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    Howler reacted to dragonwynn in USMC Mini Campaign Operation al Fajr   
    This a USMC  mini campaign designed for the latest version of CMSF 2 and the Marine module. It is semi-historically based on the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004 and follows the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines and supporting units through four battles in the Jolan District of Fallujah against the insurgency based there. Due the game date being 2008 the weapon load outs may not be historical but I tried to keep it as realistic as possible.
    The maps for each battle are cut from a master map I made of the Jolan District (see the thread about this map). It is not to exact scale due to game and system limitations but it gives a good representation of the Jolan District with actual places with in the district.
    Campaign Notes:
    There are four battles:
    1. New Dawn
    2. Fubar
    3. Facing the Fanatics
    4. Get Some
    I have included the mods in the download that I used for the campaign and all credit goes to the authors of these mods. I also included actual background information in the opening designer notes about the events that led up to the battle to help set the stage.
    The Core Units:
    3rd Bn 5th Marines
    Lima Company
    Kilo Company
    India Company
    Weapons Company
    Recon Platoon
    Light Armored Recon Platoon
    Scout/Sniper Platoon
    Howitzer Battery
    Supply Platoon
    Support Units
    Charlie Company 2nd Tank Battalion
    I MEF Engineer Group
    Task Force 2-7 ( US Army Mechanized Calvary )
    Various air assets
    Special Notes:
    This campaign depicts heavy urban combat and may not appeal to many players. It requires patience and careful planning and orders to be successful. There is a fairly high refit/replenishment factor to help between missions. In the real battle the U.S suffered around 95 casualties. Do not expect to try and maintain this ratio, you will be frustrated. You will take losses depending on your skill level. I spent a good bit of time placing the insurgent defenders to have interlacing lanes of fire to support each other with a fairly sophisticated AI. There are mines and IEDs (use the engineers wisely). You have the firepower advantage so use your armor and support assets effectively to support the Marines.There are a lot of moving pieces to watch as the battles are medium to large in a tight urban environment.
    However if you accept it for what it is it will be a fun challenge. I had a blast testing the missions, even when I was losing my Marines.
    The download includes the .cam file, the mod folder, the individual scenarios to play without the campaign format and the master map. The map is clean and has a fair amount of flavor objects though I wanted to add a lot more but CPU limits would probably be tasked. I recommend using the included mods with the map for the immersion.. You are free to use it to create your own scenarios, just please give me a little credit when you do.
    Here is the link. let me know if you come across any issues: 
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    Howler reacted to Lieutenant Ash in Pre-orders for the CMFB module Download are now open   
    I made this a few years ago, your screenshot brought it to mind

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    Howler reacted to Anthony P. in Engine 5 Wishlist   
    I played around with this a couple of years back and came up with the below example. Obviously it's too manpower intensive to use regularly, but it can easily be scaled down and still be quite devastating.
    It's also worth pointing out that you can place the breach waypoint outside the building, next to the wall you're breaching. That way the unit will blow up the wall but will stay outside it instead of entering.
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    Howler reacted to The_Capt in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    Historically, the conceptually perfect social system is not run by humans at all.  The Kingdom of Heaven (the one in the Bible, not Orlando Bloom) is the perfect system of government - it is also a complete dystopia.
    A perfect, infallible non-human (but human adjacent) ruler with supreme power and awareness ruling masses who are essentially enslaved by adoration for the ruler and have surrendered all agency while basking in His glory.  
    We basically have a cult/hive mind of unity in a benign dictatorship in a strategic context of infinite resources and no autonomy.  One could argue that in such a state, we don’t even need government as there is no need for strategy or policy frameworks but there we are…JC, Big Guy and Spooky all hanging out in the easiest government jobs since someone invented the DMV.
    Every other system we come up with is but a pale shade of grey…and it is all our fault, but we should muddle through as best we can until the Lads come back and punch in.
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    Howler reacted to The_Capt in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    1.  It is misinformed and only half filled in, and
    2.  Hyperbolic to the point of promoting panic.
    If you had read that wall of text - it is the actual transcript from the State Dept press release and Q&A - Miller was not declaring "an end to all Ukrainian support except for MIC".  He was outlining a transition strategy and stressed that while the US wants Ukraine self-sufficient they were not ready yet...and Congress needs to step up.
    You literally said:
    So how exactly am I exaggerating or taking what you just said out of context?  None of what you said that I emboldened is remotely true.  In the actual transcript of the release, Miller did not even hint at any of this.  You read as far as "support won't be at same levels as 22-23" and ran around the thread like your hair was on fire. 
    Look, I get the stress and situation - but here is an idea, maybe, just maybe, you actually do not understand US/western politics as well as you think you do.  Good news...there is an entire community of folks here who do.  So next time a Ukrainian newspaper declares "AN END TO ALL UKRIANIAN SUPPORT!!!"  Maybe come here and ask "hey guys what is this all about?"  As opposed to Chicken Little-ing all over the place and freaking the f#ck out. 
    The talking head at State did not signal a complete end to US support.  Trust me, guys at his pay grade don't get to make that announcement.  He is signaling:
    - Pressure being put on US Congress to sh#t or get off the pot on this because it is becoming un-funny.
    - That the longer term strategy is not to keep pumping tactical aid endlessly into Ukraine for the next 10 years.  But instead create a sustainable longer term strategic solution.  This is something Putin should actually be worried about.  Tanks come and go, but business...now that is commitment. 
    So if you honestly thought that the US was looking to push another $100B in tanks so the UA could somehow magically drive Russia off every inch of Ukraine soil...well, ya that ship has likely sailed.  But the leap from that to US cutting off all support and Russian Divisions in downtown Kyiv is a nonsense.  Amateurs talk stuff, professionals talk systems, masters talk options - the US is outlining strategic options spaces it wants to pursue...a long term construct for Ukrainian defence and security.  It is gradual and phases...gonna be a big ol reconstruction plan.
    I get nervous in the service but seriously....   
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    Howler reacted to danfrodo in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    I'd say you are correct.  Putin is at war with democracies all over the world for many years now.  It's a war he wages by  fostering ignorance/stupidity/racism, promoting demagogues and weakening our institutions.  
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    Howler reacted to The_Capt in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    Worst porn name ever....
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    Howler reacted to The_Capt in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    So first of all, if you are turning to Lindsey Graham for foreign policy advice, you may want to check outside and ensure that the sky in in the right location.
    But that is just me.  
    Of course we want Russia to get back in the box.  Hell we want them back in the G7 and selling all that cheap gas.  We want the global order back because it was a lot more peaceful and profitable than whatever this is turning into.  We want Putin and enough of his ilk gone, but apparently your position is that we are in this in order to exterminate your "eternal enemy".  Ukraine is not a "weapon in our hands," it is a nation who we are desperately trying to keep above water.  The strategy you are proposing is so bafflingly short-sighted that is borders on self-destructive.  So how many Russians are enough?  What happens if Ukraine doesn't kill enough Russians to satisfy our bloodlust?  Of course when you are done killing Russians we will simply walk away and leave you in the ruins, because all we care about are dead Russians and not the reconstruction of Ukraine.
    There is an element of proxy war to this conflict, but it is not one we wanted.  If the objective were to destroy Russia, then we would drag this thing out for decades - that is the argument coming out of the US far right, btw, "this is a forever war where we fight til the last Ukrainian...we should get out now!"  MacGregor pretty much has been saying this from Day 1.  So all talks of "Dead Russians as Strategic Objective" and "Economic Interests - War for Cash" and "Ukraine is a Handgun", you can leave in the far right loonie bins where they belong. 
    Finally, if you are telling me that Canada, under a liberal government, is spending over 2 billion, coming up on 10 percent of our annual defence spending, in the defence of your nation because "killing Russians" is our sole national interest, then I think this conversation is pretty much over. 
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    Howler reacted to The_Capt in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    If that were true then why is my country spending an order of magnitude more on support than it ever saw in trade?
    By your paradigm there is no stark national interest for Canada to spend billions in supporting your country.  Sure Russia is doing dirty but it is a country that we historically do much more trade with than Ukraine: https://tradingeconomics.com/russia/exports/canada
    We live under the security umbrella of the US and are 9 timezones away.  Beyond diaspora - and last we recognized that relationship it did not work out so well (https://www.reuters.com/world/canada-house-speaker-apologizes-recognition-veteran-who-fought-nazis-2023-09-24/)…why in the hell should we spend that much taxpayers money on Ukraine?  A non-NATO, non-EU, non-5EYES, non-G7 nation that is at war with another nation we historically did about 3-4 times more trade with?
    No, I reject your premise as it does not match the facts.  Do nations work toward interest?  Absolutely.  However, those interest are expressed as far more than money and fear - and they should be.  We are in this because we tried to build a world where nations were not permitted to do what Russia is doing right now.  Where unilateral invasions are in fact against the law.  We built that world to get and stay well,  we also built it because we actually care enough about humanity that we would prefer we don’t destroy ourselves through narrow minded greed.  There is no hard geopolitical or economic reasons for Canada to be spending this amount of money on supporting your nation in this war.  There are some incredibly powerful morale and ethical ones, and as bafflingly ignorant as a we can be at times, those things still matter.
    We got rid of AP landmines because they did more harm than good.  Not some weird “hey everyone let’s disarm Ukraine so Russian can maul them later - tee hee”.  Same definitely goes for nukes - sorry but Eastern Europe was a hot mess after the USSR fell and no junior partner still trying to figure which way was up was going to be keeping hands on strategic weapons.  Frankly Ukraine was not that important to anyone’s calculus in the 90s and 00s to put that together - you may recall we kinda had our hands full.  
    So I think we are done here.  You want to be a bitter old man dreaming reasons why “everyone screwed you” and why “we all owe you”, I can’t stop you.  But the reality is that our sin in the west was we simply did not care.  We were focused on other things while Russia kept sticking its toes over the line while getting people hooked on cheap energy.  There was no conspiracy, there was neglect.  But Ukraine was and is an independent nation that needs to own it mistakes as well - and there were many.  In the end all that added up to an embolden Russia that leaned in to far too fast…and here we are.
    We support Ukraine because we all owe it to each other to ensure that we do not fall back into dictators doing whatever they want to grab power.  We fought two of the largest wars in human history in the last century when we allowed that to happen.  It is bigger than money and geopolitics.  It is bigger than whatever grudges, bias or prejudice you bring onto this.  This is about global order and the right thing to do.
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    Howler reacted to JonS in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    Lol. Way to make it all about you: Kill more people, plz, so I may avoid imagined humiliation.
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    Howler reacted to ViperAssassin26 in Infantry Pack 2   
    I previously released an infantry pack for CMBS sometime ago. Since thence been using the Black Sea models in SF2. SOOOOOOO I thought why not an infantry pack for SF2. This one will be a bit better than the last. its still in progress. im in school full time so when I get breaks in between. I'll be reaching out to some of you for help and I'll definitely shout you out in the end. What can you expect? Im an infantry guy so I want to make things as authentic as possible for everyone!!!
    1. 10+ infantry units
    2. Updated Sounds(M4,M249, Javelin, etc)
    3. Modded uniforms(Combat Shirts,ISAF patches, rolled sleeves, etc)
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    Howler reacted to zasgard in Beginner tutorials   
    Ohh...so learning CMx1 (BoB in this case) isn't really going to help me much with learning the newer CM games? If so, I DO NOT want to do that. My game time is limited and I'd rather avoid trying to learn 2 systems.
    Thank you for that nugget of info.
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    Howler reacted to zasgard in Beginner tutorials   
    yep, those are the ones I found. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks
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    Howler reacted to George MC in Beginner tutorials   
    Cool  Also worth checking out @Bil Hardenberger's Battle Drill - has an excellent Tactical Toolbox series of posts all aimed at CM.
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    Howler reacted to George MC in Any tips on maximizing the chance of tank v. tank spotting?   
    Most of my playing time et the moment is PBEM. 
    My opponents tanks, infantry and artillery are always way more accurate and effective than mine. Fact
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    Howler reacted to George MC in German Small Unit Armored Tactics on the Eastern Front in 1944: Part 2 German tank formations   
    This is Part 2 of a short series giving a summary and overview of the tactical fundamentals and principles behind WWII German and Soviet armoured unit tactical drills and combat formations commonly used in 1944 using examples from Combat Mission Red Thunder to illustrate key points. 
    Part 2 Covers how tank formations helped German panzer commanders control their units, stay aware of potential threats, and use their firepower effectively. It follows on from from:
    Part 1 which covered the difference between formations, drills, principles and tactics?
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    Howler reacted to Splinty in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    I didn't fight for the abstract concept of nationhood. But I DID choose to join the military (US Army) as a career. Because I love my friends and family, and being a soldier was my best way to serve THEM. When it actually came to war, I fought for the folks on my left and right. Nationhood sounds good as a thing to fight for, but there are very few people who actually do that.
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    Howler reacted to Splinty in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    I didn't do 2 tours in Iraq to make somebody rich. I went to fight terrorists. You will find the vast majority of my felllow military members went for the same reason. 
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    Howler reacted to Bulletpoint in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    I didn't want to start going over all the different interpretations of the wars in the Middle East, especially since I know some people here on these forums have been actively fighting there.
    But yes, there are many different ways of looking at those wars, and that was my point - when the survey asked "Would you be willing to fight for your country", then Ukrainians and people in Western Europe will think of very different ways of fighting for their country.
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    Howler reacted to Teufel in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    Take this as deeply insulting good Sir! Much more so than dissing by ignoring, engineers are people too!
    Ok, maybe you are right! Garbagemen are probably more successful than most engineers on Tinder. Particularly with this type of profile content, engineering humor. Ha! Ha! Funny!

    Ok, nobody likes a smart ***! I get that…
    Anyhow, interesting read for anyone who might care for some smart *** opinions.
    Edit: Damn it! Can’t even post relevant info, Danfrodo already beat me to the punch. Will see myself out!
    Edit 2: On the way out, some interesting updates about command posts familiarizing themselves with work of fellow A&D engineers.
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    Howler got a reaction from Traitor in Just an Idle thought about perhaps 'revamping' some CM:BS elements   
    In a generation from now an historical game based on this war may make sense.
    In the meantime, once this war ends, I'd like fixes, modules and map/battle packs on a fictional near peer conflict set in 2017.
    We'll have the best of both worlds.
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    Howler reacted to Raptor341 in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    - In response to the current back and forth on the forum here -
    With regards to certain enemy capabilities which we spend oh so much time discussing, I do not worry about it, though I respect it. It can be managed.  Personally, I (and many of my colleagues) are readier than ever to finally get into the fight and help win this. Everyday I wake up waiting for them to do something stupid and finally give NATO a clear, unambiguous, reason to intervene directly in this war. That’s the solider in me - - it hard to see all of our (combined) power not being used when everyday Ukrainians have to bear the burden alone (at least physically). That doesn’t sit right with me, never did. 
    All of this to say I get it, it’s hard to watch this from the sidelines, whatever the reasons for that up to now. Still I read, learn about, and appreciate the challenges of leading the combined West through this crisis, with all of the diverse perspectives that it comes with. 
    I trust the Alliance, and I trust the Ukrainian General Staff. I have my own opinions on what I would risk, which is more than current, but that isn't up to me. In the end, we are all on the same side here, let’s remember how important that is, even when it gets testy. 
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    Howler reacted to The_Capt in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    I do not use the Ignore function often but in this case may I recommend it.  “Real men do not fear the bomb” is just dumb.  It was during the Cold War and dumber now.  If some people want to wrap themselves in dumb and feel all safe and warm, well there are entire social media platforms dedicated to that.
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    Howler got a reaction from A Canadian Cat in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    Start your research at the Second Coalition 1798–1801 and work your way up. I'm not even going to waste space detailing the treaty of Tilsit (1807) and the Tzar's decision to ignore it in 1809...
    You're saying something is true doesn't make it so. Understand history. Facts matter.
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    Howler got a reaction from DesertFox in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    Start your research at the Second Coalition 1798–1801 and work your way up. I'm not even going to waste space detailing the treaty of Tilsit (1807) and the Tzar's decision to ignore it in 1809...
    You're saying something is true doesn't make it so. Understand history. Facts matter.
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