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  1. WE COMING FOR YOU http://pozdravitel.ru http://pozdravok.ru
  2. This is last life second of this soldier, helmet go down from his head)))))))
  3. Thanks. Program - Adobe Photoshop CS2, filter - grain of photographic film.
  4. Screenshots from last scenario - Johanna Hoeve Farm 2nd SS breaks to the farm
  5. "It is about whining how terrible, unjust and humiliating a world not ruled by Islam is, the bottom line is that the singer is going to commit Jihad and kill all infidels" Radical Islam is our public enemy, all Christians must stand together.
  6. More funny terroristic music in wma format - http://www.filedropper.com/destroyediniraqv3
  7. I play against AI, I used Bruton map, but I cut map that is be only town for close combat and create little scenario, but I not finish it, I can't understand how I can do that AI works fine.
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