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Found 4 results

  1. I've just got a very frustrating experience trying to ambush enemy armored units with Javelin. I had a rifle team with Javelin hidden inside a building and able to spot a BMP-3 in the distance (about 250 m). As soon as they spotted the vehicle, they started to fire their AT4 at it, revealing their position immediately. Of course, all the AT4 missed at such distance, BMP returned fire and all the team lied dead long before Javelin operator had a chance to fire his missile. It looks like a bug in TacAI. The only workaround I could come up with is to never give Javelin to a team with AT4, an
  2. Hello, I've gone looking for a thread posted maybe a year ago where I was originally made aware of the "evade towards enemy" behaviour (though probably an actual bug) that typically involves infantry behind hedgerows breaking that cover when under fire and running towards the enemy through gaps in the hedgerow (invariably to their deaths) that I can confirm I has been able to reliably replicate when I downloaded and played the saved game that was provided by a user investigating the issue at the time. From what I understand, this issue may only be specific to CMBN and seems to only have a
  3. 3rd squad is moving forward, and they have two scouts out in front. The scouts draw fire from behind a hedgerow and are wounded. The rest of the squad are positioned behind their own hedgerow, and are putting some suppressing fire on the enemy. As the game player, I am just letting them do their thing while I direct other units elsewhere. I prefer not to micro-manage. Several turns go by. After another turn, I go to review 3rd squad, and am astonished to see them leave their cover and rush the enemy, laying down suppressing fire. The enemy continues to fire back, though, not totally
  4. The scenario is Battlegroup Attacks! by George MC. (Thank you Sir!). A mix mechanized Syrian and U.K. force face off in Syrian hilly terrain in a PBEM with myself as Red force. A BMP-2 seizes the opportunity to take a pot shot at a Challenger 2 with it's AT-5 ATGM. N.B. The only orders I gave to the BMP-2 were as follows; 1. Reverse out of the Wadi around 20m to gain LoS. 2. Face towards blue Challenger contact. Everything else is the TACai's automatic orders. http:// http:// http:// http:// http
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