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  1. Very good documentary about the fighting in the Hurtgen forest.I watched it recently.Lots of footage(It took my attention the guys cutting a tree to clear the way for a sherman tank) and witneses from both sides.
  2. Comparing the outcome of real war actions with the ones modeled in the game,I always notice that the casualty rate is usually quiet high in the game compared with the real stuff.I mean experienced players not playing boldly and trying to do it as close as to real combat procedures.A part from the AI behaviour in one side,I think there is a reason for that.In my opinion,infantry in the game don't have the same chances of survival as in real life due to the poor modelling of defensive works or the,sometimes,difficulties in getting apropiate cover in terrain features.You can't find parapets in th
  3. I tried to install scenarios and campaigns from the repository in the game but looks like it doesn`t work the same way than in CMBN.How i have to proceed?
  4. Is the new patch affecting vehicles behaviour as well as it does with infantry?.There were some issues about vehicles path like the ones with bridges for example and,what's more,are now vehicles less prone to disengage when under fire?.
  5. I recently started to replay the Scottish Corridor campaign again after a while but when I was in the mission called Hansel & Gretel the game crashed after a few turns.I played other battles and missions and the game runs fine. Are there any problems with that mission with the new v.4 upgrade?. Anybody have experienced this before?.How can I solve it?
  6. One of the tank's flaws in the game is they cannot crush people or AT guns under they tracks.That makes them a bit vulnerable against infantry in close quarters.I think that should be changed.Overunnig AT guns was a usual practice among tank crews.
  7. I was a bit reluctant at first with Fauda but after reading some reviews I started to watch it few days ago and I m enjoying it so much. Another good thing you can find in Netflix,and related to WWII, it's the documentary called Five came back,about the history of five American film directors(John Ford, William Wyler, John Houston, Frank Capra, and George Stevens) who were recruited by US goverment to film its troops in different fronts.I really loved it.John Ford was wounded in Midway and Wyler was temporaly deaf by the terrible noise from a B-25 bomber engines.There are comments from
  8. That's really spot on.I consider Das Boot one of the best war movies ever.I got it in DVD with a very good making-off comented by director Wolfgang Petersen. As for Lion of the Desert I have seen it many time ago when I was just a teen and I really enjoyed it as it shown a very different point of view from the typical colonialist embedded films from the 40's and 50's .It's a great and,unfortunately,a bit forgotten movie.
  9. I totally agree with this.For instance,I recall listening to a old veteran from the Spanish Civil War(1936-39) saying he didn't do so much shooting but he thrown lots of hand grenades that were used by hundreds. Hand grenades exploding inside buildings or any other confined place have a greater effect.Dunno if that is even modeled in the game
  10. Sometimes I'm under the impression that hand grenades lack some effectiviness and they have a poor effective radius in CM.Looks like an average hand grenade,like the American MK2 or the British Mills,have a killing radius of 5 metres and a casualty radius of 15m,thought the shrapnel can reach more tan 200m.I have readed as well that German stick grenades were less powerfull. Anybody have even made a test?
  11. We know sniper teams are an effective and lethal assets but you can't efectively split them from sections as you can usually do with AT teams.They should be splitted from sections in a 2 men-team or come as a separated and specialized team.What do you think?,how are you dealing with this in game?
  12. I know this subject has been discuss before but I want to bring it back because is one of the things I would like to see in a new game engine rather tan other.I think defensive works need a major overhaul and modelling in the game: -Deeper trenches and foxholes: I know there s a problem related to the fog of war with that issue but in real life major defensive works are very difficult to conceal and are usually evident by recce.The question is to know if they are wether empty or full,defended in strenght or not.In the other hand,is there any way to fix this?.It would be interesting to hav
  13. I don't say the movie is bad,I actually liked it but I don't think it's a masterpiece.
  14. ***could be a bit spoiler*** I saw the movie few days ago and it's ok,thecnically very well done.But there are some things that I found a bit disappointing. The first is the way the Germans are portrayed,like blood-thirsty zombies,exactly the same point of view of the war-time Allied propaganda.The other thing it's that final scene with the main character in an epic and unrealistic run through shell explosions without being wounded by a single bit of schrapnel just to meet the sweet happy end ( so Spilberg to me 😒).It lacks the punch and the clever dialogues, the way of bitterness
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