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11. Panzer Division - From Montélimar to the Drôme

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Here an update on my campaign on the 11. Panzerdivision in Southern France between August 21 and 29 1944. The campaign will use four huge maps - all based on contemporary IGN aerial photographs. The campaign will come with its own mod (mainly houses and trees) to increase the immersion in Southern France.

  • La Coucourde 3.4x2.8km - the main battle map - 10 battles.
  • Sauzet 3.2x1.7km- an important area with 8 battles
  • Marsanne 2.7x4km - a key area with 4 battles
  • Crest 4x2.5km - the entrance to the valley of the Drôme with 3 battles

First a few photographs - i'll post some flyby's a bit later.

La Coucourde


The route nationale No 7 - the main axis of retreat for the Germans.


View from the Rhône river across the RN7 towards Condillac Pass.


Detail of the Chateau at Leyne (between Debrieres and La Coucourde on the RN7).

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View from above La Laupie with the Ancelle river running in the middle. The Roubion river to the right and Marsanne on the top at the left.


The Roubion river. To the left La Laupie, to the right Bonlieu-sur-Roubion with the Couvent des Norbertines.


View from south of the Roubion river across Bonlieu-sur-Roubion towards Marsanne in the center left.

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Winkelried, hi,

Wow... that is impressive... :).

It is fantastic what some manage to produce. A credit to Battlefront and yourself.

I very much look forward to its publication...

When can we expect it, all being well... ?


All the best,


PS. Just reading about the 11th Panzer at Korsun Pocket.

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Those maps look real good. Any idea on what scale the fights will sit at?

The player will be in command of one of the five Kampfgruppen of the 11. Panzerdivision (FEB, Bode, Thieme, Hax and Wilde) and of one Kampfgruppe from 198. Infanterie Division subordinated to the 11. PD for each battle.

Each Kampfgruppe consisted of one Panzer-Grenadier- / Aufklärungs- or Grenadier-Batallion (at 60/70% of TO&E initially) reinforced with some armor and artillery. Often you will have also one batallion of a Flieger-Ausbildungs-Regiment attached - but these guys are more for static use :) protecting your rear and so. You will get no reinforcements during the whole campaing and repair will be slow.

On the other side you'll have usually one or two reinforced U.S. infantry batallions with lots of artillery and air power.

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Flyby's La Coucourde


Flight from Château Condillac over Lachamp - Cheynas to La Coucourde. Left turn and South along RN7 over Leyne - Derbières (Hill 300 on the left) towards Montélimar.


View of RN7 by an U.S. FO from Hill 400. Zooms first on Cheynas (front) and Leyne (back) and the slides to the right to see La Coucourde.

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Flyby's at Sauzet


Flying from the RN7 across the plateau named "The Maze" by the U.S. towards St.Michel and the Sauzet. The hills to the left are the southern tip of the hills 300 and 400 on the La Coucourde map.


Flying from Sauzet across St.Martin towards the plateau. Just beyond the plateau the U.S. would have seen the RN7 and Montélimar.

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as a goodie the actual locations of the maps ;-)


For background reading about this campaign -- and to get you in the mood for tactical level battles in this area, I highly recommend "Day of the Panzer"


It's the story of an American company that starts with the invasion on the S coast and has its climax in the village of Allan, which is just slightly off the S edge of this master map, SE of Montelimar.

It's one of my favorite small-unit books, and extremely well written and researched, with lots of maps and even a 3D schematic of the village battle.

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Broadsword56 turned me on to that book and I liked it so much I went out and bought a hard copy despite already having it on my kindle. Really good reading.

Love the maps, absolutely beautiful work. My wife and I drove this route on our honeymoon, little did I know then I'd be revisiting it in CM. LOL

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