by 10km, at least at first blush. First up, where to divide the map?
  16. We know!!! (We get to cheat and read Bil(-l)'s thread... But what'cha gonna do about it???
  17. My guess is tomorrow... whatever day today is, the release will be tomorrow...
  18. Forget the vibes... release it already!!! lol I have 6 weeks of vaca this year (a bonus from the company), and I can't think of anything better than: a) playing CMFR, b) finishing my map et al based on scans of Library of Congress maps "L-37-6-B Dmitrijewka" (covers Dmitrijewka and Stepanowka). Gotta find the right units and books about that area, and build a scenario/campaign.
  19. Pre-ordered. Gotta support the little guys. CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB, CMBS, expansions, etc, as well as the 3 original titles. Jeez, I miss CMAK Running a small, light vehicle or two back and forth right behind your advancing troops in the desert to create a big-a$$ dust cloud and obscure the actual troop concentrations and movement... yup, good times.
  20. Going to the Patches page, and trying to get the maps, I get a page doesn't exist? https://battlefront.sharefile.com/d-scdac573bf1d4372a Ideas?
  21. My all time favorite quote from work: "Well, it is not known not to work..." when asked whether the software we build will actually do a certain, specific task.
  22. No. I purchase games/modules in order to support BFC and what they are doing. Since the early Alpha AAR with 3 pixeltruppen marching abreast, and "Holy Crap, it's Squad Leader in 3D" (my initial reaction), through the current release, I've pre-ordered all the WWII games/modules. Don't have near the time I'd like to play, have 3 different battle maps in various states of completion (1 CMRT - Mius River bend, 2 CMFI - Kertsch peninsula) from 1:25000 copies of captured Truppenkarte maps gleaned from the Library of Congress vaults. Even have CMBS, though I'm not a fan of modern stuff. I think of it as placing a wager against my future retirement -- when I finally do retire, I'll have all kinds of content to explore and play.
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