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  1. Is air support unavailable in some weather condition----if so which categories . Appreciate clarification please
  2. This is a very basic and naive question. I recently ordered the Normandy Commonwealth bundle both d/l and delivery. When delivery arrived this appears to be only the Normandy game . I assumed there would be also a Commonwealth add on disk but apparently not. I did not user the d/l option because my internet connection is poor. Is the d/l the only method of securing the Commonwealth add on. Apologies for naive questions but I am very ancient and a bit out of touch. Would appreciate any help .
  3. Many thanks yet again for your clear response and your very appropriately (for an aging and out of touch gamer) diagrammatical visual aid. Also interested to see your location in the BOB Country----I lived through the BOB period as a lad in St Austell Cornwall and watched the blitz on Plymouth from near my home.Used to love playing the excellent BoB 2 based on Rowan game but now have had to discard that with great difficulty in transferring it and all my mods from XP to Win 10. Again my gratitude for your patient help.with CMFB pcelt
  4. Thanks IanL and Pete both for your insights and helpful comments----but as an aged recent returner to this series after decades in the wilderness, could I please ask a really basic question-where exactly do I locate the "Scenario Editor"in CMFB to check the QB list of battles Many thanks again
  5. Hi Pete thanks--there are many on this PDF that are not in my QB list----the first QB I cannot find is titled on the PDF "A December Morning" If you can help me with this problem I shall be very grateful pcelt
  6. From pcelt-----if you go to "Greenasjade" site and look underCMFB----Other/Misc section you will find the pdf set of QB maps by Sttb. I am fairly certain they are only a reference resource for all QBs but there are many there that do not appear in my in-game collection and I would like to find any other QB battles that are available for use. Cheers
  7. Greetings IanL----thanks for your reply-----my understanding was that the set of maps on PDF which Sttb produced and was listed on "Greenasjade" website was just a reference list so it would be easier to remember what maps we have used for QBs .Are you suggesting that simply copying any of those maps we don't currently have into the Game QB list would serve as a usable QB Map ?---Very new to this game and not sure about what is possible etc Grateful for any further clarification--Cheers NB where in the game folders is the set of usable QBs stored?
  8. I recently d/l as reference the very useful PDF by Sttb with a whole collection QB maps----but I have found that quite a number of these do not appear in my game QB list. Is there another source of QB maps to add to the in-game list and if so where is it available for d/l into game QBs. My thanks to Sttb for this aid and my gratitude to anyone who can add info re more QBs to install and use. Cheers
  9. Thanks for all help but I realised in the end that my Win 10 had no way of unzipping the .7Z zip so I d/l Zip .7Z and that enabled me to unzip and install the excellent Juju UI mod. Thanks again
  10. Thank you very much Bootie for your help. Unfortunately I am having some problem getting it installed and working .I have d/l some tank mods etc which work fine but this mod I find a problem----could someone please list the steps I need to take with this particular mod ---it is many years since I last modded Normandy game. Many thanks for any help.
  11. In April I saw a preview of Juju's new UI designed for Final Blitzkrieg which really looked stunning as usual . Is this mod available yet ? and if so where would it be obtainable?. Also in general where should one look for mods,new maps for Quick Battles etc. I have just returned to CM after a long absence and need to catch up with new developments re sites where mods are stored etc. Thanks very much with any help and guidance re these questions
  12. Could anyone please recommend a good mod re the item of equipment indicated above which works with v.2.0. Many thanks for suggestions
  13. Hardly one of lifes dawdlers are you--have you heard of beds and sleep?? However----excellent--many thanks
  14. Umlaut--thanks for your reflections---but unfortunately I hardly ever exit the loading screen and seem to experience this very loud wind very frequently. Can anyone tell me where the games sound files are situated and whether they can be accessed and a .wav file modified or exchanged. Many thanks
  15. In QBs I find the wind sound effect, when in use,much too loud and overpowering in relation to the rest of the sound environment. Would it be possible to produce a mod which either reduced the volume of the wind effect or ,if that is not feasible, to produce a mod which removes totally the wind effect. The former would be preferable but the latter better than the current wind effect level, in my view. Thanks for any mod possibilities or suggestions.
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