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  1. T-72B3 obr.2016 production ≈ 150 per year. 68th Tank Regiment 150th Motorized Rifle Division. 5th Tank Brigade. 1st Tank Regiment 2nd Motorized Rifle Division. 6th Tank Brigade. T-72B3M ≈ 20 in 2nd Motorized Rifle Division. T-80BVM* 10 (2017) 61st Naval Infantry Brigade. *Tanks for Naval Infantry don't have additional side armor. Contracts for T-80BVM/T-90M: T-80BVM 62 (2018-2019). T-90M ≈ 60 (2018-2019).
  2. Visual differences between T-64, T-72 and T-80 series of tanks.
  3. “The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.” 42nd MRD is formed from 8th, 17th and 18th Motor Rifle Brigades and use T-72B3. "На полигоне Гвардеец экипажи танков Т-72Б3" TV Zvezda use “stock footage” to illustrate exercises when they don't have a correct one from this unit. In this case they used 4rd TD (only unit with T-80U) and 2nd MRD (T-90A).
  4. Turret roof near the gunner's hatch. Because ukrainian soldier who made this photo said so. And this is not that many options: 82mm - probably don't have enough force to deform the turret roof. 120mm 2B16/2S9 wasn't used in this area at that time. 122/152mm - will have different angle of impact. So 2B11 120mm mortar with 3ОФ34(3,43 kg HE)/3ОФ36(3,16 kg HE) or 53-ОФ-843Б(1,4 kg HE) is most likely candidate. AFAIK there was none "post-impact fire/crew demolition/other weapons". Crew rest nearby when tank was hit, they drive it to the rear but turret was "total loss".
  5. AFAIK in 2011 all snipers was removed from Motor Rifle Company and Brigade Sniper Platoon reorganized into Rifle (Sniper) Company. Sources (Russian):1,2,3,4. Rifle (Sniper) Company TO&E: Company HQ x1 Motor Rifle (Sniper, Special) Platoon. x3 Rifle (Sniper) Platoon. Company HQ: 1. Company Commander (Captain) – 8.61 mm */VSS 2. Starshina (Senior Sergeant) – AKS-74U Motor Rifle (Sniper, Special) Platoon. Platoon HQ: 1. Platoon Commander (Senior Lieutenant) – 8.61 mm/VSS 1st Motor Rifle (Sniper) Squad: 1. Deputy Commander - Squad Leader (Sergeant) – OSV-96/VSS 2. Senior
  6. Better quality:1,2. T-64BM from 1st Guards Armoured Brigade.
  7. Yes they probably replace T-80U with "Armata" in 2016.
  8. 19.06.2014 Millerovo, Rostov Oblast. 4th Guards Tank Division moving to Ukrainian border.
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