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  1. Was thinking of reinstalling this as a good time waster, but I see there's no simple summary of what needs to be done these days to connect - any chance of an update??
  2. I m surprised anyone is amazed by entirely predictable technology these days! Let's face it - smart phones as remote controls ain't new, small electric powered quad-rotors aren't new, and miniaturized computers & sensors aren't new. Kudos to whoever put them all together in this package for having the imagination/backing/foresight - but come on - it's not really amazing that it happened. cf The "Black Hornet"
  3. I'm pretty sure it doesn't meat the "nano" descriptor in the headline ..... unless we are talking nano-AU's??
  4. "Now" is not the appropriate term - "again" is more accurate. North Dakota, December 2011 - probably the first instance and ismentioned in the article you link....:cool:
  5. A State Senator is not the state - so it is not quite "Texas plans to ban drones". And I see exceptions and legitimate uses of course. ...and what about RC aircraft? It seems the RC aircraft people are not happy....
  6. hobbyists are required to fly lower than 400 feet - which is below the minimum allowed altitude for a/c unless tehy ahve a legitimate reason for doing so (eg landing and taking off, medical evac, crop/fire/dispersant spraying, etc) so your basic GA pilot should never, ever, be less than 100ft seperated from a RC a/c.....yeah...right! Here is the FAA web page of news releases regarding unmanned aerial systems (UAS) - which is the technical term these days the FAQ page linked from there is probably the best palce to start
  7. The changes are in airspace use - at the moment most airspace is restricted to manned aircraft. The rule changes will allow unmanned aircraft into some of it under some conditions. Drones are currently fee to operate, IIRC, up to 500 feet and some distance away from airports. Within those limitations you can do anything you like - "spy" on your neighbours - IIRC LA real estate agents have been using them for taking overhead photos of sections for example. The LA police are concerned about this because their helicopters also sometimes operate in this airspace. So the changes to rules
  8. Drones are legal now - the conspiracy nuts are quite ignorant about reality and are off on their own little fantasy
  9. Trying to reload this game again, but don't recall what the tricks are for the original 2005 CD - the server config texts in here don't seem to help I think someone might have sent me a file last time I did this, but if so it/they are lost..... Anyone go any quick tips??
  10. AS I type it has connected to the server and is receiving updates...it's all quite exciting! Sadly it does seem to be just as slow as I vaguely recall it being a few years ago! Also I have no idea if I can recall my password...we'll see....
  11. ....has anythign happened in the last year or so?? Thought I'd try to reconnect later tonight - there's still a few people posting, so I guess it's still running - I hope so....
  12. Alas this didn't work for me - even with Jason's readable version. I did these prior to running DiF (for the first time in quite a long time!) and the first thing that happened was a big list of error messages in system.xml.....& then it still couldn't find the server. Runs ok in local
  13. Don't suppose there's much chance it was this?? or this or even this??? Now any of them would be a story!!
  14. It's been noted before by lots of ppl. I don't recall whether it was gonna be fixed or whatever.
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