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  1. Got to be the British- used Shermans including Fireflies --then the Cromwells and then the Churchills. Id settle for that ----then on Wednesday....................................... Seriously - whatever models appeal to you to do ----shock and awe re your choices can be exciting and part of the pleasure.
  2. Is it in the Quick Battles ?----Are you sure you are selecting the Airborne Infantry option in the initial choice selection panel.... Its just that I tend to do inane things like that and then try all the really complex ways of remedying a simple mistake..... NB Do you also have the Rangers uniform mod installed-- Try removing that before using the Airborne mod...
  3. I reported the same issue (no improvement re ambient sounds in Caen) 19/11/2010 but have received no further feedback or response re this issue since then.
  4. Quite---is there a difference with this reupdate of the fix or not--if different--in which aspects please.....Thanks ----Ignore--now this has been clarified--Cheers
  5. Sneaksie--I unzipped into game folder and all "Ambient.xml " files (previously 100kb+) are now 8kb. They have all clearly been replaced--but I notice no real ambient sounds.
  6. I have applied this Caen hotfix but still do not notice any ambient sounds at all. Anyone else playing Caen aware of new improved ambient atmosphere after hotfix Thanks..
  7. I am returning to CMBO after a v. long absence. Before I left there were some excellent mods re desert conversions for CMBO. i should very much like to track these down again. Is there a site which contains all the key mods re terrain, vehicles, scenarios etc where I might download all the necesssary mods to embark on some desert scenarios Many thanks for any help and info re this project
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