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  1. German squads have a lot of MG ammo. You can just shoot forward randomly. MG team shoots, rifle team advances. Keep neighbour squads no more than 10-20 m away.
  2. Shoigu finished exercises, units go back to bases. Cold war didn't go hot this time.
  3. Let's imagine that Germany attacks Poland, but Polish ambassador stays in Berlin, German in Warsaw. Polish business sell goods to Germany, German to Poland. Germans try to sell military supplies, but have to cancel only because of public opinion. "Hybrid war" is comfortable for both sides. Soldiers fight and die for real, governments and business pretend to.
  4. Guys, Ukraine didn't declare war to Russia. Ukrainian business trade with Russia as usual. Your government didn't nationalise Russian business. You buy Donbas coil, transit Russian gas to Europe. I can't understand you at all.
  5. Yes! Thanks. Sorry for awful English, couldn't explain so long. As I understand, better stabilisation -> faster twist -> worse accuracy. Initially SVD had 320 mm twist, but than it was changed to standard 240 mm (to shoot long tracer bullets) and accuracy dropped.
  6. No. Length of zone in front of target, where trajectory height is not higher that target's height. (Actually, just cotangent of descent angle х target height)
  7. I'm just starting to reload x54 round! A bit expensive here, in RF, so I have small progress. It depends, how great is velocity and how good is BC! According to Soviet fire tables, PKM (7,62x54, 825m/s) outperforms AK-74 (5,45x39, 900m/s) after 600m. But RPK-74 (960 m/s) is better up to 1000m. (Has flatter trajectory) But wind drift is better for PKM already after 500m. For .303 relation must be close to this, I think. Wind drift must be better, as bullet is heavier. British could achieve 800 m/s, like Soviets did for "Д" cartridge with heavy bullet for HMGs and sniper rifles, but preferred to have low impulse (or better accuracy?). Interesting cartridge. Empty bullet nose for accuracy, high-tech of 1910-s.
  8. Well, Mk.7 ammunition had 745 m/s velocity. 5,45 weapons had much better ballistic. Even 7,62mm RPK was close, having same velocity, but worse BC. May be Mujahideen used hand loaded ammo with light bullets? Or it is just a myth about "superior enemy weapons", that is always popular among soldiers.
  9. Picture is better than words. In short, like beaten zone, but for rifles. (Without dispersion of shots, just mean trajectory) It is surprising that there is no equivalent English expression. At 600 m that "beaten zone" is 140 m long for AK-74. Man sized targets will be hit from 460 to 600 m. Shooter can make mistake on 100 m.
  10. In Russian it is called поражаемое пространство. Applies to semi-auto fire also. May be danger zone? Zone where trajectory stays in target height. If you aim at 600m below target, you hit 1m height targets in 90 m long area. (From 510 m to 600 m)
  11. Right. It is standard method of fire in Soviet/Russian army. (As I understand, because beaten zone is larger than if you aim at centre. And ricochets.)
  12. I'm not sure are your sincerely mistaken or trolling. Really? Is that video with song "Дядя Вова мы с тобой" (boy sings "Vladimir Putin is a good guy") considered seriously in Russian internet? Cool song, nice boy, so touching words, like that? Isn't "lifting from knees" 2000-s era propaganda slogan (when relations with West were good, by the way) repeated with sarcasm nowdays? So you really think that people say or think that "Putin lifted Russian from the knees"? You must be well speaking Russian and should understand the sense. You must be intentionally "misunderstanding". I see there evolution of Bandera-like 1930-s ideologemes about spoiled moscovites with ugly culture. Sad that western powers pursue far-right ideologies in their own countries but don't demand from Ukraine to stop encouraging local rightists... Though, I should mention that Russia does the same, helping to right parties in Europe. Sorry for politics, but really, I can't just skip that nonsense about naturally autocratic, violence loving Russians.
  13. Sure, but stress affects accuracy, not max fire distance. Unit will shoot as taught, but will miss more often. "П" sight was made to let soldiers forget about setting sight in stress conditions. Just shoot under the target. 400m is greater distance, than M16's 300m, but it has shortcoming - at 200-220m trajectory is higher than head sized target.
  14. "П" sight (П - постоянный, constant or regular) for AK-74 is 400m, for AKM - 300m. (For targets with height 0,4m.) So, 400m is a regular fire distance for AK-74, nothing impossible or very difficult. Soldiers shoot at larger distances during training, 500-600m (but at larger targets, MG nest, ATGM e.t.c.)
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