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  1. I was working on something once where the insurgents had to attack some civilians (or maybe a check point), to lure a QRF out of their base. Once they were away, the insurgents could raid the base with a lot fewer defenders.
  2. Thanks, I'll try this next time 👍
  3. The Friendly Bonus is a static value for that mission, it cannot be changed. It's used because I didn't want to give the OPFOR terrain objectives for that particular mission. When you don't use those, it becomes difficult for OPFOR to earn points, so they need a point boost from the beginning. Edit: I might be remembering this wrong. Maybe this actually applies to a whole other mission. But in any case, juggling the points on each side can be difficult when you design a scenario. There are some enemies set to spawn long after the time limit runs out. This is to prevent the enemies on map
  4. US as Blue could be done, but the US Army/USMC technology is just so superior that it wouldn't be very realistic to put them back in the 60s or early 70s. But one could of course make some constraints within the scenarios.
  5. Hey, like they say, when a soldier stop complaining, it's because he's dead 😉 But yeah, it kind of sucks the trucks doesn't have any. However I did not want to clutter the base up with 5 more UAZs.
  6. That little band around the barets, it that intentional? I don't believe mine looked like that. BTW I've been taking a break from pc gaming for a while, so I won't contribute much to the discussion, but I'll keep following here.
  7. Oh it's a nightmare! 😀 Like 15 clicks to make ONE f... roof. I really wish you could hold CTRL + 1-9 and click to set roof to #1.
  8. Yeah some of them are a little less satisfying. My major problem was that I'm not very good at color correction. So I was limited to using picture sources where I was able to achieve a color match. Couldn't find enough pics for all faces, so some are Frankensteined together. They aren't all great I'll admit. There's one made mainly from Jet Li parts that looks kind of like a monkey 😁 This guy's nose doesn't line up very well. It looks okay from the left, but not from the right. I corrected it a bit, but it's still off. I figure he's just an ugly dude 😏 Here he is from the
  9. Exactly what happened to me (in my own campaign). Kind of sucks as I'm trying to do a narretive story. I think I will leave out the win/loss text and do something else.
  10. Calling all experienced CM campaign makers! I'm currently doing a campaign for the upcoming Heaven and Earth mod for CMSF2, and I'm having some issues with the script. In a mission I set my "[WIN THRESHOLD] minor victory" and during testing I cease fire immediately and recieve a major defeat. Still I get the campaign win message?? I've come to the conclusion that the game either calculates the average mission result and uses it to decide whether to shot win/lose message when campaign ends. Or, the script reading is broken.. Can anyone confirm or deny this? My script
  11. How do you figure this would work? I don't want the player to blow their own wire open if that's what you're saying.
  12. How long are the waypoints that move the troops into the building? Do they still not use those doors if the previous waypoint puts them right outside the door?
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