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    Bulletpoint reacted to Artkin in Bug Tracker Thread   
    cmfi bren carriers "opened up" has the gunner raise his body half a foot, he's staring at a metal shield in front of him. nice.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to Artkin in Bug Tracker Thread   
    CMCW - Mechanized formations do not come mounted up. Think how many hours must have been spent mounting troops in their vehicles. Thousands of hours.
    please fix this, my god.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to Artkin in Request for new release   
    Completely agree. The icons are super annoying and cause a ton of lag. They spam areas that your units already have LOS to. They have to go especially since they block your clicks ... i.e. old icons littering a roadway. 
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    Bulletpoint reacted to herr_oberst in Units refuse to shoot   
    FO's, when their assets are out of ammo, should flee like scared rabbits... you want the FO around in the next battle, not firing pistols at some enemy...
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    Bulletpoint reacted to Chibot Mk IX in StG44 vs SMG Performance at Long Range in CMRT: A Shocking Revelation   
    Update, PPS-43 is the most lethal SMG at long range in CMRT.

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    Bulletpoint reacted to Chibot Mk IX in StG44 vs SMG Performance at Long Range in CMRT: A Shocking Revelation   
    Yes, that is my understanding too. more bullets fired = more kills. simple like that. 
    So far we don't know too much about the game mechanism on casualty caused by small arms fire. 
    I just happened to read the reports from Drifter Man. It has a similar indication. The number of casualties is determined by a coefficient and is directly proportional to ammunition consumption, while inversely proportional to distance. These three values constitute a linear function. LMG, SMG and bold action rifle have different coefficient, and unfortunately for StG44, it has similar coefficient with other SMGs, so the StG44's low rate of fire at 150m -200m distance doesn't help. 
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/enmae2qpysgkace/CMBN Weapons Tests 2020.pdf
    page 24
    Also the page 13 shows the relationship between the RoF and distance.
    Note based on his page 13 and 24's graphic the MP40 is likely causing 100% more casualty than MP44. 
    MP44 has 1/3 of RoF compare to SMG at 150m , and MP44 needs 200 rounds to causing a casualty at that distance while MP40 needs 300rds. 
    my test has same conclusion.
    his two reports can be found here
    I think we can bring up two more questions.
    Is it normal for SMG to keep a high rate of burst fire at long distance?
    Assuming the high rate of SMG fire at long distance is normal, since most of the SMG have auto fire mode only while inexperienced soldiers are likely spray and pray, many of the bullets will miss the target due to recoil. Should SMG suffer more penalties on rounds per kill at >150m distance? 
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    Bulletpoint got a reaction from dan/california in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    In theory we could do that, but I think that if the biggest and most powerful country in NATO pulled out, the minor countries would soon conclude that the war was lost. EU countries would start talking about the horrible humanitarian impacts of war, and how we must have peace now.
    Ukraine might keep fighting for some time, but without continued external support, they would eventually be defeated, as they have said so themselves several times. I don't even think it would take that long, since it would be a major hit to morale. So even inside Ukraine, there would be increased political pressure for a negotiated settlement to keep at least part of Ukraine independent.
    Zelensky would leave the stage one way or the other, and a new Ukrainian leader would emerge to sign the deal Trump would strike with Putin: Peace in return for Russia keeping Crimea and the eastern "republics". And Ukrainian NATO membership not officially cancelled but indefinitely postponed.
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    Bulletpoint got a reaction from Maciej Zwolinski in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    While I'm no fan of Trump, I think he will actually end this war if he gets elected. And I think he probably will be.
    It won't be a happy peace though. Just like with Afghanistan, the US pullout will leave behind a complete mess. But Trump can at least say it's not a mess paid for by US taxpayers. And I think that carries quite a lot of political weight at the moment, both in side the USA and internationally in a time when many people are losing faith in the US as a guardian of the whole western "rules based order".
    In both Ukraine and the US, a stab-in-the-back story will then emerge, claiming that the war could have been won if it had not been for perfidious Trump suddenly dropping the ball. Whether that is true or not will be a subject for historians for decades.
    European countries will not protest much, and will quickly change their official narrative to align with the new US position. They will however continue to invest much more in their militaries and slowly drift out of the US orbit. Americans will finally achieve their wish of having Europe pay for our own security, but it will come at the cost of a lot of the American political influence over us.
    Both America and Russia will come out of the war worse than before. The US will have lost a lot of political/cultural/moral authority, whereas Russia will be more physically and economically weakened and isolated.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to Fenris in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    Thread with some video of that turtle tank + mine rollers posted a few pages back
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    Bulletpoint got a reaction from dan/california in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    I don't like to call Russians "Orks", but this is straight out of Warhammer 40K
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    Bulletpoint got a reaction from dan/california in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    This is like something out of The Simpsons...
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    Bulletpoint reacted to poesel in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    The terrain is not Ukraine, and I'm not sure if the whole thing isn't a fake. This looks too massive to be practical.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to Vet 0369 in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    This! The National prejudice attitude that many on this forum seem to have toward Russians tends to color their comments and lead them to dehumanize and demonize the Russian people as ignorant savages who are always drunk, raping and killing babies. Yes, possibly the conscripts and prisoner “volunteers” are more brutal and resigned to their deaths than seems the norm. Can you say Igor Sikorsky, Tolstoy, Tchikovsky? Not everyone is ignorant, uneducated, and brutal. No one should be surprised by Russians who make intelligent and insightful statements. I see the same ignorant and prejudicial statements about every opponent the U.S. has ever faced. It’s much easier to kill a fellow Human being when you make that person out to be so inferior to you.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to dan/california in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    A credible report that Ukraine is pulling its one ~battalion of Abrams out of active combat because current combat conditions are making them ineffective and to vulnerable, especially drones. I am filing this one firmly in the tank is dead file.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to Holien in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    Yet you do!!! Time again you do!
    What has it to do with Ukraine?
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    Bulletpoint reacted to Aragorn2002 in The year to come - 2024 (Part 2)   
    Preferably with some real news.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to weapon2010 in Tank Crew .............Calling in Artillery?   
    well that actually makes some sense , the hypothetical field wire , but it makes zero sense for  a tank crew 100m from their destroyed tank
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    Bulletpoint got a reaction from Holien in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    I think what's happening here is that these shells are so old and rusty that the normal protective cap that is usually screwed off before screwing in the fuze is so rusty that it cannot be unscrewed, but it can be bashed in by a hammer. Then after fishing out the fragments, they try to attach the fuzes, but he complains that the fuze won't go all the way in.
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    Bulletpoint got a reaction from Carolus in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    I think what's happening here is that these shells are so old and rusty that the normal protective cap that is usually screwed off before screwing in the fuze is so rusty that it cannot be unscrewed, but it can be bashed in by a hammer. Then after fishing out the fragments, they try to attach the fuzes, but he complains that the fuze won't go all the way in.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to Haiduk in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    TG channel of 177th naval infantry regiment servicemen mothers and wives says for two months in Krynky only 10 % of regimemt were turned back intact from initial 3000 of personnel. So 2700 killed, wounded and missed.
    Regiment now in own permanent station preparing new replenishment. 

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    Bulletpoint reacted to kimbosbread in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    What the extreme fringes do and say affects regular people, at least in rich coastal cities. It’s certainly not just idiots screaming at each other online. One ridiculous example of this is hosptials at least where I am no longer can say “mother”, but have to use the word “birthing person”. Remember the Stanford guide for acceptable words? It does bleed into our lives. More practically, at my previous employer, a major software company, anything but the most progressive political stance was unacceptable to voice- and that stance was voiced quite a bit- much to the befuddlement of all the foreign employees. This is not atypical at large, well-paying software companies.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to SDG in Kudos to the maker of the new German campaign (but damn is it HARD o_O)   
    I just wanted to say that I am absolutely loving the new German campaign of the DLC (playing on hard). I think it is one of the most difficult campaigns I have ever played.
    I had to replay nearly each and every mission several times once I managed to beat them. The Americans are just so much better equipped, trained than the Germans. Not to mention the fact of their sheer numerical superiority. The Germans are inferior to the Americans in every aspect at this stage of the war.
    During my CM carreer I always wanted to avoid save scumming and just roll with the punches but this campaign forced me to relad time after time. Losing a critical asset due to the inexperienced crew failing at the spotting lottery or getting an entire squad obliterated by heavy artillery would have meant that I either restart the whole map or reload a previous save. I chose the latter.
    All in all, great scnenarios, my only gripe is that they are a biz puzzle-like and you cannot really complete them "blind", as there is just no way that you can afford the luxury of a Pershing popping out from nowhere and decimating your whole force.
    Another thing that I have learned was that TDs are practically useless. The Jagdpanther should be a formidable opponent when on the defensive. Not in this game though. On the one hand TDs have spotting issues (see my other topic) and the due to the fact that tanks always shoot at the enemy's center mass, which happens to be gun mantlet/barrel of a TD. This meant that although the JP was able to withstand 1 or 2 rounds from the shermans but I ALWAYS ended up with a broken gun.
    I would have much preferred to have simple PZ IVs with veteran crews at my disposal instead of these semi-useless TDs (rotatable turrets and ample MG ammo are a blessing that I have so far failed to recognize) .
    But oh well.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to MikeyD in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    Unjustified? Like the assassination of an Iranian general?
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    Bulletpoint reacted to Butschi in How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get?   
    You do realize that this is basically the same propaganda that Putin uses?
    And that is the seed of how war crimes happen.
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    Bulletpoint reacted to PEB14 in I just HATE playing those PanzerGrenadiers…   
    I know there are many fans of the aforementioned PanzerGrenadier, hence the topic title is deliberately provocative…😇
    …but not untrue.
    In fact, I don't like playing PzGr. Let me explain why, and please provide me with some advice… 🙏
    IMHO, the problem lies in their binary structure. Two LMG, two groups: nothing to complain about. The problem is: what are you supposed to do with that kind of squad when facing close terrain like forest or buldings? With the Brits, the US, plain German infantry or even the Soviet, no problem: you split a two-man scout team and overwatch it with your remaining two teams. Fine.
    But what about the two-groups PzGr squad? If you do split a 2-man scout team, the remaining 6 men get stuck into one huge, unwieldy group of 6 men, crammed together in an action tile, ripe for a lost shell or a Soviet sMG burst. And if your scout team gets killed, you're stuck with that "big blob team" FOREVER. No more fire and support. Only fire OR support. Great!!!
    So what's the alternative? Using a full 4-man group as a scout team. You're 99% sure to bear more losses than with a dedicated, 2-man scout team, but at least your squad is not worthless anymore: the survivors still can manoeuver.
    I've experimented both alternatives. I hate both. Whatever option I do chose, PzGr squads manpower gets consumed a lot faster than any other squads in the game, while it's supposed to be a top-notch offensive unit… 🤬
    (I completely understand that the issue is a consequence of the CM game engine limitations. In RL, sending a 2-man scout teams did not reduce the remaining squad to a single group, the 2-groups structure was obviously kept as long as there were 4 remaining men in the squad to serve both LMGs; similarly, in the US and British squads, the 3-groups structure wasn't altered by scouting…)
    I'm curious to learn what are the advice of the PzGr fans on the forum… 🤔
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