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  1. Unless @37mm totally changed things since I contributed a bit to the mod, the US Army does not have a 60s version. It wasn't realistic to port the US Army back to the 60s, when they still would have all their NVGs, GPS, etc. Hence, only the ARVN equivalent is available (as modded Syrians).
  2. I think you should be able to. I don't have the steam version, but I'm pretty sure it will be in a separate folder.
  3. You are right about the exit being not ideal. I don't actually remember, but are the trenches and wire maybe movable in the setup phase? Maybe that could make it a bit easier?
  4. I think I did all right on this map. Annihilated all of those pesky crusaders, except a single Stryker crewman who managed to hide. However, it did cost me 5 dead and 5 wounded, including commander. I got 2 Strykers with IED and the other two by RPG. The infantry started pouring out of 2 of them, and I had to mop them up in the vegetation.
  5. Hm perhaps you need to be logged in to google? I've added a dropbox link.
  6. An ISIS inspired skin for fighters. It features a sand colored jacket, digital desert pants, and desert boots. Note that it changes all Syrian boot into desert. One (rare) model is wearing sand colored pants and sneakers. I refrained from editing the chest rig very much, since it would affect a lot of other Syrian models. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19e5F7TaQFo703nnO3ec9Ebf1-0pJwDF3/view?usp=sharing Or https://www.dropbox.com/s/qbpbqj2r915feaf/ISIS fighters.zip?dl=0
  7. Don't you need a \z folder, or am I remembering it completely wrong?
  8. @Combatintman I know this is ancient by now, but I just found this map a week ago and got very excited. I did because back in late 2006- early 2007 this place was my hood. I was deployed with the Danish Army back then, and this place (Al Harta) was the southern tip of my company's AO. I just thought it would be fun to do a little review (everybody's a reviewer these days, right?) of your map and compare it to some actual images. I've marked a few spots on the overview where the following images were taken. Qarmat Ali bridge. There are some clear limits in the CM editor, so I get why you made a land bridge. But the real thing was very large and frankly daunting. Like in your scenario, we also had a lot of trouble with it. We had one man KIA a hundred meters south of it (if just applying North to the top of the map), and 2 WIA just when they reached the northen side, at another time. Also single shots fired at us. The Tate factory, as we called it. We took breaks in there a few times. When I was there the werehouses were just open with tin roofs. Not sure all the holes were damage from fighting, or just decay. There were some families with cute kids living in there. One thing you missed, was that one of the buildings was actually a water tower. For some reason my PL found it a great idea to put a guard up in it. It was the worst position ever. It took 5 minutes to crawl up there. I could not imagine a more ****ty position to be in if you got shot at. Luckily we never did while up there. This is just a shot from a little street we called Happy Street- The image is take a few hundred meters up the road west. One day we got shot at up this street. after searching the area we found a KPV 14.5 HMG in a garden. It wasn't the weapon that fired at us, but at least we got that one off the street. Pulling out we had a firefight again. But yeah Al Harta, Iraq was a pretty ****ty place. I rate it 2/10. Your map I'll give 7/10 for realism -- @Sgt.Squarehead, I mentioned this to you, thought perhaps you'd want to see it.
  9. Well, you set him to French so what did you expect?? No I've been severely unimpressed with the snipers myself. I've had them struggle to hit target in the open just a few hundred meters away.
  10. I was working on something once where the insurgents had to attack some civilians (or maybe a check point), to lure a QRF out of their base. Once they were away, the insurgents could raid the base with a lot fewer defenders.
  11. The Friendly Bonus is a static value for that mission, it cannot be changed. It's used because I didn't want to give the OPFOR terrain objectives for that particular mission. When you don't use those, it becomes difficult for OPFOR to earn points, so they need a point boost from the beginning. Edit: I might be remembering this wrong. Maybe this actually applies to a whole other mission. But in any case, juggling the points on each side can be difficult when you design a scenario. There are some enemies set to spawn long after the time limit runs out. This is to prevent the enemies on map from surrendering, which they have a habit of doing when they aren't than many of them. You are probably just losing too many men. If you need some general pointers, maybe look at @Aquila-SmartWargames's playthrough. You are nearing the end, so I hope you'll be able to make it through! Just curious, did you select to build the outpost on the hill or not?
  12. US as Blue could be done, but the US Army/USMC technology is just so superior that it wouldn't be very realistic to put them back in the 60s or early 70s. But one could of course make some constraints within the scenarios.
  13. Hey, like they say, when a soldier stop complaining, it's because he's dead But yeah, it kind of sucks the trucks doesn't have any. However I did not want to clutter the base up with 5 more UAZs.
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