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  1. As the title implies, can´t find it. How can I utilize this? cheers
  2. Hi guys, I am converting the Jaegermeister scenario from CMBB (calling it Thundermeister ). However, since I am not really good at the A.I stuff and plans and such and don´t have the time to change that, would anyone of you care to help me finish it? The map looks quite decent as it is, but there could be things to improve. It´s pretty close to the original but not exact. I have also added most of the units and deployed them. Since it´s such a classic scenario it would be great to be able to play it in RT. Anyone who agree and whom would think it fun to play around with some scenario making? If so, let me know and I could mail the file. cheers
  3. As you say, tree skins and LODs are in there, but - unlike for example the files for bocage - the very bmp files for the LODs does not show up in the tree folders, so I guess they are in that .mdr format. For example you have 'tree 01 LOD.mdr...' Well, you have to admit it is kind of difficult to grasp the overall situation as master commander at ground level But, at that level is where the spectacular action is viewed...
  4. Naah,not really. I do think Red Thunder look awesome, but then there is the far away terrain, LOD I think it is called (?) I am thinking especially of trees. It seems to have improved compared to version 2.0 of the game engine, but still on larger maps it makes for most of the impression. And it does look a little like CMBO. Which is a shame since the graphics otherwise are very, very nice. Has there been any recent comment from Battlefront on this? Couldn´t we have the option of maxing out on LOD? It is such a difference, not just for eye candy, but to be able to read the terrain more accurate without having to jump around the map all the time. I tend to play at 3 - 4 camera height most of the time when plotting orders and survey the situation. I got this idea that I could try and make those tree LOD skins translucent to make their appearance less stark, but it would seem the skins are hidden in .mdr files, which I can´t open. Anyone got an idea to work around this? Am I the only one finding this a blemish on an otherwise lovely presentation?
  5. When I checked in at the site this morning, Red Thunder was available for purchase. Some time later, it was gone. Did I dream this? But in case I was not mistaken, one wonders what that could mean
  6. After some thinking: I guess that is why they developed cm for the computer...
  7. Hm. Well, with cmx2 I fear the interrelation between Combat Mission and a boardgames has become more un-organic. But I must admit that I have often felt tempted to suggest Battlefront to widen their franchise through just such a thing as a miniature table top wargame. The strength of combat mission in such a case would be its focus on command structure and coherency between units. On the other hand, the dynamics of simultaneous input is quite difficult to implement in a board game featuring more than 3 units. If someone could work out uncomplicated WeGo rules for table top wargaming, it would become a fantastic game.
  8. Bolt Action - nice set of rules. Plays quick without bogging down in too much detail, still captures the flavour of ww2 combat very well.
  9. LOL. Sorry, its my swenglish...I meant mobile internet. Cheers
  10. Solved! Got a friend over with his internet stick. Thanks...gotta play
  11. Alright, purchased Cmfi and sitting here with no internet connection. This is because I downloaded the game in a different location, saved it to my stick and then installed it here. Now, it wants to verifiy my license code....aah...any very quick solution?
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