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  1. The bottlenecks are: a) CPU (single core speed); and 2) OpenGL. I noted load times in CMBN (oldest and slowest title) and using MSI Afterburner - looked at the CPU and GPU loads along with GPU MEM utilization both on the old and new systems. Can't find my notes from that time! 😞 I was satisfied once I realized that no scenario was never going stress the GPU. I have what is now considered a rather pedestrian GTX 1660-6GB card. I'm a recent NVidia convert and can attest that they provide better support for OpenGL which always annoyed me about AMD. AMD has a knack for providing even wor
  2. I'm sure I'm not only one to do this but I copy the S/N to a text file along with a short description. It not only serves as backup but also as a means to better describe the purchase (not using BFC product speak). Fortunately, and assuming all continues to go well - the future seems to be Steam which should gradually improve things over time as some of us convert over to it. While I don't see Steam as offering anything over the current process, most value the potential ease of use.
  3. Or, it could be spotting info takes a while to propagate. Unit A gets the KO but the rest of the alphabet won't know this immediately. Especially past the letter M which is often at the other end of the map... Also, parts of unit A may not have LOS at the time of the KO... stuff happens.
  4. With 1-10k in ammo, no vehicle of mine travels anywhere without first firing a few rounds at every terrain feature or structure on it's path. I don't need contact markers and I'm sure you can find others like me who spend a lot of ammo firing at nothing! It's worthwhile for the times you discover that you aren't firing at nothing. It's not gamey and part of SOP by more players than just little old me... just saying. Feel free to be smug when such fire is harmless to your position but don't then shed tears when it isn't.
  5. Grey means reloading and temporarily unavailable while doing so. Mind you, when crew is missing, temporarily may take longer if ever.
  6. Have found that most BN, FI, FB, and RT players prefer playing day scenarios because no one has advantage of night vision and thermal equipment. @ErwinWhat percentage of your play in WWII occurs at night? The great majority of scenarios in the modern tittles occur during day. I haven't counted but the ratio feels like 10:1 day/night.
  7. That's working as intended as are friendly fire incidents involving ammo .50cal(?) and up.
  8. While the best I've managed is also a 2:1. Some on this board have mentioned seeing 3 (or even) 4 vehicle KOs with one shot.
  9. Use the all-in-one installer then activate each game and module by providing the serial/activation key. There may be an additional patch depending on game...
  10. That wasn't my takeaway from this thread. Which, granted, may explain a lot.
  11. I've studiously avoided any mention of raytracing. 🤫 If it's not uncommon now to wait 3-5 years for a module to an existing title, what makes you think a complete re-implementation using *new* technology is going to be any faster? Don't get me wrong, I'm comfortable with "it is what it is". Again, I'm only fishing for bones ahead of the usual year end feeding frenzy...
  12. OpenGL is cross platform and and still being used 20 years later. Vulkan is positioned to be it's successor. I can't speak to anything else as I have no insight into the deliberations BFC may be having on target platform(s). But, better performing OpenGL games have been released since CMSF. Not to mention games with multi-threaded support for 64bit environments being not uncommon today. You seem to be indicating that we are five years away from being five years away from CM3x... As I said, I was fishing for info as their target platform would need to be defined now if they were
  13. It's basically the FPS difference between the two technologies at a stand still. OpenGL is not Vulkan and would require an extensive retrofit. I was fishing for some confirmation that CM3 is: a) being worked on; b) the GFX layer will be Vulkan; and c) multithreaded. I'll keep fishing. 😁
  14. Assuming your PIAT had all three spotted, which target was closest? Which target presented the more immediate threat? I'm also assuming at the time it fired - it had solid spots on all targets. I generally use TAs to define/limit fields of fire. I'll use a TAA to rotate a turret ahead of time to shave seconds off a spot-fire cycle. I'd like to believe this (TAA) also results in infantry which may be in front of the intended target being ignored. Otherwise, I'm generally satisfied if the AT team/gun doesn't reveal its' position by wasting a round into screening infantry. Should I
  15. Exactly, I need to get reacquainted with CMBN as the last time BFC "improved" unit behavior - I needed to play SF/SF2/BS and avoided BN for near three years... It's been good to see units surrender and not run back and forth in disarray towards known enemy positions. Allow me to enjoy this before we break something else... is all I'm saying. No offense intended.
  16. There are two modes in game: 1) Realtime where you can issue orders every second to your hearts content; and 2) Turn based (WEGO) where you trust the TacAI in 60 second cycles. The issue seems to be that the TacAI is not behaving as *you* want it to. Personally, I'd be careful what we wished for given the result of CMBN v4.00-4.02. Let's get reacquainted with CMBN before we try to break it again. Please.
  17. Air units can't be adjusted at least in the modern titles. It's either call shot or ceasefire with modern CAS.
  18. I can now run Quake 3 on my Raspberry Pi Model 4 (RPI4) using Vulkan. Frame rates have gone from 30 (OpenGL) to 700+ (Vulkan). Any chance at all that we can get CM2x titles migrated to Vulkan as we wait for CM3x? An awful lot of platforms are offering solid support for Vulkan. It would be pretty nifty to run CM2x on a RPI4...
  19. It may be by design as an FO can only manage one mission. When a mission reaches 'Firing' stage - you can then use the FO (or any shot caller) to start another as long as you don't intend to adjust the *firing* one. So, when a shot caller gets a mission to 'Firing' they aren't deemed to be 'busy' and may initiate another. There may be edge cases where you can 'game' around this limitation with pre-planned missions but it's hit and miss (pun intended). Otherwise, you can't adjust multiple Firing or Pre-Planned missions separately.
  20. If snow and tank riders were easy to retrofit into CMBN... If the DRM in CMBN were easy to workaround to somehow keep CW, MG, VP, etc. properly sorted... A separate CMFB codebase provides a means to both expand features and host different modules. I'm not defending BFC decisions. I'm simply acknowledging that hindsight isn't always 20/20 when we aren't privy to internal deliberations.
  21. Wasn't CAS enhanced in this title also? And, tank riders FTW!!!
  22. Correct. The last patch for CMSF was near a decade ago. You mentioned being bewildered that CMSF was always undergoing some change which the release of CMSF2 only further compounded. I was simply curious as to: 1) where you were getting your patches for CMSF as the only the last one I applied for it was 10 years ago; and 2) what feature (or mechanic) in CMSF2 is causing your distress? The core play mechanics to me seem to be identical to every other CM2 tittle (WWII and Modern). I'm wondering if I'm to only one who simply refers to weapon/organization chapters in a giv
  23. I have both SF and SF2 and recall not getting any patch for SF in close to a decade. In any event, SF2 plays just like every WWII and modern (BS) titles. Being not yet 60, in what way do you find the updates to CMx2 bewildering? The core mechanics haven't changed since the release of CMBN. And, every title offers the same mechanics now that CMSF2 has caught up.
  24. Where are you getting such patches? All I ever manage to get are minor corrections...
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