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  1. OMG I’ve been playing this game for over 10 years and almost every time I play it I think to myself “I wish there was a select last unit” hotkey 🤦‍♂️
  2. I just got a new MacBook Pro and am wondering how people keep their saved games synced across multiple computers? I use Dropbox & Whose Turn Is It for my PBEM games. It would be great if you could select the location of the saved game folder.
  3. Is there an ‘idiots guide’ explainer on how to do this somewhere?
  4. Yeah my credit card was cancelled due to fraudulent activity over the weekend (and I'm in Australia). I bought SF2 when it launched. Interestingly the guy from the bank had a chuckle because the 'small test charge' of $1 was put through as "test only". He said they aren't normally dumb enough to name it that.
  5. I can't get any mods working on my Mac. In both BN & BS I have them in Contents/Resources/Data/Z SF doesn't have a /Data folder so I created one, didn't work. I put Z in the resources folder, didn't work. I put it in the Content folder, didn't work. I'm trying to load Bil's floating icons. *edit* found it, it is outside of the package content inside the application folder.
  6. I was playing ‘the Bank’ and had a Section in the buildings on the right main avenue of approach two buildings before the embassy objective. I gave the section an assault command to move into the adjacent building (the one directly adjacent to the embassy). It was a move to the adjacent action square. The first fire team went out the side door and entered the side door of the building and met no resistance. The second fire team went out the front door, onto the main avenue, and took 2 or 3 casualties from fire down the street. Then proceeded to enter the front door of the target b
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