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  1. I have a saved file in my incoming email folder but it does not appear in the saved game interface. Any ideas as to why? I have used the drop down menu to cycle through all options. This is a year old game with a friend who just returned to the game.
  2. Not sure if this is a bug or intended but when I detach a scout team from the Russian recon squads in the second mission of the campaign on of the two soldiers is carrying their LMG. Should it not stay behind?
  3. Bemused

    PBEM game(s)

    Looking for opponents in CMSF (all modules), CM Afghanistan and CMBN, CMCW, CMFI. Cheers.
  4. Hi all, Got thinking about the way I am reacting to AI controlled barrages while playing one of the campaigns today (yet to try PBEM). I tend to run entire platoons away at top speed as soon as I see spotting rounds coming in. When I can manage this I survive with few to no casualties. Is this at all historical? I doubt units would take the initiative this way at least under orders - I guess they might rout. Would be interested in some informed thinking about this.
  5. Interesting, Germans (with 2 LMGs I presume) in a building vs US in the open end up losing the firefight? This would square with my experience of playing the German side I have to admit - I've been driven out of buildings by US squads in the open unless I have at least 2 to 1 squads. Still feel that MGs are undermodelled in this game.
  6. Hi all, It will be a while before I am able to give this a go but wondering if those of you who are playing can give some feedback on changes made to onboard mortars using direct fire? The patch notes indicate that some changes have been made - I would be curious to know what they are. I ask because in my experience (solely single player), mortars are incredibly accurate, fast on target and with a very wide range of explosive effectiveness. When playing US in particular the only job my other infantry seems to play is in locating and then drawing fire from the enemy so my mortars can set
  7. Never mind, previously incorrectly applied patch had created extra CMSF folder within CMSF and was directing patch to this - actual correct path works.
  8. Just tried to apply patch to v1.31 in Windows vista and all seems to go fine, launch as admin and still v 1.31 - confirmed that Germans still do not have their fausts. Installed to and launched from correct file - any ideas? Thanks
  9. I know this has been commented upon elsewhere but I've just finished played the US campaigns and am now moving on to play some German missions. In the US missions it became a tried and tested technique to move to contact with scout sections, identify enemy firing locations at which point I would move up my mortars which would 90%+ of the time neutralise the target after less than a turn firing. If it took more than a turn the challenge was to manage ammunition using "Target Light". MGs in general were much less effective - while I would move them up as well, they generally took a couple o
  10. Just got done playing Barkmann's corner as German. A couple of things of interest that were also present in the Demo. As others have noted I am surprised how accurate fire is from tanks on the move but there are other things that perplex me more. 1st my elite Panther had a hard time getting the first shot off even when staring down the road at an oncoming Sherman - the American often fired first despite the fact that the Panther had spotted it earlier. 2nd penetrating shots often didn't result in a kill - on my experience at least 2 seem necessary. I had one case of a Sherman 76W that to
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