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  1. I upgraded my CMFB to the latest patch during a PBEM thinking my opponent had upgraded the PBEM to the latest patch. They had not and now the PBEM is unplayable. Our PBEM has been on halt for almost 2 months as I gathered the energy to do what I believe needs to be done to get the game back on track: that is, to install CMFB and patch it to the previous version (then load PBEM, save in orders phase, patch CMFB to latest version, continue playing). I am however unsure of exactly how to do that as there seems to be various patch/upgrade/install files. I did run the file CMFB_v100_Setu
  2. What is the correct way (if any) to update a PBEM curently started in the previous version to the new patch?
  3. You might get some solace from the fact that this kind of issue is not restircted to that kind of building or that scenario. It appears a number of buildings in CM are problematic as you described. I recently undertook an depth study on a type of "Independant" building that are in the Scenario Designer and would be featured in many of the scenarios out there. I recently added the detailed test results and easy to run example saved "test files" to a post just like yours to a post I started back in 2015! It really is disappointing that these bugs still exist and have not been corrected
  4. Good to see some of you got something out of the PDF. No big deal but for those more discerning of you who looked at the PDF, you may have noticed there was one comparion that is not actually from the "Storm on Stoumiont" map/Stoumont battle, but rather the Cheneuex map/Battleof Cheneux, all however cut from the same "Stoumont Master Map" that I only just recently realise existed! Yes it is! I do own it (along with the Normany and Market-Garden Then and Now titles, all amazing). I did just order Vol3 of Duel in the Mist however. I can see myself getting somewhat inspired to do a
  5. Yes it is! Not quite ready to delete stuff out as what is in there as conversations I still want to keep as reference. Have instead contacted you via link in your profile.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Very insightful. Really interesting such detail was documented, let alone on film. Doubt many knew the UC was that versatile and used in that manner. I wonder if it was in actual combat. ...and remember: When in doubt, dismount! LOL!
  7. @theforger Wow! Thanks for the reply. I can't say I was expecting to get a positive reply like this just from asking the relatively small pool of readers who check these forums, let alone within 24hrs after around 160 views! Incredible! I guess if you don't ask, you never will know... Can I ask how much of the book features unique photos and maps (i would imagine detailed tactical ones) not featured anywhere else? From my understanding, the vast bulk of photos you can search for and find that relate to the battle on the day come from that familiar German film reel that features in the You
  8. Hi Bubba, I am curious to know what happens if you try running the test save file. How do the infantry respond on your non-version 4 install?
  9. DOH! I somehow posted the link to this thread instead of the damn file! NEW WORKING LINK TO FILE BELOW!!! >>>> Bull's Stoumont Before & After & CMFB.pdf <<<< While I'm at it may as well make up for it with a few teaser previews:
  10. I forgot to add and perhaps ask... While researching the battle of Stoumont I discovered one book that has actually been published specifically about that 19th Dec battle. I would of definitely bought it already however there is something about it that is making me hesitate: Duel in the Mist: Kampfgruppe Peiper, Stoumont, December 19th, 1944 v. 1 Would really like to hear from anyione who has viewed the book, let alone own a copy of it. Really curious to know what kind of new info/photos etc it contains.
  11. I originally played the excellent Kampfgruppe Peiper campaign that I believes comes with CMFB several years ago and forgot about it enough for me to warrant playing it again. One thing I really appreciate is playing on battlefields that are based directly on replicating the actual historical battlefieds itself. I believe all the maps in this campaign are like that. One battle in particular caught my attention (again) which is the "Storm on Stoumont" battle and it's map. After play as the German attacker I wondered how much more challenging the German attack could be if a human player pla
  12. OK, thought so. Really interesting to hear how and when you use the Pause command. Might have to consider it a key command in instances like you mention, or when "cowardice will not be tolerated". Does the Pause command in any way affect commands like Fire At Target/Briefly Target, or even say the Face command or is it really only restricted to proper movement commands?
  13. Its been almost five years since I started this thread and would have thought that the issue(s) originally highlighted would have been fixed long ago via a patch/update etc. This sadly is not the case. The issue described is not a "cosmetic" issue with no effect on gameplay. Contrary, it has the potential to turn what players would think is a relatively safe move order for infantry in to a order that may result in the entire enemy unit being decimated, as I had experienced when I first noticed the issue all those years ago. I am revisiting this thread and the issue that was discussed be
  14. @RockinHarry, that really is an amazing discovery/revelation. Great work. It's incredible the Pause order even effects all future TacAI orders like the "evade towards enemy" order being discussed. If you think about it then, the Pause order could possibly be used as a "not one step back"/no retreat command to prevent the TacAI for executing ANY "self-preserving" evasive actions when a unit reacts to the enemy. Note that if the "self-preserving" orders issued by the TacAI are indeed valid and likely to increase the survivabilty of the unit if executed (as opposed to executing the "suicida
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