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  1. so, in WW2, to counter hidden ATGs which pop up and fire at your moving tank(s), the best approach, if i understand correctly, is to move with not less than a platoon (4-5 tanks), maybe 2 of them moving, the other 2-3 covering and static, and u have to accept to get one or two of them knocked out before u can write off the gun? The moving tanks shld be in fast mode to reach their destination AQAP, right?
  2. what will u do then if a hidden gun opens fire - during - your move as your tank wont stop to shoot back unless it is in Hunt mode.
  3. Thanks to you all for these explanations. I have other points I never really understood in the CM engine but I will open a new thread for this
  4. I use the hunt mode very often as it allows the moving tank to fire if some bad guys or crates show up on the way unexpectedly. Once I used the fast mode in open ground and a hidden russian tank killer team destroyed my Panther. I re-did the move in U mode and the Panther managed to see them, reverse a bit and fire, from a safe distance.
  5. ok so the armor covered arc isnt only about the angle and distance of possible fire, it discriminates non armor target types. is this what you explain? this MO mens you know where to expect armor. If some armor shows up outside the CA, you are done, right?
  6. how to set up the target type for a gun or an AFV (in defensive mode or hunting) so that, for instance, it fires first on enemy vehicles and/or guns and ignore the enemy infantry units as long as they are not an immediate threat? Many times, for instance in hunting mode to fire at an enemy tank after moving, my AFV stopped on the way or at the end of its movement to fire instead on some infantry popping up in the distance. And I do not want to use the Fast or Quick move command so my tank can immediately stop and fire when the enemy tank or gun is in its LOS.
  7. same for me. impossible to overwrite an existing file. the only way is to change the extension numbering. so looks like u can save a new file but not update any existing one. i faced the same issue in CMFB
  8. @semmes I am interested in PBEM for CMRT and incl. F & R. I also like big games like Studenka or Clash of the Titans for instance.
  9. Talking about ASL (which i know very well), what happens when an AFV overruns some infantry position in the open: Is there a sequence where first the infantry close assaults the AFV (the way it is described in this thread) and the tanks only fires back if unscathed? Also, how does a tank overrun a manned ATG position to destroy it: move command?
  10. Hi. I have been playing all WW2 modules incl. CMBN/RT against the AI. will be glad to be your opponent
  11. Yes my bad 10-12 mm. and the late superstructure added on top of the 251/9 as i said was a good protection from the side. and yes none of them were immune to small arms when using the weapon. my point actually was, in the front CA, all 3 shields give an equivalent protection. Why then make the MG gunner more vulnerable?
  12. It would be good that some of the CM developers or designers join these chats. Wld clarify many things we all just assume at the EOD
  13. Interesting. The only difference i see between the 75mm or 20 mm gun shield with the fromt MG shield is the side (to some extent) or all around protection. The thickness is still 8 mm or so, at keast not more than the MG shield. so why, thru the front covered arc, wld MG gunners be more vulnerable? i really question the design behind the AI
  14. Btw Georges, u mention pbem. Am looking for an opponent in any of the CM games. Wld u be interested?
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