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  1. I stepped away for a few years came back and saw CMRT module came out so I bought it now I cannot download CMRT when I try it just says error preparing files?? Is there an alternate download somewhere or is it just broke?
  2. I am sorry, but Srgthatred is right this is silly and old site should still work if it was going to take weeks and we all know Battlefront can not keep any deadline no matter how many years they have. I have been waiting about a week and a half to download my games. I love these games thats why it makes most of us so upset sburke I am sure you love the games to, but you do not need to blindly defend a company for making a bad move. I mean they are not making any money atm which is an odd thing for a game company to do just switch off their sales while they wait weeks for a website that is already two years late.
  3. you can't its not workinf for whatever reason customer download is shut down. looks like I will be waiting for a few weeks before I can play.
  4. Any chance it would come up today? I havent reinstalled CM since I reformatted 3 months ago. Came on to download my games last week and store was down. I have been sitting here waiting to download my games lol
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