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  1. Ukrainian MR platoon has correct organisation in CMBS, 1 of 3 BMPs has undismountable (sorry for my English ) commander. Like in Soviet TO&E. Russian and Syrian not for some reason... So player has to use snipers or scout teams. Syrian BMPs haven't radio communications with infantry. It's a nightmare, to properly organise "red" motor rifles, so units would share intel and stay in command chain.
  2. BMP-1 is an "armoured taxi" and infantry cannon in 1 piece. In 1944-1945 Soviet infantry was supported by direct lay 76 infantry guns, 7,62 HMGs. BMP-1 was intended to replace infantry guns and heavy MGs. After dropping infantry they must stop and fire to supposed enemy positions. I use "target area" order, placing target on question marks or randomly. If BMP company randomly shoots ahead, suppression is usually enough to get closer. By the way, IRL PL assistant stayed in 1 of BMPs. So 1 BMP of 3 had a commander.
  3. U.S. supporters of Ukrainian nationalists won the election, probably they will attack Donbas now.
  4. They should be tough. ATGs had armor shield, that covered crew from bullets and shrapnel. In German manual was prohibited to fire mg at distant guns. Shooting in the question mark with on-map units is a gamey, I think. IRL gunner wouldn't know where exactly is the gun. He could only know that it is "2 hours, 1000m", for example. And using area target player can direct fire with accuracy +-2m.
  5. And nationalism is not naphthalene ideology from 19 century. People should just follow their interests, not being agitated by media or anyone else. If RPK-74 exists, are there no machine guns and no assault rifles, is everything diverse and complicated? No, just an intermediate form.
  6. "Healthy nation", OMG. There is no "nation", there are oligarchs and working people. They are not the same "nation" with common interests. Rent grows, salary drops, but you should carry on, we are in war with Russia! (Or with aggressive NATO block, here) Meanwhile Russian businessmen sell goods to Ukraine and Ukrainian to Russia. No Ukrainian companies were nationalised in Russia and no Russian companies were nationalised in Ukraine. Business goes as usual. But war should be continued to get new credits and to force people to obey.
  7. So this warmonger rhetoric is still popular in the Ukraine. I hoped that Ukrainians have woken up after this 6 years. Bad...
  8. I hoped that game will be released on 1-st of May... Did you know the legend that Stalin ordered to take Berlin by 1-st of May?
  9. I would exchange Maus, IS-3, Jagdtiger and anything else for a horse! And German infantry carriage.
  10. I found division's journal: https://pamyat-naroda.ru/documents/view/?id=130019938 On page 4 is table with personell numbers. Division had 7500 men. (Note that it was reinforced division, that was moved from reserve.) That's why so narrow front. On 1.2.45 division had 6100 men. Page 25 - maps.
  11. Battalions were deeply echeloned. If division attacks in 2,5km front, in 1-st line are 4 rifle battalions (each on 750m front), in 2-nd line 2 rifle battalions, then goes 3-rd regiment. Divisions had objectives deep in the rear and had to be deeply echeloned to achieve this objectives. During Vistula-Oder offensive each division transferred 1 battalion to "special echelone", to capture German positions by surprise, during pause in artillery preparation. So this "special echelone" battalions attacked on division frontage, 2-2,5 km (followed by other battalions, in usual formation).
  12. “Cyborgs,” as the Russians came to call the Ukrainian defenders when referring to their perseverance and bravery" OMG. It's self-claimed nickname, of course. As Russian proverb says, if you don't compliment yourself, nobody compliments you.
  13. Well, IRL Germans had solid trench line, occupied by minor forces. They tried to avoid massive artillery strike on their main forces and used to set them back. Soviets knew this and tried to assault 1-st trench line by surprise. In the game there is no solid trench line and player didn't get divisional artillery, looks like battle in the depth of defense. I would play like usual, slow advance, spot MG nests, call mortar fire on them. Attack on broad front, clear flanks, be aware of mines and AT guns. Assault guns should be 50m behind infantry line according to regulations.
  14. Yes, and to 7 men after 44. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/137088-soviet-infantry-squad-organisation/ But each rifle company now has 1 smg platoon.
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