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  1. Great looks ! But... Why so starnge scenario for Odesa, albeit fictional ? :)There weren't any "Ukrainian separatists" in this city, especially supported by Germans %) Odesa was mostly under Romanian troops occupation. Local partisans and underground resistance existed during WWII, they hid in catacombs. Also after the war Red Army and NKVD were forced to conduct large-scale anti-criminal operation, because large well armed criminal bands terrorized the city and turned on real "criminal partisan" army. The any city or town in Western Ukraine will be more proper for name of scenario
  2. USCG Cutter Hamilton visited Odesa. Before this, 8th of May the cutter provided some exircises with Ukranian Maritime Border Guard ship "Grygoryi Kuropyatnykov". During maneuvers, two Russian FSB Coast Guard ships "Provornyi" and "Bezuprechnyi" (pr.22460 "Okhotnik") and BSF corvette "Pavel Derzhavin" (pr.22160, armed with cruise missiles) have appeared. Initially they just escorted on distancem, but further several times closed to them and dangerously crossed their cource. Russians transmitted information as if this area is closed (this happened in Ukrainian exclusive economical zone southern
  3. Yes, this is it. But probably some sort of local "hand-made". I couldn't find something similar of Soviet or Russian. It is for POM-2 mines set. Last two years the enemy especially widely uses this weapon. This mine can be set only remotely with several types of launchers or even with RPG-7 (local invention). When POM-2 activetes, it throws four thin 8-10 m wires with sensors. If somebody hooks on this wire it tears easily and caused explosion with 10 m round zone of complete hit. POM-2 have modifications with self-destruction 4-100 hours or w/o self-destruction. It is dangerous weapon,
  4. Just an example of separs position, May 2021, filmed by hi-speed DJI drone on low-alttude flight. Civil drones of high-end segment very useful in UKR army. Military UAVs often uses in artillery, but infantry recon units, mortar batteries etc prefer to use civil drones, because there is no need to give special access to flights through bereaucratic procedures.
  5. I'v found if you purchase 1V14 as single vehicle it can't call artillery. You can buy spotter team for it and spotter team will call arty inside or outside vehicle, but vehicle itself will not. But if you purcase 1V14 in composition of battalion task force it will call arty even w/o spotting team inside. In real there will be normal situation, when 1V14 havn't call artiilery itself. This is just transport and radio communicator between spotting team and guns position. Spotting team finds the target and just send some data to radio operator inside 1V14. But, of course with losing of
  6. In real life 1V14 equipped with laser range finder, viewfinder, night vision device (allows to spot up to 1200 m in conditions - stars+1/3 of moon) - all this equipment mounted in the turret, stereo-rangefinder, artllery compass. Almost all this equipmnet can be moved outside 1V14 hull and set up nearby. Usually 1V14 has own position near the command post of battalion commander, to which this battery is attached, so 1V14 in this case should locate in 2-2,5 km from forward positions of battalion and maintain proper observation of battlefield. This names "main observation post" (MOP). Important
  7. Thanks for the link, 010/507 turned out short-live Shtat, but anyway like 010/292 was substituted on 010/463 and 010/465. The table of Mech.units also shows that 010/292 wasn't in use since the spring 1944. But better to rise Bagration's OOB and look each Shtat of participated tank regiments.
  8. Does the Soviet rifle platoon in CMRT really have binoculars in each squad and at platoon leader? This is incorrect! Here the document of rifle company equipmnet according to rifle regiment Shtat 04/551 (December 1942), which was actual up to the spring 1945. In equipment column you can see letters "пп" (SMG), "б" (binocular), "к" (compass). And here the terriblle thing - there are NO. ONE. binocular in the rifle platoons. Neither platoon leader nor squad leaders have binoculars. Only company commander and 50 mm mortar platoon (actually abscent in 1944) leader had. @akd I thi
  9. For CMRT timeframe this Shtat is already anachronism. Here is wriiten: "By Red Army General Staff directive №3/2305 from 4.03.1944 ALL tank regiments of 010/292 Shtat were transfrerred up to the 1st of April 1944 on the new Shtat 010/507": http://tankfront.ru/ussr/organisation/shtat/010-292_otp.html 010/507 of 21 T-34 tanks could be separate or for mech.brigades. In the same time the tank regiment of Shtat 010/465 (introduced in February 1944) of 35 T-34 tanks existed ONLY for mech.brigades. There are Shtats 010/463 (21 T-34) and 010/464 (21 T-34-85) existed for line tank regim
  10. Dejan Berich, Serbian sniper, about whom this film was captured by Ukrainain soldiers in 2014. Because he was a sniper, and had confirmed kills of Ukraiain soldiers, he had to stand trial and be convicted (and I wonder how our guys didn't shot him at all). But by some unknown reasons, Berich was given back to separs in exchange for UKR soldiers. Of course, he have incereased his count soon. During next years he was sligtly injured and turned back to Serbia. Serbian authorities didn't pursuit him. Several months ago Berich again appeared on Donbas, but unknown in what status. Since 2014 among p
  11. This is discussed theme to this time. There is knowingly about several killed servicemen of Russian "Vympel" FSB special force detachment, as well as servicemen of 16th GRU spetsnaz brigade and 45th VDV spetsnaz regiment during all time of battles for airport, but there is a question how exactly they participated. Like independent Russian units w/o insignias, like small "vacationers" reinforsement squads inside separs units (final assault was conducted by recon-assault battalion "Sparta" and Caucasians) or like separate "volunteers". On enemy's video you can see also the fighter with Rus
  12. Glen Grant, British military expert about Putin's build-up achieved goals:
  13. If we say about 70th, separate tank battalions/regiments, equipped with heavy tanks or ISU-152 had completely other tasks and other subordination - as a rule they belonged to Army level, though some tank divisions had own battalion with heavy tanks. They were in constant readiness and stood in the boxes with loaded ammunition. In the cause of war, they had to move to the border immediately with the task "last stand" in order to win the time for other tank divisions, equipped with modern MBTs. GSFG's T-10, for example, even hadn't loader in own crew. Afer arriving on position, the driver left o
  14. In the end of 1976 also. There were about 20 "border defense tank battalions" in GSFG at the end of 60th, but this is unofficial name. Each had 70 T-10M. Also were units with mix of T-10M /IS-3M/ ISU-152. Officially T-10 were decomissioned only in 1993, but in real they finished own combat duty at the end of 70th. Some of them used for training purpose, but mostly they just awaited when it would be remelted or moved on firing ranges as targets. Some sources say some number of T-10 up to begining of 90th used on Far East with the same purpose like in Germany - for the border "last stand c
  15. Of course, General Staff has different plans of reaction. Of course, troops ready to fight, many of those, who fought in 2014-15 and now mostly retired ready to fight again. But all depends from the will of politics. And especially the President's will. Alas, both Poroshenko and much more Zelenskyi - they are not "warriors". They are both prefer evade the fight, because believe the agressor can be stopped by 1000 "round tables" and tons of papers. Europe demands from us the same - the way of compromises and apeasement. Putin just loughs and feels own impunity. Ukrainian navy doesn't exist
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