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  1. Hello Steve,

    sorry to intrude in your PMs but I cannot find any proper information here on the forum or on the site: I'm still using Mac OS 10.8.5 on all of mine machines and I'm not really interested in upgrading it (in fact I 'm really avoiding it as I find no use on being used by the computer but I prefer to use it instead).

    Now I'm reading the Engine 4 upgrade will require i.e. the CMBN v.3.12 and I'm still on the 3.11 as I've read the Mac OS 10.9 should be installed: is that so?

    I will go with the Engine 4 Bundle (where is it on the shop?!?) for all the WWII CM series (having all of them) hence I hope you can give me a green light and the right pointers to balance information of this kind with the other releases of CMFI, CMRT and CMFB...

    Please let me know further.

    Kind Regards



    1. Gen Von Television

      Gen Von Television

      Ooops, I did find the bundle on the store...:ph34r:

      But I still need a confirmation regarding the games upgrades compatibility with Mac OS 10.8.5: TIA

  2. Sorry for the very late reply: i understand your frustration but when I made this conversion I realized I had to simulate the historical outcome too, hence you'll need at least Major Victory for each battle to successfully complete the scenario. If you play on the German side the Benouville Battle you'll be OK even with Minor Victory. It has been play tested quite a few time with different players and even if you have Elite/Crack/Veteran troops on one side against even Conscript on the other, still you have to play it hardcore on either and avoid unnecessary losses and fatal mistakes while at
  3. Impovise. Adapt. Overcome.

  4. While I'm reading your document and examining the map in the Editor, I've noticed I did a battle scenario called < The Sheriff of Oosterbeek - small >where there are no British SUZs and the map is somewhat smaller than the one pictured in the doc. Is that OK? Admittedly I've also received the disc version but since I had already downloaded and installed the MG module I did not bother to re-install everything: I wonder if on the disc there is a full version of it and if so how should I proceed without having to re-install all the upgrades? Thanks for any advice.
  5. Finally I was able to get a Waffen SS Tactical Victory but I barely reached the Central Crossroad that was still heavily defended. For sure the design is really good as this battle has depicted very realistically, and I would say historically, the difficulties and hardship both sides had to face. I appreciated how each strong point of the Red Devils fought with grim determination and skill: in the end even winning the battle I was never able to reach any relevant objective, not to speak of finding where the Sheriff was. It was a very slow and systematic grinding of the defender, staying
  6. It seems we're in need of another upgrade of this excellent tac tool (thank you Guys!) after the latest 3.11 patch, isn't it? A German squad has its leader Long Tom and its MG gunner Heavy Tank Destroyer, etc...
  7. I'm still halfway into the battle and find it quite tough, especially since my SPGs are running low on ammo (my fault I presume) and indeed the Red Beret are putting up quite a stiff resistance (surely thanks to Jon very clever planning: good job!). I'm also half way reading this thread from the start and omitting the relevant Jon's designing parts not to spoil the on-going battle, so bear with me if I may bring up arguments already discussed and buried (like the double railway line issue, sorry). I've noticed some very high hedgerows that sometime are too difficult for the attackers to
  8. Yep, surely it was at least a double track railway: while playing this battle and noticing the atmospheric overcast afternoon, and the freedom I had moving around my German slugs and junks; that reminded me how strong was the AA around Holand and how poorly and quickly the Air Offensive was planned for the whole operation. If the Allied had a complete aerial supremacy of the kind they were able to master over Normandy, with the ability to use Typhoons and Thunderbolt to pigeon shooting any moving thing on the ground, maybe the Red Devils would have enjoyed a far superior support (aerial art
  9. Never mind: I still have to know what is meant by AS but I went back some turns and replayed the armor and vehicles movement and I believe I've found the sweet spot to make them going through under the bridge and not above it. The problem I still believe is to have an angled road below the bridges, while a straight segment would have probably resolved the problem: in any case just keeping the left side of the road, exactly where the first Stug was placed at start, seems to work all right. Interesting battle, nevertheless: I've still a long way to go...
  10. Hi mjkerner, what do you mean with AS? With the SPG I've tried since a few turns to move it left and right along the RR and down from the embankment but it seems it's not finding any passage and it stays where it has been stuck by black magic. :eek: Iirc this may come from a problem due to the diagonal road under the bridge: possibly making a straight segment would not have triggered this bug...
  11. Jon, I know this may be not the proper thread to post this, but I encountered a weird and seemingly unresolvable issue with your scenario: hopefully you can give me a solution. I'm about 25 minutes into the battle (developing quite fine 'till now) but the under-bridge passage seems to be a deadly trap: while a couple of armor passed under the bridge with no trouble, I've now got a couple stuck on top of it! and cannot find a way to get them back on the road. Watching the replay both were slowly moving on the road when suddenly they popped up on top of the bridge! The Armor is stuck the
  12. Thanks Ian, I did miss it and it will spare me some digging in this long thread!
  13. I'm not sure this may be of your concern here but I've found an odd texture mismatch after loading a saved game from BN 2.x to the newly upgraded BN 3.11 (before there wasn't any problem even coming from v.1). I tested it several times and different machines, but the error is always repeated. To be sure I removed all the uniform Mods, but the saved game present a couple of US Paratrooper from the platoon's mortar team in a weird German uniform. Loading a fresh AB Mortar Team presents no issues. All other units are showing correctly without any problem either. Maybe is not that relevan
  14. It was since some months I wasn't able to visit and luckily I stumbled upon this excellent thread! KUDOS Jon and thanks a lot: I still have to read it and will wait to go through it with close attention 'till I will play the Scenario, but for sure it's a brilliant idea and a treasure's trove of useful hints and tips and surely it will be most helpful for my future upgrades and new projects. Cheers
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