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  1. You amaze us all again Lucky Strike, incredible work mate again. I would definitely like to try it out please. Regards
  2. Blimey Lucky Strike, there is no stopping you mate! Superb work again, I can't believe the difference just one more type of tree makes to those screen shots, amazing. And the Bocage screenshots also look superb also. Couple of questions, as it is a new tree does it take up a slot from another tree or is it a completely new addition? Did you plan to look at the bush objects at all? As I remember they are pretty puny and uninspiring. Great work again, looking forward to the release. regards slippy
  3. Yes i defintley agree with yu on this point Lucky Strike, less paved and cobbles and more 'dirt' road/track
  4. This conversation may never end!
  5. Wow! Great resource Falaise, thanks very much. Very sad to see how much land is lost as time moves on though
  6. Great facts Falaise, thanks very much
  7. I know what you mean Lucky Strike. I did a bit of modding for IL-2 a few years back, taught myself a bit of Java and I was away. The modding became more addictive than playing the game, and I found I was my own worst critic, plus the more I learned the more I wanted to do, to the extent my self imposed workload became massive. I still have a shed load of unfinished projects and ideas that I wanted to implement. I'll drop you a pm mate. Like I mentioned though texture modding is something I have very little idea of, so my results will probably be quite basic. Can you use photos as the base for a .bmp?
  8. Yes, just to confirm what Erwin said really Lucky Strike, it's only a game after all mate . Agree on finding the best way forward, I do definitely like the idea of one texture for all. May load the free Photoshop alternative and have a look. If anyone knows any tutorials and/or can upload some samples of what they have done maybe.
  9. Brilliant work Lucky Strike! That is what I hoped for, but i must say you have implemented it better than I imagined. Yes i think a lot of the larger paved roads could be reclaimed in this way. In towns and cities after all the aerial bombardment, artillery, and general fighting, a lot of the roads would have had the appearance of your pictures anyway i believe. For me personally this would be the way to go, even better if they replace stock textures so that all the current maps are affected. I know you mention its for a different thread but your last picture of the sunken lane does look very promising. Without knowing how you did it, could the same be done with walls/fences/buildings either side? regards slippy
  10. I know mate . But I generally try to be careful commenting on or having an opinion on what I think should happen, when yourself, Lucky Strike and others are the ones doing the fine modding work you kindly share with us all. If I can help in any small way let me know
  11. Gents I'm full of ideas, but have very little knowledge of paint shop and making textures sorry. I did make some for IL-2 quite a few years ago, but I've probably forgotten most of what I learned at the time. I could have a go but I will have to do some serious revision. JM, apologies I have not had time to try your textures yet mate, busy with work and kids at the moment. Are there any tutorials for modding textures in CM? Cheers all
  12. Yes that why I mentioned all road types having the same texture, so the demarcation is less noticeable
  13. Wow, I really like that Benpark, well done. That would be ideal for all road surfaces in different colours. I particularly like the way the tracks are not too clean and fade out towards the edge of the road. I'm not sure if we often need a paved tarmac surface in CMBN, especially for Normandy scenarios. They may be better served by a dirt version of the paved tile
  14. Thanks for your reply Lucky Strike. Your knowledge is far superior to mine mate, so good to hear your thoughts. Would it be possible to give every road, highway, track the same texture in theory? I like the idea of mod tagged versions, but wouldn't be any good for scenarios, or campaigns already built would it? Lastly, what controls the dust in SF2? Could that be implemented in CMBN for summer months?
  15. Personally i think i prefer the first two images above that Falaise posted for the roads. I would like to see the Highways, paved roads, and tracks all have similar textures, with the effect filtering out towards the edges. I dont really like to see a perfect grey coloured road, suddenly transform into a dirt track with a hard border between, to me that look very unrealistic. I think it would look better for all road surfaces to be of a similar colour. I do like the idea though of separate textures for dusty,dry, wet, muddy, winter textures though, that can be dropped into the mods folder depending on the scenario. I think JMs track texture would look better in a muddy road setting rather than a dry dusty road. The roads in Normandy in June/July 1944 would have been very different to the roads in Holland and Belgium in November/ December 1944 cheers all
  16. Hi JM Heres some info i found on BumpH files from Il-2 https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,15200.msg169577.html#msg169577 I am not sure if CM actually supports BumpH files at all, as i remember in Il-2 you would have the original file and its associated BumpH file, which gave it the 3D appearance. Videos looking good though mate
  17. JM To be honest, I can't remember exactly how it was implemented. I did have a go myself, but with limited knowledge of graphics software it's not something that stuck in my mind mate, old age and all that . Yes your results look very good. Some good results were obtained n Il2, especially on grass tiles, as it gave it a good 3d relief. I'll see if I can find the info and post it up over the weekend. Well done JM, great work
  18. I remember when playing IL-2 that some map makers used bump mapping. Can that be used in CM? I think you needed to create a Bumph file in Photoshop or similar. I was thinking the other day how pristine a lot of the textures are in CM, especially in towns, paved areas etc. Would be good to have some way of roughing them up
  19. I have just reinstalled all my CM titles on a new computer. I found that none of the titles would load, I just had a black screen on loading. I inadvertently left one game loading when I left the computer for about 10 minutes, I came back and the game was showing the main menu, from which it launched ok. I tried with all titles and get the same result. For some reason they are taking quite a while to load, much longer than they did on my old system, during which I get a black screen, but when they do load all is fine and they run really smoothly. So have you just tried leaving it to load for 5 minutes or so? Maybe you have the same issue as myself. It's only by leaving it by mistake one day that I found this out, before that I was Alt deleting to exit from the black screen thinking something was wrong. Just an idea Regards
  20. Great work Lucky Strike. The large and small bocage are two of my least liked forms of vegetation in the game. Most of the vegetation is pretty passable but thier models are really poor, so anything you can do to help cover them up gets the thumbs up from me mate.
  21. Your doing some amazing work Lucky Strike. Your Hedgerow Hell is one of my favourite mods, looking forward to what you have for the future, hopefully Battlefront can free up some more slots in CMBN . Well done mate, really good work. Regards Slippy
  22. Thanks Aragorn, I did look at this, but a lot of the online reviews give it a bit of a slating as being quite basic, but I'll take your advice mate cheers
  23. Take a look here mate, may answer your question http://ww2talk.com/index.php?threads/british-army-radio-voice-procedure.24931/ Regards
  24. Can anyone recommend books on Operation Bagration please? Finding it difficult to find much at all with good reviews. Looking for a general overview book, along with individual units/battles if possible. My only reading so far has been the Osprey title. Cheers all
  25. Anyone know of any good books on Operation Bagration please? I've read the Osprey book, looking for a good general campaign book, and also individual units/ small actions. Thanks
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