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  1. Evil Canadians killed a 88mm..... not nice. More screen shots, looks good for the Canadians, now we just need some German pay back as only the Germans know how !
  2. Let me see....20hr flight......screaming baby.....person puts their seat back and crush my knees for 19.5 hrs... bad airline food.......hmmmm. I hope its a excellent excuse to PARTY. Question - Will there be women... I mean pleasant looking to stunners ? Cheers Stephen
  3. Modern warfare is hell, so many things to be aware of on the battlefield. Makes world war 2 stuff look real slow and almost non lethal. The ranges that the modern systems can take you under fire and get a good percentage of hits is scary.
  4. Draw Scotts forces in tight and use anything and everything. Maybe the American forces lack of water crossing ability may help.
  5. Very nice footage of the missile launch and the story telling is still captivating. I think Bil may need to transition to ambush and defend quicker than he is doing at this point. Anything in the open seems to explode. Cheers Stephen
  6. I'm waiting to see how Bil handles the Power Station and if Scott placed enough defenders to hurt Bil's forces trying to gain control.
  7. Bronze star or a 6 pack of beer for the gunner, which would he choose ?
  8. Release the Kraken ! or Death by 300.000 paper cuts Both commanders have the guts and grit to win. Will Bil clear the objectives before Scott arrives with his main force or will Bil slow Scott down and clear the objective and force Scott into a slugging match with out destroying everything.
  9. So no Rambo So no Arnie So no Expendables oh and no Bruce Willis I got it Stephen
  10. Turkey and special forces would be interesting with Nato opening a southern front to take the pressure off Ukraine. Italy and France with Marines hitting the beaches to relieve pressure somewhere in the Black Sea. Cheers Stephen
  11. I'm not defending the scenario, just keeping everyone that are interested where the scenario started and how it changed into the beasty pressure cooker it is now. As I said the map changed in size and I feel the larger version was better but a real frame rate killer on older machines. One day I break the master map out, say about 2018. cheers Stephen
  12. Try and remember this scenario was set up to show off the new stuff and some things were changed from my original scenario. The time limit is longer than I would have liked but some extra time for the two commanders to organise themselves was done so that no one was rushed and to allow for planning. The map was shaved down from the north edge, there was a low ground area and lake. Both are gone for this scenario. About 400m was removed in the north. The Western edge was shaved about 300m and the eastern edge lost about 250m. The areas removed were fairly clear of woods but had gullies running north south with some west east branches. The reasons for this was that there was some concern that with the forces involved it would be tough on older machines frame rates. The river was more a dry river bed with muddy areas and water sections, it was filled with water for the scenario. This should draw Scotts forces toward the middle and southern areas of the map before he drives toward the main town. Also the objectives are preserve, so shelling them to death costs points. American forces also don't swim, unlike the Russian vehicles which swim over the river. American forces will need to cross somewhere to the south of Kricheck. So the Power Station will play a bigger role as the scenario continues. Don't count Bil out by a long shot, he knows tactics and will make Scott pay for every inch he takes in the counter attack. Scott has taken a lot of hits and the modern battlefield as portrayed by Black Sea is a very nasty place. On the other hand Scott has the reinforcments he needs to push Bil back. Digging the Russian forces out of their positions will be a lot harder than digging the Ukrainian forces out. There is a lot more to see before the end of this battle. Cheers Stephen
  13. Yes Vinnart, I do the same, some loses happen still but it works pretty good. Still watching the barrage makes me all warm and fuzzy, lots of boom booms. Stephen
  14. PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON Scott. We want burning, red crosses and Bil pounding his keyboard in tears. Go get him Scott Cheers Stephen
  15. Bils attack on the power station looks to be going well at this point and the Artillery barrage on the town appears to be cutting down Scotts forces by the minute. I am wondering if the modern houses are providing better cover from the Barrage than I thought, time will tell.
  16. Onward, charge, crush and no prisoners. Play the Mexican music that was played at the Alamo in Texas to give Scott the idea you have in mind for the Power Station.
  17. Bil has certainly got Scott in a bind but one thing about Modern Warfare is that things can go to hell and back in minutes and I am of the opinion that things are not over by a long shot. It is great watching Bil and Scott fighting it out and showing us all how deadly things can be in Black Sea. * Note to self - Purchase a Tunguska to convince the nuff nuff across the street to move. One short burst should do the trick. Cheers Stephen
  18. You could very well be right about leaving the power station a little late dan. I suspect Bil wanted to push his defences forward and with the clock ticking the time may have escaped him. Either way its going to be close. Scott will have enough toys in the sky when the main force arrives to really put Bil under the pump. Cheers Stephen
  19. Hi Bil That would be some Tunguska love that Scott wants to share Bil. You really have the devil by the tail when it comes to them unless you have some anti armor capacity. The T90s near the Power Station are really hammering the defenders and I have a question. Do you plan to attack the power station with the T-90s working with a motor rifle company or is it going to be the T-90s providing overwatch while the dismounted Infantry storm the gates ? I'm just wondering how your going to tackle the power station in a little more detail. Cheers Stephen
  20. Something tells me being hit by a 30mm cannon doesn't hurt at all, being turned into a red mist probably has something to do with it. Very cool posts and lots of action. Cheers Stephen
  21. If Bil doesn't get into cover and some sneaky positions to get some ambush shots off Scott will have the advantage. When setting up the scenario it was to show off the new toys and to have some fun getting them into action, the action speaks for its self. It will also depend on the surviving units in the town and power station, eyes in either location can really hurt Bil. In regards to drones, we can assume Scott will have them and the units to take advantage of them. If it turns out that a static defence is on Bils planning list I think he will be in a world of hurt, a mobile game of cat and mouse shows more promise. Bil has good tactics in his war chest while Scott got his own methods, it should be getting hotter in the pan in the near future. The scenario was put together to take the players out of a comfort zone and get them thinking fast. I think both AARs are exceptional, the two styles really work for me and I'm enjoying both of them. Cheers Stephen
  22. Its going to be very interesting sooner rather than later. My thoughts are that Scott (UKr/USA) was a little to feisty at the start and should have gone for ambush positions. The Ukrainian equipment present in the scenario doesn't equal the Russians on any level except maybe in light weapons. The real test will come when the American reinforcments rumble onto the map. If Scott can get deployed with enough space to take advantage of his equipment, Bil will be in trouble. This battle requires both sides to defend and attack. Bil to attack and then defend while Scott needs to defend and then attack. The original map was about 20% larger, I would have liked to have seen the battle played out on it. There is a lot more action to come. Cheers Stephen
  23. I'm on a fence yelling for more blood, press the big red button Scott and watch the fireworks. No pressure Scott. Cheers Stephen
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