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  1. "Valley of Death" Sgt. Squarehead. I played it as Russian initially and won it - in that game the Bradley got the kill at relatively short range - maybe 200m but again from the front. The longer range kill occurred when we swapped sides and I won as the American in that one. I don't know db, I find most scenarios balanced enough - the thing that makes a huge difference is APS - it basically renders Russian infantry impotent against US vehicles. With Javelins, the revers is not true.
  2. Thanks for ideas lads - I am seeing it ("opening" penetration) often enough in this scenario. Tank crew was buttoned up.
  3. I'm playing a scenario with a friend where a Bradley of mine took out one of his T90s, hitting it with its 25mm cannon on the front at about 1000m. We were both a bit surprised. The hit message referred to hitting an "opening". Is this to be expected? What the heck is an "opening" on the front of a MBT?!?!? Thanks
  4. Wish I had thought of that at the start of the scenario Amedeo - nice strategy. I'm finding that generally Russian vehicles in stationary positions facing oncoming US vehicles come off worse and rarely spot first, and this over the crest of a ridge only about 100m away. I'm going to try opening up the tanks - they should be able to eyeball the movement right away.
  5. Playing a scenario with three Khrizantemas and all three have been knocked out. Two went while stationary, spotted by tanks that moved into their line of sight but were never spotted by the Russians. The third I hunted forward to target an Abrams in a hull down position (the Russian). It took 2s for the Abrams to spot the Khrizantema (which never spotted the Abrams) at its 9 o'clock and destroy it. Just one scenario but I would be interested in others' experiences - are they blind?
  6. This is one of the best scenarios I have ever played vs AI. Nothing to apologise for and proper challenging - more please!
  7. Agreed Erwin. I'm not sure what the exact points difference in "Czechmate" is (CMCW) but I just finished it and the Russians massively outnumber the US and it is very easy to lose as the USSR. At one point I had a unit destroyed, went to attack the location the fire had come from only to find that it had relocated as it turns out a very significant distance.
  8. I'm back to this after some CMCW. Do people still think it's worth playing compared to the more recent games? I have a memory of a very atmospheric mission attacking as CW forces with Churchills and I think some Fireflys against a farm defended by several Panthers, some AT guns and I think some pillboxes. Ring any bells? Would like to try it again. Thanks
  9. Actually weird thing is that if I keep my cursor off screen (say over the unit tray) and move only using WASD and mouse it moves fine - it's only a problem when the cursor is on-screen, indicating destination squares. Again, this is only a problem with infantry.
  10. Actually just logged in to note something about this scenario. So far I have about 5 scenarios under my belt and all run fine and I'm having a blast with them. I even checked out the biggest scenario to see how it would run on my system and no issues, camera pans smoothly at all times and I can issue commands with no lag between clicking and the order appearing. In the Czechmate scenario the camera moves less fluidly - no problem with this as I suppose it is a function of map size and the number of trees (although when I turn the latter off it makes little difference) but when I have a command selected and I move around looking for the right place to drop it, the camera slows to a complete crawl but only if I have an infantry unit selected. It slows just a little bit if a vehicle but grinds almost to a halt if infantry. The round replays fine but at the moment the scenario is unplayable for me unless I am just giving infantry one waypoint.
  11. I have a saved file in my incoming email folder but it does not appear in the saved game interface. Any ideas as to why? I have used the drop down menu to cycle through all options. This is a year old game with a friend who just returned to the game.
  12. Not sure if this is a bug or intended but when I detach a scout team from the Russian recon squads in the second mission of the campaign on of the two soldiers is carrying their LMG. Should it not stay behind?
  13. Bemused

    PBEM game(s)

    Looking for opponents in CMSF (all modules), CM Afghanistan and CMBN, CMCW, CMFI. Cheers.
  14. Hi all, Got thinking about the way I am reacting to AI controlled barrages while playing one of the campaigns today (yet to try PBEM). I tend to run entire platoons away at top speed as soon as I see spotting rounds coming in. When I can manage this I survive with few to no casualties. Is this at all historical? I doubt units would take the initiative this way at least under orders - I guess they might rout. Would be interested in some informed thinking about this.
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