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  1. Had u try with cm afganistan as name for sf2
  2. Take a look at Nivida GTX 1050ti there are a few thats dont need power supply connector, but make sure u PCI slots gives the right power.
  3. I played 2 hours without any problems in Iron mode.
  4. Can u upload the map so we can try it. ?
  5. DO u play the battle in Iron mode ? If u do it too big try to set it to ELITE
  6. Hi How do i fire only the main gun without also useing the ATGM, when i use normal target the gunner pops up and reload the ATGM and get killed. when target briefly only the MG fire.
  7. Hi. If u run a big battle in Iron u will see bad FPS, so try to run the game in Elite and see what happen.
  8. i have all options on in both modes and running at max setings.
  9. Its this map can u try it and see if its only me and my Pc https://www.dropbox.com/s/3wxjlyx6vu7rg4y/CW_Schmiedestahl_v1.btt?dl=0
  10. Hi When i trun on Iron mode the game go to a werry low FPS. But i only have to set it to Elite and i have fine FPS Any ideas whats happen ?
  11. HI Any up to play random quick battles. i take the Red side I use CM Helper and dropbox Pm me with email.
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