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  1. I have CMBS v2.0 installed. Checking the 'Readme' on the CMBS patch link it tells me that 2.14 must be installed over a game patched to 2.12. How does one find the 2.12 patch as I can't find it anywhere? I've seen a post above saying that 2.14 provides all you need, does that mean the Readme is wrong? If so it might be worth updating the Readme to indicate what versions 2.14 can be installed over, rather than making reference to a previous patch that doesn't seem to exist.
  2. Sorry. Currently overseas working so no chance to even try yet. Will update here when I do.
  3. Thanks Mord. Been away on holiday, will have a look. Thought something was odd LOL.
  4. Yeah, for the life of me I can't get Mord's radio chatter to work at all. Place that in the mod/z folder and I get no vehicle sounds at all. Delete it and back they come. Thought it was supposed to be CMSF compliant, maybe it's a Mac issue Immersive Voices also I notice I get hardly any voices at all? Think I'll just stick to the games as is with UIs changed, enough for me. Can't really be bothered to try and fathom what's wrong.
  5. Downloaded and unzipped Mord's radio chatter mod v1.21 that I understand is for SF1 and SF2. Mac folder for the mods is Applications / CMSF2 / Data / Z (I have Vin's animated text working from there) but installed this and zilch, no sound from any vehicle whatsoever. Take this out and the sounds return OK. The voice mod also seems to result in very little verbal activity from the squads too (but that might just be down to doing a short test with two squads but not a sound when they've been given a move order and nothing when they spot enemy infantry. Not sure if it's a Mac issue, MY Mac with an issue or a mod compatibility problem. Shame was looking forward to using them both, binned for now
  6. @ Steppenwulf. Nice. I use your UI in CMBS.
  7. Thanks but no that's not it. For CMFB it was Juju's Blitz UI mod. Not sure if a similar mod has been done for CMSF 2 yet, if one was done for CMSF 1 maybe that'll work, I'll have a look under CMSF 1.
  8. Trying to find a UI mod similar to Jujus that colours the weapons etc. Either I'm looking in the wrong places or searching with the wrong queries but can't find anything. Also, can't recall whether it comes from that same mod but looking for one that gives the coloured Red Cross on white background for casualties? Not sure if that's one of Vins or not? Any pointers appreciated if there's any out there yet.
  9. SPOILERS Got a shock with mission 3, those "vehicle sounds in the distance" transferred into a bunch of HTs storming up the road into the crossroads where I'd bunched up a fair few assets to cut down on drive time given the time limits. Caused some havoc I must say. TBH I restarted that given the already limited infantry had been carved up to give me much chance of success. My two SPW 251/17s and a few other assets seemed to fare less well at spotting the approaching Ami convoy that seemed to be able arrive, deploy and shoot up with a vengeance. I do wish there was more time with the scenarios I've played so far. Given the style of CM these days where scouting, observing and a generally much more stealthy approach the 45 minute time allowances do push you to be faster bordering on reckless given the way I'd normally approach the given objectives, especially in BUA and with multiple bazookas. I like the choices, not so keen on the re-supply of ammo to the Stummels not happening at mission 3 start.
  10. SPOILERS Kinda wish I'd done that, I still have the 'Save' from the previous mission with about 20 minutes on the clock so depending how this goes I might load that up and push on through. I know I'll get the tanks then (played it to there before but had lost too many infantry to make it doable I think) which I'd rather have than the two next to useless empty Stummels that the overnight rest left me with. Just not sure how pushing on affects how you are tasked with dealing with Stavelot, IIRC you had the whole of Stavelot to deal with, not just the south bank. So, will see how it goes without direct fire HE support.
  11. Well, that was a bit of a kick in the nuts LOL!!!! Re-supply at start on mission 3, for me, seems not! SPOILERS Took the first objective in the second mission and decided to rest up for the night. Used very little tank HE having machine gunned the hell out of every potential target building. Just one PzG killed by the US MG on the hilltop, promptly dispatched with 5 tanks opening up with HE silmutaneously . Was looking forward to the next mission to take Stavelot with a full inventory. Then shock / horror. Some bloody bright spark decided not to give me the tanks but instead I got the heavy gun platoon with the x2 Stummel ONLY to find their ammo had not bee re-supplied, so the rest and refit achieved what exactly? Robs me of the tanks and gives me two nigh on empty highly vulnerable bloody Stummels with depleted ammo from mission 1! Not impressed at all! Not sure if it makes is 'easier' by making Stavelot a two phase mission (securing south of the river first vs IIRC having to go the whole hog)? Sure hope so, otherwise the overnight rest has had zero benefit at all, replacing tanks with highly vulnerable gun mounted HTs . In fact, in terms of operational effectiveness it's achieved jack. Even more annoying given that the decision log tells me that stopping over night has cost me time but allowed for rest and ammo resupply. So who forgot the Stummels? One has just 19HE and the second has none, just 6 HEAT, what use is 6 HEAT gonna be! Guess the mortars will have to be emptied out (and I'm guessing it will be emptied too, not placing any faith in getting any ammo re-supply at all). Not sure I'll bother much about briefings given that what it says doesn't seem to happen. If info appears in briefings you kinda expect it to happen, otherwise, what's the point? I like the campaign overall but not impressed with this aspect TBH.
  12. Just playing this campaign now, late I know, can't think why I but I think I started playing, lost my saves following some clearing of files then forgot. SPOILERS First mission I got a total victory but a few of my infantry squads got a bit heavily depleted. Personally I prefer PG over the Pioneer teams that I never seem to be able to use well. I tend to pull them in last to occupy captured positions rather than using them offensively. When I've tried they tend to get killed fast . Not sure it was here or in scenario 2 that the lead PZ IV got the loader killed effectively turning that tank into a mobile pill box. Second mission I decided not to rest. Wrong I think as my depleted squads didn't get replenished (not sure if they do if I stop for refit). Second mission was a success, only a couple of infantry killed. Machine gunned the hell out of buildings from afar with the tanks while the infantry moved up to them in the cover of the valley on the right flank. Any buildings that the infantry identified as being occupied (including a couple of "there has to be a bazooka team in there) I'd knock down with HE. Kept all the HTs back. I did play with having the co Cdr and 2ic out on the hill from the start position. Hoping they might be able to spot. Waste of time that was LOL. Planning to start the campaign again and keep more infantry in tact. A few squads got hit badly when I came down the right flank after crossing the stream and working down. Amis in foxholes with an MG or two I think. Should have used the Stummel, 250/9 and tanks more aggressively I think, was too concerned about ATGs and zooks. Pushed on to Richard and took it without too much difficulty. Somewhat needlessly here, before I decided to go for a no stop push, I drove the Pioneers up to the woods opposite the bridge at the start and used them to probe through the woods for concealed bazooka teams, certainly not enough time to do this if you want to storm through and take both objectives. Even though I know there's nothing there I'll still do it, as I'd think there would be. If I do a replay I do try to do what I'd normally do rather than "there's nothing there, don't bother". And the reason I'm starting again. 3rd mission. LOTS of open ground to cover between the start and the town of Stavelot. Only one PG squad at full strength, the rest at 3-4 men (maybe I'd incurred losses I forgot). Just seems to be a lot of town to take with little infantry firepower. At the start I had a complete platoon plus the co cdr, 2ic, mortars HQ unmounted and on the hill watching from a distance. Almost 30 minutes in and not a single spot. Get the feeling the tanks need to be used aggressively here (where I'd normally scout in front of the tanks before exposing them). Too much open terrain in front of the town for the infantry to get mowed down in to risk that. And again, bloody Pioneers. Not sure why I hate them so much. Great campaign though, very immersive and great maps, just wish the Pioneers had been given the day off. The terrain feels very natural. It's in contrast to me to the CMBS Rolling Thunder map that feels very contrived to give max LOS to ATGMs, zero by way of covered lanes of approach. Just feel like it's designed for blue to be hard rather than than terrain you'd likely to encounter, feels too much like your'e playing against the terrain AND the opfor. Not wishing to sound overly critical, it's a great scenario, just hate the map. Pity there aren't more campaigns like this for CMFB, seems to me this game has less by way of follow up campaigns than say, CMRT. Pity, it's my favourite WW2 game, CMBN is great too but I find bocage a bit of a slog.
  13. I used to be a tabletop gamer. Recall the first time I fired up CM1, the loading music, throwing Shermans down the road towards occupied positions. Sensational. Even dabbled again in tabletop long after that, whatever rules (and there were bloody loads from the more action movie style Flames of War to the 25 tables of Battlefront WWII) the club was playing with scenery that was at best dire compared to even CM1. Spent lots of $$$, HOURS of time painting just to have ONE reasonable sized Armored Infantry Company with support, then there was the time to set up, and again, play against who (especially as the scourge of 40K and the now defunct Warhammer spread). Gave up in the end, settled on CM for all my wargaming fix and happier for it. What a long way CM has come since then. For any of the faults folks might find with CM (I still find myself screaming, albeit less now (just luck of the draw) "Cheating AI" when the ONLY guy in my squad that gets taken out is the damn leader and a tank almost instantly spots and whacks my (I thought) perfectly set up and hidden AT ambush) even the worst of the odd anomalies still leaves the game light years ahead of even the best table top options (6 to hit, 3 to save blah blah blah mechanics) plus, outstanding terrain and a TO&E for all the modules that would cost thousands of dollars to collect, paint and store. Makes me shudder to think. With the quality of CMFB and CMBS (never thought I'd enjoy modern, though ATGMs still annoy the hell out of me!) I don't even find myself modding these days, well, not AS much. More than a few times though, being retired, I've fired up a quick game at 10pm only to find the sun peaking through the blinds at 7am, just after the "bloody cheating AI ;)" zapped the FO team, and who gets takes out, yes the bloody observer!!! Looking forward to the patches.
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