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  1. Lots of goodies to play and to look forward to in the months ahead. I've been planning a number of scenario's which will have lots of time and space to view the pleasant countryside just before a missile makes you upset. The modern battlefield is going to test a lot of players. Cheers Stephen
  2. Thanks, I just spat coffee all over my monitor and keyboard. Please no more Chris Twerking.....mercy...oh...please I wont be bad anymore. Cheers Stephen
  3. I'm still in hope of this being a ripper of a game with lots of good fun playing all parties. Now that my GF is crying and sobbing over Titanic and I've been forced to get alot more beer, I have another question. Will the airstrikes be called in by on map teams or operate like Red Thunders aircraft ? cheers Stephen
  4. But Ive watched Black Hawk down like 3 times this weekend and I was all pumped up and now...... Anyone have a copy of Titanic and alot of beer ?
  5. I'm really looking forward to Black Sea. I've already got some ideas for a number of sceanario's in the works. A Question - Will there be helecopter transported troops and if so will we see them fly in and land ? If its a yes I shall name my first born 'Steve'. ;-)
  6. It can and did, Ive been reading many military accounts over the years and lets just say almost anything can happen and will in war. eg. A Sherman ramming a King Tiger in an open field...big nuts required. A long burst from a MG42 taking out the driver of a Sherman which then goes out of control and plunges down a 80 foot ravine. Not only did the rest of the crew survive but they also managed to drive the tank back out. Basic thing is that anything can happen and its fantastic that Battlefront have included the ' anything can happen'.:eek:
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