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And I do know what you are creating after the Commandoes----and that is the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry of the Wessex Div-----------cant attack Hill 112 til then.

You can make an old man very happy.....................................

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I actually have a minor graphical surprise for my later CW releases that will affect the DCLI (and a select few other units) to help make them more unique.

If you look carefully through the coming release (I'm targeting to be finished over the next night or so), I think there may be a few members of the DCLI who transferred to the Army Commando.

The Commandos have been in the back of my mind since Mord got the berets to work for the Airborne. There were some major issues back then which none of us could figure out, and then a solution hit me last week and it worked.

I also have a tentative Commando TO&E created in the Scenario Editor. Though it's certainly not perfect, it has the right flavour, but I'm not sure how to best provide this in a useful fashion with the mod...anyone have ideas on how to best export this for inclusion with the mod?

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These would indeed fit into one of the battles I'm testing for an upcoming campaign! ;)

Mord's Red Berets was quite nice, but the main problem I believe rests in the Mipmap Alpha: I don't know for sure if it's possible to fix, but in Mord's MOD when you are in close view the berets look perfect, but once you zoom out you still see the AB helmets' shapes painted in red.

Are you aware of this? Is it possible to fix it?

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