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  1. Very well, you Faux Internationalist Git. Mind you, the cat hates it when I chase him and he can't get any purchase. It's just like in the cartoons with him going all sideways and bouncing off walls. Noba. Oi! When did you peek into my house?
  2. After many years of CM games with Fred, I finally got to meet him at his home on Long Island back in July. We had a good day and I found out he was a true gentleman. Another one gone, but not forgotten. Noba.
  3. Oh it's not that bad... I haven't seen a crocodile up close for about three years, or so. Mind you, I was out walking along a bush track yesterday and two kangaroos looked a bit miffed that I interrupted their late afternoon grazing. One actually snorted at me as he hopped away and he was a bit taller than me as well! Big bad claws on their hind feet! Noba.
  4. It's a pity that you are on the West Side of your country, I will be in NYC, Washington DC and Las Vegas in July.... I would like to throw rocks at you as well. Best laid plans, and all that. Noba.
  5. C'mon... you know it turns you on. (Are you still in Reading? - I'm over that way in late June - I could throw some rocks as I pass the paddock). Noba.
  6. You would be referring to the Paddock Pony, obviously. But he has not been around since he caught a bad dose of Thistle Rot. It does terrible things to Donkeys' eyesight as well as the usual hide rot. Noba.
  7. You obviously haven't been around that blowhard, Shaw after he's been on the turps! Noba.
  8. No. Go away and leave us in peace... let The MBT rot; such as yourselves. Noba.
  9. Not "maybe Boo". That describes both this thread and Boo. Boo, I'm back, send a turn - your punishment must continue. Noba.
  10. I've told you too many times, you have to stop overcooking the meat, or go and buy the more expensive cuts. Cheapskate. Noba.
  11. You did forget to mention that up until you tried to force an obviously* well defended bridge with mortars dropping on the choke point (your neck) and you had completely: - failed to take advantage of an open flank, bravely sending tanks one after the other to be destroyed by my Galant Infantry at another easily bypass able choke point.... (My tanks didn't have to put down their coffee at any stage and help out). - failed to take advantage of the ford on the other side of the map that "wasn't" mined at all.... *cough*.... honest. Nope - hey diddle diddle, straight up the middle was your only a
  12. If you send the airfare, I'm in for sure. Noba.
  13. Ahh, so you didn't get the email about the escaped Kangaroos in East Anglia? No wonder you are confused. You do know that green stuff you are smoking is not good for long term memory retention. Noba.
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