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  1. Guess I'll just attack with company waves. The terrain doesn't allow enough frontage for a two-company or battalion wave attack, nor can I outflank the positions properly because of the enormous swamps blocking everything. I wonder if the scenario designer is still around?
  2. I wonder if there's a way to contact JasonC? The way he talks sounds like he had a formal military education and had access to the documents we can't get on the internet.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've already beat the mission several times - what I'm really asking is how the Soviets would have done it in real life. I can't find any documentation on it.
  4. Hello all. I'm playing the first mission of the Soviet campaign and I have no idea how to conduct the attack. I've read somewhere that Battalions would attack with two companies forward and one reserve. They would rush across the ground, shooting all the way, which assault guns sticking as close as possible to them. Another place I read that you perform the typical "echelon attack" - a small screening force, say one company with minor support, followed by the main effort. Internet documentation is sorely lacking. Does anyone have any references or tips?
  5. That's a shame. Guy really knew his stuff. I wonder if he has an e-mail or something? The problem with asking questions about this sort of thing is that there is little to no information available online and people who really know about it are few and far between; learning about military history really seems to be a niche hobby. If I wanted to find out about, say, German infantry doctrine, a quick Google search reveals nothing but five pages dedicated solely to the formation of the average Wehrmacht section and a single military handbook. It's maddening.
  6. I completely forgot I'd posted this topic. Excellent reply JasonC. Can you clarify where you found this information? Also, can you clarify the going to ground part? It may just be me, but I don't get it. If they all just dropped when they were shot at, wouldn't they just get slaughtered by mortars? Wouldn't the Company commander try and get them to keep moving?
  7. I'm looking for any explanation of Soviet doctrine - from strategic to tactical level - in the 1944-45 era. I can't find a single thing - the only uselful documents I can find are a Soviet infantryman's manual (1942) and explanation of Deep Battle doctrine. The former must have been updated by operation Bagration and so cannot really be trusted to give a detailed explanation of the tactics the Soviets used, and Deep Battle is detailed but does not explain tactics at the Battalion/Company level. Basically all I have for Battalion sized attack tactics are: split into larger-than-necessary g
  8. In all seriousness, does the Shtora system actually do anything other than make the tank look angry?
  9. Honestly, I'd love to see a Pacific WW2 Combat Mission.
  10. I got some early access experience with Combat Mission: Crumpet Catastrophe. It's very realistic. Fire missions are called in with specific British-army code jargon: "Listen in you cheeky scrublords, I need some of the old flishy-flashy bang and crashy over Buckingham Palace on grid T3XT-SP33CH-M8 on the DOUBLE, you 'ear me, arse-face?!" "Righty-dokey squire, estimate five bongs to your tea-time, over." The resulting fire mission lands with explosions that sounds exactly like Big Ben striking 12 o'clock. Every soldier wears a Bearskin and a Redcoat, and when ordered to assault, w
  11. It's more for suspected enemy positions for me. I'm going to engage these before hand and try to move infantry up from the side. When the infantry reaches the building, I cease fire and send the section at the side in as quick as possible. Any more direct routes, or buildings that can't be suppressed I just avoid completely, but keep an eye on with a machine gun or IFV. It worked extremely well in the Strength & Faith scenario, with no friendly losses whatsoever and 200 enemy casualties. However, this was due in heavy part to enormous armor and artillery support. In scenarios w
  12. I think there's some sort of glitch with my "target light" option: >Playing Canadian campaign >soldiers running into building under supression fire >specifically tell covering section to use light fire >press cease fire >overwatch section immediately fires a few grenades and a rocket into building >3 wounded canadians >happens again and again >sustain twice as many losses as i would have if there were no friendly fires ;_;
  13. Thanks for the reply all. It was an infrared spotlight by the way - it was installed in the T-55 and the Wikipedia article made reference to it. I wonder how they could see it - maybe there's a specific sight for it somewhere on the tank?
  14. I like building scale plastic kits and thought I might try my hand at a 1/35 T-72 modeled after the ones in Shock force; however, I'm finding it hard to research the exact details and differences between the variants, so I wanted to ask a couple of questions: 1. What is the difference between the T-72M1 (2001) and the TURMS-T? From what I can see, the T72M1 is pretty much the T-72BM, first revealed in 2006 according to Wikipedia. The best I am able to tell is that the M1 has a thermal sight, but that is all; the fire control system is not computerized, yet on the TURMS-T, it is. 2. Wha
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