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  1. I don't care, the War is started, you are enemies of me and my country! **** THE USA!
  2. We don't lost Cold War, War just began and it will be hot, I hope you will see Russian paratroopers over you stupid Yankee dickhead! "the Iraqi republican guard was a better match than a Russian motor rifle division" - you are brainwashed idiot? "Oh and by the way, those middle easterners just so happened to kick your butts out of their country in the 1980s, where as we are still there on our terms" - we try build socialist state in Afganistan, and you just sit on your bases, if we will be support Taliban you go away very quick.
  3. We need a just one provocation with mass murders to occupy East Ukraine! Day of revenge is coming! Heil Russia! Heil victory! ;-)
  4. NATO/US can fight only with aboriginals in Middle East and North Africa, in Europe only Germans can resist Russian army, but to do this they need A. Hitler, not a Merkel.
  5. Most NATO equipment is 30 year old tech too, old RPG7 can hit abrams tank. And we have many modern weapons which can be fast produced.
  6. Don't forget scenario 2015 Russian army "Blitzkrieg on west", and winter 2015 without Russian gas.
  7. I want to say one thing, I suppose Obama and Putin come to an agreement to destroy Ukraine.
  8. Yes of course, Russia fighting for Crimea hundreds years, impossible to lost that strategic point. You western people must understand that Ukraine it is not a State it is just artificially farmed Soviet republic nothing more than part of old Russian Empire.
  9. Apocalypse 2014 - Pump up the volume! ;-)
  10. Our tactic is easy - a lot of vodka first, AK47 to everyone second, and third we have tanks much more than all world have.
  11. I know English enough to play without Russian version)))
  12. My kid 3y.o and he like more Winchester 1892 because AKM to heavy for 3yo boy ;-)))
  13. This Saiga SGL-31 based on modern AK-101 I think. What do you think, how much can be cost in US original soviet AK converted to semi-auto?
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