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  1. Thank you all for alot of positive feedback, it seems needy of me but sometimes you need a pick me up, engaging with new communities has always been difficult for me anyway. It's been a while since I looked back here but now I have taken the time tor ead everyones response fully. There are some very good points about community interaction in general. Also I'm very pleased to have recieved a number of messages asking me for games which is going to be awesome so I will be replying to those.
  2. So here I am reaching out. I'm new to combat mission and my first 3 encounters with your community have not been great so I need some faith restoring. I came looking for the combat mission discord because I wanted to get involved iwth other players who enjoyed these games as well, get some PBEM in and get better at the game maybe make a friend or two. But so far I've had 2 people refuse to play me because of my region - I have no idea why that matters in PBEM and completely confuses me, I don't care what your region is. Finally I get into a game with someone, part way through he started complaining he'd chosen a poor force for the task and was probably going to lose since then his responses have slowed right down and I think stopped. Why leave the game hanging like that? You could concede? We could have a do over. I Just want to play I don't care about win or lose. So help me please see that you are a decent community because I'm quite disheartened at the moment.
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