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  1. I am sorry, but Srgthatred is right this is silly and old site should still work if it was going to take weeks and we all know Battlefront can not keep any deadline no matter how many years they have. I have been waiting about a week and a half to download my games. I love these games thats why it makes most of us so upset sburke I am sure you love the games to, but you do not need to blindly defend a company for making a bad move. I mean they are not making any money atm which is an odd thing for a game company to do just switch off their sales while they wait weeks for a website that is alre
  2. you can't its not workinf for whatever reason customer download is shut down. looks like I will be waiting for a few weeks before I can play.
  3. Any chance it would come up today? I havent reinstalled CM since I reformatted 3 months ago. Came on to download my games last week and store was down. I have been sitting here waiting to download my games lol
  4. Battlefronts communication has gone down the crapper as of late... I wonder if they are even making new games honestly I remember back when CMFB was delayed because they were waiting for website. We still dont have a new website or any official news of a new title.
  5. I never said it was worth buying just stating my preference to me the mix in to&e wasnt enough to make me want to replay them. That being said the price of the VP + BP is only 30 dollars and you are getting almost the same amount of content as you get in a module for less which is great and I hope to see more battlepacks I hope it was a success so we see some made after the Italian force pack releases
  6. Well even with the VP its only 30 bucks and you get 12 scenarios, 2 campaigns, and some QB maps. Really great value however for future I hope they dont reuse 5-6 scenarios with just different TO&E's I would have rather had 5-6 completely different scenarios.
  7. I feel like since there wouldnt be as much foliage it would be about the same. I could be wrong though
  8. + 1 to that we need that Italian force pack and some good battle packs for CMFI
  9. good good.. now time to put up pre orders for CMFB =p
  10. Ok so are most of the scenarios supposed to be the same? I noticed there are a lot of scenarios that are almost exactly the same.. For example Hobarts Funnies and Swansong seem identical.. This is a reoccurring theme in the battle pack..Is this a bug?
  11. i think most of the content uses the VP so if you dont haave the vp i wouldnt bother
  12. Yeah it says on the download page you need to reactivate everything
  13. Ok so how do I get this to install on PC? nvm I got it
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