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  1. Good to hear. Off to place the one hundredth and eleventh house in a believable angle....
  2. Hmm. Didn´t think about that aspect. Heh, I was aiming for some intense urban fighting...is there any word on static operations for future installments?
  3. So, I have finally started to explore the editor. Now, As I have understood, there is no way to create 'operation type' of campaigns as in CMX1, where you fight back and forth over a single map? But I guess you could use one map and set sequential objectives along it? Then progress would be conditional of course, rather than dynamic.
  4. Hi Yskonyn, thanks for input. Are you sure the game Anti-Aliasing/Multisampling options actually are inhouse implemented solutions? I have taken that option rather for a kind of master switch, allowing or not allowing the graphics card's setting to be implemented. Anyway, I might be terribly wrong, but turning that to off produces a no anti-aliasing state in my game, even though I have created a profile in my Nvidia panel, just as you said. I do have a slightly older card than you, a 8800 GTS. cheers
  5. First, I ran CMAK with OC:ing as before mentioned in this topic (441/850) - front hatch closed. Result: crash after 1 turn. Secondly, I ran CMBB with OC:ing 441/931 - front hatch open. Result: 10 turns + no crash. I have to upgrade my front hatch Genuinly bizarre is the fact that, with lower OC:ing and closed hatch, temperatures are LOWER than with the higher settings and open hatch. In the no crash scenario, VGA temp stays around 62 degrees C.
  6. Yes, I can understand that. At first glimpse I felt like: let´s vamp things up here! But soon enough, I also felt the uncertainty of the project. Concerning the OC:ing results for memory speed, I will try adjusting the slider manually to approx. 930 mh´z and see if it stays when done this way.
  7. Ok, first things first. You are wrong about the 700 mhz memory speed. The factory settings for both the Ultra and non-ultra are 850. You can check this here http:/www.firingsquad.com/hardware/msi_geforce_fx5900-td128_review/page2.asp The drop in refresh rate does happen to me too at all times I try the OC:ing option. I have Fast Write enabled. I will try disabling this and do some tests. I report back on this later. Regarding Aperture size, it is set to 128mb. I have never been able to come across an advice that speaks clearly on this one, as to what size is appropriate.
  8. Back to topic... Hpt.Lisse, any temperatures given here is taken during a non gaming session with Asus Probe. P4S8X/latest BIOS Revision(1005) - temp ~ 34 CPU ~ 33 No OC:ing regarding the CPU. I actually did a Sandra scan a some days ago. It didn´t reveal anything critical, as far as I could see. Regarding my initial problem, it still appears. And it seems it´s due to heat. I have done some testing with open/non-open front hatch on the chassi by the fan, which is installed together with another one at the back, according to all profess
  9. Off topic for Hpt.Lisse I actually have a redo of that version on my HD, that I have made specifically for my remake of Magua open ground. As I always strive for subtlety, it blends in better, colourwise. It also has more "greenish" water. If you´re interested, I could upload it.
  10. With nature, what exactly do you mean? Specs? Condition? Temps? 2.53 ghz (have no temp on this one at the moment) 1024 mb RAM VGA OC:ing - clockspeed 441 mhz but down to default 850 mhz for memory after two restarts(very odd). It ran at 932 mhz right after OC:ing. with core slowdown threshold at 145 deg.C
  11. I´m looking forward to that. A shame that I have to go back to work by then, though.
  12. Just want to praise this very battle. It sort of reinvented my fascination for Combat Mission. Good work! * * * * * * * * * ***SPOILER*** It would be interesting to learn of someone else's use of armour in this battle. First time I more or less used the default setup for Axis forces, with all PIV's advancing in the middle of the map and the Tiger's approaching the little village on the leftmost of the map. Eventually I got brewed up this way by all those freaking Fireflies. The other time around I swapped places and let the heavy panzers fire away from the distance against the
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