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  1. Meanwhile, even in Sevastopol, where situation with water was better than in other parts of Crimea, local occupatin authorities have introduced the regime of high alert, due to shortening of water reserves - the water left only for 81 days. https://ria.ru/20201013/voda-1579652133.html Kremlin give to the Crimea additional 5 billions of rubles for "water problem", but all what can do local puppets - to drill new artesian wells, which give only short-time effect and to dig new water reservoir for Sevastopol purpose, but for this needs to block the small river - this will cut off villag
  2. The post of twitter account Bottema37: Even when the ships aren't on AIS you can find something interesting, it just take more time All is done on size and colour of the ships found, and of course other OSINT sources like Twitter.
  3. HMS Dragon destroyer enters the Black Sea, substituting US DDG-80 Roosevelt destroyer and HMS H88 Enterpise SVHO
  4. Not about Russian army directly, but about Russian weapon. Azerbajdzhanian T-90S, export version of T-90 mod.1992 (but with welded turret like on T-90A) was hit by Armenian ATGM, probably AT-4C/AT-5. The missile hit in the front turret, ERA activated properly. But looks like the missile and ERA explosions have damaged optic on the turret, also, probably, the crew panicked - they abandoned own tank, which could drive yet and fled. The tank was seized by Armenians.
  5. The hystory has a trend to develop in a spiral %) In that times not only Crimea was under Russian Empire rule, but also for example Poland and Finland %)
  6. This topic should be just names "Will Russia attack Ukraine?" and all. Before 2014 Ukrainian high-ranked militaries just laughed and weaved off, when some politics told them about Russian threat: "The war with Russia? Man, are you crazy? This is impossible! We are all finished the same Soviet military academies!" Well... 2014 came. You now, all this B-52 in the Ukrainian skies, British papratroopers in steppes, NATO ships in Black Sea and many other movements from the side of US and UK - all this need many efforts, many resourses, many money. So, US intelligence, not only "retired
  7. Another video of UK 16th air-assault brigade dropping
  8. Poland and Baltic states. Four B-52 were in the sky.
  9. Todays US/UK activity spotted not only over Ukraine, but also near Balarus and Georgia. Russia moved to Belarus additional forces of VDV for maneuvers - BTG in 900 men crossed the border recently. While three B-52H were busy over Ukraine, the forth approached to Belarus borders or Kaliningrad oblast of Russia from the Poland airspace, simulated launches and turned back Over Georgia US jet CL-600 Artemis not only passed along the Russia border, but entered in airspace over occupied Abkhazia (the Abkhazia-Georgia border is marked by bright red line) Cold war 2.0
  10. Hm... Why 8? Caucasus-2020 has already begun. Russians already without a war lost Su-30, accidentally hit with Su-35 gun, KAMAZ command vehicle and T-90A Well done! If seriously, the situation with water in Crimea is becoming more critical day by day, so the "threat window" for us can be longer than time of maneuvers, for example until new US president takes office. About hour ago B-52H entered in UKR airspace, procceded to Odesa, where possibly simulated missile launches on Russian facilities in Crimea and flew to Romania. UKR fighters escorted There are many
  11. The pair of Ospreys from 352nd Special operation wing over Kyiv. US and UKR SOF troopers are conducting maneuvers around largest Ukrainian cities.
  12. Like that guy from Donetsk car service? We lost Crimea and part of Donbas not because there were most pro-Russian people, but because there were most of "indifferent middlebrows" , which thought they would follow own interests and nothing change for them. Defense of own territory, own culture etc is not nationalism. It is healty reaction of organism, which names "the state". The states like authorities and (or) societies, which havn't a will to resist the inner or outer threats very soon can loss own identity if their neighbours have expansionistic plans and imperial phantom pains.
  13. First day of Caucasus-2020 maneuvers was pointed with increased activity of NATO recon flights. Eight planes conducted own tasks over Black Sea: - US forces: two RC-135U/W, CL-600 with Artemis system, EP-3E, P-8A, MQ-9 - UK forces: R.1 Sentiel. RC-135W Also as minimum one Ukrainian strike UAV Bayraktar TB.2 was spotted in the sky over Kherson region
  14. Ahah, man, you stuck in naphthalene ideology, though agressive leftists is trying now to reanimate it in one country. Modern world now is more diverse, globalized and сomplicated and the wars now conducting not so directly, like in times of Karl Marx with his "two clssses". I have own micro-business. Am I oligarch (burgeois ahah) or proletarian-"working people", which nothing to loss except own chains?
  15. Crimean experts say the peninsula have the reserve of water about to December when current limits of supply will keep and wasn't significant rains. If Russia couldn't open the canal with diplomacy, they will do it with a weapon. Else water defficite will hit Russian military and industry too. This can happen in this year or in the next. We must be on alert.
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