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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkDvHUrbHcc Hi!.Have anybody seen this serie?.It's called "Valley of Tears" ( HBO) and it's about the fighting in the Golan Heights between the Israelis and Syrians during 1973 Yom Kipur War.It looks great. Now that CW have been released it would be interesting to make an expansion about that conflict.I have read somewhere that one of the biggest tank battles ever took place there.I got some Osprey campaign books about the Israel-Arab wars time ago and I'm very interested in this subject.
  2. As I pointed here somewhere,CM3 should work hard in defensive works that,IMO,look quiet poor right now.I would like to see stuff like parapets,semi-buried bunkers amd new models of them,narrower and deeper trenches,deeper fox-holes,gun pits,another types of wire(like spiral that was widely used),camouflage nets.That would implement the AI defensive capabilities and therefore making it more challenging to defeat.
  3. What a shame we don't have a CM2 Afrika Korps!
  4. This is a pic of italian airborne troops from a modelling figures box
  5. Hi!.Thanks,very good video.I remember I watched another from the same man about CMBN.I think He's a retired officer from the US Army if I'm not wrong.
  6. I have recently played the CMFI demo and I enjoyed so much.I think it will be my next move in the CM family(I played CMBN for a long time and I'm with FB right now).It has been said (some sort of a cliché)that playing with Italian troops is like playing an IWW era army but Italians had some modern and fine units like the airborne ones.One of the most famous was the Folgore Division which was destroyed in Tunisia but other units fought in Italy against the Allies.I have checked the game features but It looks like they are not in the game unfortunately. I'm not quiet sure how to play with the Italians but It seems you are always in disadvantage fighting with them.Have you any tips? On the other hand,the German LG 40 recoiless gun is a hell of a weapon.Very difficult to detect and deadly against troops and light vehicles.
  7. What I would like to see is more ,and different kinds, of barbed wire in the game as well as another models of pillboxes and bunkers with different shapes and sizes.I know there s an issue about modelling deeper trenches and foxholes but,it would be a way to do it?.Defensive works need a major overhaul in the game just to do it more immersive and challenging.,Why not to model underground shelters and basements for example?
  8. There are a couple of videos (part 1 and 2)about that mission from Double Vision.Very well done and with usefull explanations.I think it can helps you
  9. Yes,definitely,60 mm mortars are not really efective against buildings,even medium mortars need lots of rounds to do any significant damage thought the 81mm mortar shell it's quiet powerful.It's a thing that should be improve.
  10. In the game,I usually use mortars from rear positions and I try to keep them as much concealed I can or even behind hill slopes,buildings or trees for indirect fire but I have never used them as a first line assault weapon like in this scene from The Pacific series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhyGPxc4gQY
  11. When I said "raid operation" I mean an operation carried on by few but highly trained units which strike specific targets in a quick attack.I just posted it because I readed about the subject and I wanted to get some feedback about this kind of operations.Of course,there are plenty of them in WWII and many of them were quiet decisive in their own way.
  12. Last month it was the 80th anniversary of Operation Judgment,the British attack on Tarento and ,IMO,one of the most (if not the most)brilliant and productive raid attacks of WWII.I think so because it was the first time that such kind attack was conducted,the British inflicted appalling loses to the Italians at a ridiculous cost(2 aircraft and 4 casualties with 2 dead and 2 POW ). The British crippled the bulk of the Italian naval force with 3 main battleships heavily damaged(though not lost because they sank in shallow waters) plus other shipping loses.The attack was carried on by aircraft,the torpedo-bomber Fairey Swordfish,that were already considered obsolet at that time. What's more,this attack earmarked the end of the battleship as the main asset in modern navies in favour of the carrier and it's told it inspired the Japanese the Pearl Harbour attack.
  13. Very good documentary about the fighting in the Hurtgen forest.I watched it recently.Lots of footage(It took my attention the guys cutting a tree to clear the way for a sherman tank) and witneses from both sides.
  14. Comparing the outcome of real war actions with the ones modeled in the game,I always notice that the casualty rate is usually quiet high in the game compared with the real stuff.I mean experienced players not playing boldly and trying to do it as close as to real combat procedures.A part from the AI behaviour in one side,I think there is a reason for that.In my opinion,infantry in the game don't have the same chances of survival as in real life due to the poor modelling of defensive works or the,sometimes,difficulties in getting apropiate cover in terrain features.You can't find parapets in the game,fortified houses and underground basements in buildings nor underground shelters; it's told the protection in shallow trenches and foxholes is abstracted but I m not quiet sure at which degree.What's more,some weapons seem to be overpowered,like the SMG which are deadly accurate and lethal beyond its teorically effective range This issues should be improbe(probably in a CM3?) in order to make the game more challenging and realistic.This game,differently from others,is focused on infantry which I just like it so,why not to care more about our dear pixeltruppen?.What do you think about it?
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