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  1. Not only S-400. Russians have super-long-range AA missiles R-37, carring by MiG-31BM with 200 km of range and R-37M with 300 km of range for Su-35 and Su-57. There were several episodes, that these missiles have been shooting down UKR planes and helicopters far from frontline.
  2. On press-conference Zelenskyi told Ukraine lost 31 000 soldiers KIA. But he rejected to say how much soldiers were wounded and missed. Also according to January information about 6400 servicemen were POWs and about 2700 were exchanged. He also told Russia lost 180 000 KIA and their total losses with wounded is about 500 000. The number 31 000 is corresponding with November 2023 information from "Memory book" initiative, claimed about 23500 of KIA, whose names could be established. Also 15 000 MIA was claimed by this initiative and more than 4600 POWs
  3. Budanov said today the operation planning of A-50 hunting has took about two weeks. If Russia lost the third A-50 they will be forced to stop 24 hours flights, when one plane substitute other in the air. Thus, we can make conclusion, next step will be hunting for the third A-50.
  4. Yesterday I posted Russian video, how Russians of 70th MRR disembark infantry from two BMP-3 near ruined post office in Robotyne. Many people became to share a panic "Robotyne is lost" (Julian Roepke in the first flight as always) But morning is coming and here UKR video of aftermath of this disembarking (first part of video is Russian, then - Ukrainian with backround song "I'm Russian" as a mockery) Serviceman of probably 65th mech.brigade writes from there: Robotyne is under AFU control We drove out pidors at the morning
  5. Especailly interesting, knowing that Sweden is handing over 10 Stridsbåt 90 armored assault landing boats ... and 20 Gruppbåt By the way Stridsbåt 90 was a specimen for Russian Raptor class and BK-16 class boats of different purpose - assault landing, patrol, anti-sabateur. Probably Sweden gave production license, or Russia bought a boat to develop own project on its base.
  6. There was no Il-22 in this time. The story about it was shot down too was shared through social media because of confused information issue from Air Force Command. They meant incident of Jan 14, when first A-50 was destroyed and Il-22 damaged, but this has sounded like incident of Feb 23, especially on background of reports from locals, that two planes fell down (but this turned out A-50, teared off on two burning parts). Officially UKR claimed only one A-50U in that day
  7. Oleksandr Kamyshyn (on the photo below), the minister of strategic branches of industry has made a statement, that in past year Ukrainian military began to work on Russian territory with a missiles of Ukrainian production. In particular, Ukrainian missile hit a target on the range in 700 km. This is a misisle program, but I don't tell more about this, than president. But now we have long-range missile system, which capable to strike on 700 km. In past year The Defense Forces began to work on strategical targets on Russian territory with Ukrainian produced weapon. You have seen drones in the air and on the sea, working on these targets. This year will become a year, when we will see them on the ground [means we will see targets being hit from the ground] - said minister. In own turn, Mykhailo Fedorov (on the photo above), the minister of digital transformation claimed from a million of drones, which will be produced by state program, 90 % will be produced in Ukraine. Also he told now Ukraine actively develops own manufacturing of drone components, to avoid dependense from China. About 70 % of parts for state progtrm drones already produce in Ukraine
  8. Russians activated assaults in Robotyne-Verbove zone. Unlike on other directions here Russians attack mostly directly from south, south-east and south-west, because terrain and strуnghthen flanks prevent Russians from flank pressure. So far about a week main clashes are in southern and south-eastren parts of Robotyne and large stronpoint south of village. UKR here has flexible defense. Russians are assaulting both with small infantry groups and platoons on armor, which mostly used for delivering infantry close to the village. Russians already several times were seizing strongpoint and some houses in Robotyne, but when night was coming UKR forces eliminating and capturing enemy attackers, sitting in basements without support. Here is next probe of Russians to take control over the village - two BMP-3 of 70th MRR of 42nd MRD disembark infantry near ruines of post office. Reportedly this is yesterday attack
  9. Russians continue a pressure in Donetsk oblast. They began to assault Krasnohorivka town north from occupied Maryinka, repeating the Avdiivka way - bombs, artillery, meat columns in MTLB. UKR troops keep positions. Thoug, we need more AD systems, Russian aviation despite rised risks continue to conduct gliding bomb strikes. Here is ODAB-1500 thermobaric bomb hit on the factory in Krasnohorivka 3rd assault brigade announced they withdrew from Lastochkyne village west from Avdiivka - despite they kept most part of village, sitauation on flanks became worth and threatened to cut off supply routs. Russian VDV trops slightly expanded control zone over part of Ivanivske village
  10. Lipetsk metallurgical plant was hit by UKR drones "Liutyi" (has two means - "Fierce" and "February"). This is UKROBORONPROM drone design (though based on UKRSpetsSystems PD-2), anounced as far as in October 2022. Allegedly it can fly on 800-1000 km and carry 75 kg of payload, but there is no verified data about it
  11. 770 000$ was raised in two days for 35 naval drones "Sea Baby" - fundrising campaign "Sea battle" was announced by top UKR fundrisers Ihor Lachenkov and Serhiy Sternenko with support of Monobank and United24 initiative and was successfully finished in two days. "Sea Baby" is not kamikadze only so far, like previous version, but multirole unmanned naval platform, which capable to execute different tasks. So, prepare to new videos with sinking Russian ships. Exactly "Sea Baby" succussfully attcked Crimea bridge in second time. This drone can carry 850 kg of payload
  12. UKR armor withdraws from Avdiivka. At 0:06 you can see AT-105. It's increadible, but they still in service since 2014, I didn't hear about new supplies. They mostly used as HQ staff, comunication and evacuation vehicles.
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