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  1. Hi all! I just wanted to confirm that in the new engine (4.0), air support I buy will not be controlled by me...it will come in on its own and choose its own targets. is that correct? Thanks so much!
  2. Hi all! How can I change the facing of a trench in a QB? I only have the move order. While i am at it, same question for barbed wire (crazily, they are both in different directions). Thanks!!
  3. Outstanding! Thank you so much! Works like a charm. Not sure how I missed that in the book (reading is hard ).
  4. Hi all! Building a new map and having some trouble "damaging" my buildings. 1) How do I make "ruins"? Ive played scenarios where the building has totally collapsed and now just has the outline of the building but not floors/walls, etc. How to make that in the editor? 2) How to make partially damaged buildings (building still standing but heavily damaged)? Thanks!!
  5. gotcha...makes sense (from a scenario editor standpoint...agree...not sure why they would do that for this scenario). So I am reading it right...3:00...means 3 hours after the start of the of the scenario, correct? Thanks again for all the answers!
  6. Awesome! Good idea...will do for next time. Here is a follow up question for that scenario. SLIGHT SPOILER if you are going to play this scenario: I have looked in the editor and it reads that the Soviet off board arty (the 122s) are in reserve. For "Earliest Possible Arrival" it reads 3:00 (exact). Does that mean 3 hours into the scenario? All the other options read 5 Min or 20 Min and I have noticed that we are getting the reserves in after that amount of time. If its 3 hours into the scenario, Im not sure how that works since the scenario is only 1:20 long. Since the scenario is only 1:20 long does this mean that they wont get the arty? Just wanted to make sure I was reading that right. Thanks again!!
  7. Gotcha, makes sense. Thanks for the responses!!
  8. Thanks mj! I was thinking the same thing but how does the AI call it in on their first turn (if its playing the Soviets)? Maybe its a special AI thing? I'll keep playing to see if anything changes. Thanks!
  9. Hi all! Im playing the Red Hordes Scenario (just testing a few things out) as the Soviets and cannot access the Off Board 122mm Arty. I have clicked on every unit on the map (tanks and infantry) and on all of them the arty reads "Denied". I am still in the deployment phase and have even tried getting guys off the tanks to call it in. In the game manual, it simply states Denied is typically when the HQ is not high enough level (platoon guy trying to call in Regimental arty). Normally, I would have just assumed it was waiting for another higher level HQ person to show up but I played this same scenario as the Germans and the Soviets called that arty in on turn 1 so I know it has to be possible. What am I missing? Thanks! Curtis
  10. LOL MikeyD! Now thats ironman mode! Turn off floating icons and you got yourself a game ;-). Also, thanks Womble. Thats what I thought, just wanted to make sure.
  11. Hi all! Is is possible to misidentify a tank in CM2 (like we had in CM1)? If so, is it gated behind a specific difficulty level (basic, veteran, etc.)? Thanks!
  12. Thanks all! I opened a ticket and they helped me find it. Off to blow up some tanks...
  13. Ha! I did and thanks! So I looked in that folder and I dont have the that option (I see it in my CMBN folder but not in my RT folder). I did quick search on my pc and the only "Activate New..." that come up was for the CMBN. Before I open a ticket, anything else I should be looking for? Its weird, my RT folder is way less populated than my CMBN folder (attached picture). Thanks!!
  14. Hi all! I have just purchased the F&R expansion but not sure how to activate it. I have the email with the activation code but when I launch the game, it doesn't ask me for it (Ive had RT for a while now). There is a link to the downloads page on that same email but it takes me download 2.11 but I installed that a few days ago. Any suggestions on how to "activate" F&R? Thanks all!
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