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  1. Modern Russian modifications like PSNR-8 already have signal processor and color display, but in 70-80th all what operators had were an oscilloscope and squeaks in headphones...
  2. MT-12R also has doppler radar, which maintains a firing in bad weather or in the night conditions. It can detect a target, which moves with speed not less 5 km/h. Calculating system automatically computes the point of targeting and lock the target for 3 seconds. Alas, I havn't info about radrar precise.
  3. GSR of BRM-1K is Doppler-effect radar, which detects moving targets only. In CMBS it unrealistically detects also stationary targets. Also real PSNR-5 never get to you exact target location (radar has an error, which rise with the distance) and exact type of target (in the sense it couldn't define T-72 it ahead or Abrams). Operator listen a squeeks of radar and by their tonality, defines this is an group of infantry or tank. Result of detection of the tank is "something armored moving in that point area". So to correct GSR radar work in the game should be next - when target is detected, that i
  4. CMBS is about full-scale war, Donbas is low intensity conflict with the most direct clashes is about company +/- level. It's difficult to say for me what level of casualties would be in full-scale war of regular armies. Even if we will assume battalion + arty level actions, w/o heavy surprises like cluster Smerches, Iskanders and raining bombs. Many will depend from motivation and training of trops. Also many will depend from casualties threshold level for goals achievment. During two days assault of Luhansk airport UKR troops inflicted relatively small losses to Russian regulars (they ha
  5. No, this is specifically upgraded T-64B1M for Kongo contract. In 2014 all tanks of this party were requizitioned and directed to establihing of tank company of "Azov". They participated in clashes for Shyrokyne in 2015, one tank got ATGM hit in the turret, but Nozh ERA worked properly. Though anyway that tank was moved to repair.
  6. I told about fights on tactical level and not only Russians, but separs too. Neither Putin, nor Poroshenko didn't give orders to company commanders. Russian capability to sustain high casualties in modern warfare is mostly a myth. Despite Russian propaganda works on full, private Vanya in 1941 and private Vanya in 2021 is two different persons. Average modern Vanya have (or will have) comfort appartment, gadgets, social networks, TV, night club parties, girls, entertaiments, trips to all-inclusive Egypt and Turkey. He has a lot to lose. Like all modern people in all countries. Because of the
  7. Kill ratio and especially KIA/WIA proportoin is a weak point of CM engine, which should be fixed when sometime data export tool for outer campaings will appear. Donbas war almost hadn't examples of "classical" clashes battalion vs. battalion. But in many cases both sides terminated own attacks after loses even several KIA or 1-2 armored vehicles through the company size unit. There was an rare example of classical battle 20 Aug 2014 between three not full UKR companies (the third with 2 tanks arrived later as reinforcement) with arty and helicopter support against Russian task forc
  8. As I know T-80BV is upgrading not so deeply and even less than T-64BV mod.2017. Anyway in the module for UKR side will be base T-80BV as in Soviet time, because upgrading program started later than 2017.
  9. Even if I knew I could only tell about my proposals about UKR forces and no the word above, sorry
  10. There were several variants of platoon TO&E from 2011 (when information for CMBS gathered) to 2017. I have no idea yet what propose. Looks like it will be very similar to Russian platoon TO&E. Most general in 2014 was structure with 2 RPK-74 in 1st and 3rd squads (total 4 LMG) and with one PKM and SVD (or w/o it) in 2nd. Further, as I know TO&E became close to Russian - with PKM in platoon HQ. UKR TO&E during the war was very changable.
  11. I've checked - yes, BTR squads (BTR-4, BTR-70) have this bug, BMP squads have correct splittng. I will report. Though, UKR squads should have (and I suppose WILL have) some other TO&E in the next module - the current is not quite correct...
  12. This is about previous video. Snipers were spotted and eliminated too easy. I also played several scenarios in CMBS and marked, that had the same problem. One time BTR-82 stood directly near the modular building and could spot my sniper on the its last storey. Never know, that it sights can be turned vertically on 90 degrees %) Also snipers have too low effectiveness. On the video above sniper shot with SVD like with AK (!!!) and miss-miss-miss! Of course, not each shot with sniper rifle inflicts the target hit, but I think game engine need some corrections. I had a situation, when my vet
  13. One of the game issues - snipers are spotted too easily
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