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Tip for Map Creators - Avoiding Flavor Object Disasters

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Q: What is a Flavor Object disaster?

A: It is flavor objects appearing randomly at unassigned locations and/or one type of flavor object replacing another.

Q: How does it happen?

A: There are two causes both relating to the underlying code which we need not go into to avoid the problem.

A1: When a master map has been created with flavor objects and that map is cut into smaller pieces for use as a scenario map, the flavor objects positioned on the discarded portion of the map may or will attempt to reposition themselves on the scenario portion of the map.

Solution 1: Do not position flavor objects on a Master Map.

A2: When a map has been created using modded flavor objects that increase the number of objects over the vanilla number (e.g. Mech Gato's tall tree stumps) and that map is loaded into an unmodded vanilla game, the game will be unable to find the additional object and will substitute a vanilla object. For example, Mech Gato's tall tree stump might be replaced by a tool shed or telphone pole. If the map is saved in this condition the situation will be permanent, irreversible.

Solution 2a: Create all maps exclusively in vanilla with vanilla flavor objects, or

Solution 2b: Include a WARNING with the map and/or scenario that specific mods must be installed to  use the map/scenario AND include those mods for d/l with the map/scenario.

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