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  1. Loving the AAR, Bil! Really enjoying it. Thanks for all your effort. 👍 If you don't mind my asking, which translation of Sun Tzu are you using? Griffith? This one sounds simple and to the point. Others are a bit too "clumsy" and complicated for my taste.
  2. Here's a preview of a map I worked on yesterday with improved terracing for the farm plots...much better now!
  3. Great work! Thanks for giving the scenario a whirl!
  4. Hey! Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah the slat armor can be a real pain. Great second playthrough! Looks like your plan ran like clockwork. Reminds me of the polar opposite that happened to me during one of my playtests where BOTH IEDs malfunctioned. Needless to say the peanut butter really hit the fan and I had to maneuver my forces to adjust to the new situation. In another run through, one IED was able to take out a Stryker (the other one malfunctioned), but the slat armor of the rest just kept on staving off my RPGs. Its these variables that make CM really enjoyable.
  5. Thanks for the tip! Brilliant use for an Excel file. Use it a lot for work hehe. True the manual is pretty straightforward in explaining the parameters. My question, though, is does "casualties" and "conditions" include the reinforcement that was meant to arrive but didn't because the AI accepted a ceasefire before they were able to show up? Edit: Just read up on Jon S's excellent tutorial. He basically doesn't use the parameters and tends to use the terrain and unit objectives more to calculate VPs. Makes more sense to me.
  6. Haha! Don't we all? Regarding a campaign: was thinking along the lines of the insurgents starting out as a small group that eventually builds up into a large force. The scenarios would more or less follow that progression. Small unit actions against isolated detachments/ checkpoints/ patrols at the start progressing towards larger coordinated attacks against "harder" targets. Is there some way the insurgents can use captured NATO weapons in a scenario? I'm guessing you would need mods to do that, right?
  7. Hey! That would be fantastic, Sarge! You've got some serious map-making skillz!
  8. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! Hope you all have fun wrestling with the tactical problems hehe....Please get back to me if you can with your feedback. I think the mission parameters need tweaking. Not really sure if I got it right. Still learning. 😁 I love the outdoors. Can't go outdoors right now because of the COVID lockdown/ restrictions in my neck of the woods. I miss it a lot. I guess it came out in this map. Just realized that fiddling around with the scenario editor is like Minecraft for grogs haha! Also, Bootsy is the best, Baby Bubba! 🤩 Which is why I enjoy playing Red. Noticed that there is a dearth of Red scenarios from the uncon perspective. Might try to fill that gap with all the spare time on my hands right now. Even considering making a campaign for all the masochists out there....anyone up for it? Was a dice-chucker (ie. RPG nerd) when I was a kid. For me, a well crafted briefing goes a long way in helping the player immerse themselves and feel invested in the scenario. Glad it gave you the urge to play!
  9. Greetings! Have been playing CM on and off for years now and have mostly been a lurker at the forums. Now that I have too much time on my hands I decided to try my hand at creating a scenario for the community to pick apart and hopefully enjoy. This a "mediumish" scenario of an ambush by Syrian guerillas on a US Stryker Infantry platoon. The setting is a guerilla zone located in the Latakia Governorate in the northwest of Syria. The region is fairly mountainous and forested which should be a welcome change from the mostly flat deserts of Eastern Syria. Mission Briefing Situation: For almost 2 weeks the Americans have conducted what appears to be a battalion-sized sweep of our guerilla zone located in the eastern part of the Latakia Governorate. So far, we have merely observed their movements and frustrated their attempts to engage us in any decisive engagements. This seems to have frustrated them to no end. In their desperation to locate our main units, they have fanned out in several directions and spread themselves thin. The extremely mountainous terrain in this area has also made matters even worse for them as their columns are advancing along routes separated by deep valleys. This will make it difficult for their units to support each other. We must make them pay for this mistake. Mission: After studying the dispositions of the enemy during their advance, we have managed to pinpoint a weak spot. An isolated platoon on their extreme right flank is making its way southward towards the village of Al Edel. We shall concentrate a superior force there to ambush and annihilate this unit. Wiping out this platoon will not only provide us with captured arms and ammunition; it will also deal a huge blow to the enemy's morale and may also potentially influence public opinion in their home country against this war of aggression. Friendly Forces: Our main force of 2 undersized platoons (1 HQ team and 5 fire teams each) will be concentrating for this operation. The zone's operational command has also allocated 2 machine gun teams, 3 RPG teams, a pair of snipers and 2 IED operators as added support. Our fighters who will be taking part in this battle have been steeled during the past few years of struggle and are fearless in the face of the enemy. We have also made sure to provide them with adequate supplies. Enemy Forces: Our target is a platoon of infantry in Strykers. It is on the extreme right flank of the enemy's southward advance so its only immediate reinforcement is another infantry platoon, also in Strykers, located on its left flank on an adjacent ridge about 3-4 kilometers away. Several of our harassment teams that have been shadowing this 2nd platoon will try their best to delay them as long as possible once the ambush starts. However, assume that they will be able to reinforce their comrades within half an hour. Several Strykers with mortars have been spotted towards the rear of their advance. Attack helicopters have also been seen in the area recently. Based on information supplied by our intelligence network, it looks like they are on the tail end of their operation and are poised to withdraw from the area. The absence of any engagements seems to have lulled them into a false sense of security and they have started to become careless in their movements. However, you must not underestimate the enemy and remain vigilant. Plan: Although strategically the enemy has vastly superior weapons and numbers, we should use the terrain, the element of surprise, and our superior numbers at the tactical level to offset this advantage. Study the terrain carefully and decide where to locate the "kill zone" of your ambush. This is where you should position the bulk of your forces who will be tasked with annihilating the enemy. The remaining forces should be located in secondary positions to ensure that the enemy remains boxed in within the "kill zone". They will also be tasked with pinning down any possible reinforcements to keep the enemy in the "kill zone" isolated. Once the ambush is sprung, speed of execution is crucial. Try your best to complete the mission and withdraw before enemy reinforcements and air support arrive. Do not stand and fight. Prolonging the battle unnecessarily will only allow the enemy to concentrate their superior forces against us. War is not only about destroying the enemy's forces but preserving our own forces as well. Our fighters are ready to die for our cause, but try to avoid any unnecessary casualties. Also, don't waste ammunition as supplies are generally limited. Only fire at identified targets as much as possible. Depending on the development of the battle, our forces may withdraw in 3 different directions marked on the map. Playable as Red vs. Blue AI. The Red setup zone is fairly large. It will allow the player to try different dispositions and tactics to carry out the ambush. There is only 1 AI plan so far but I'll eventually work on some additional plans for even more replayability. Operational Map: Tactical Map: Some views of the scenery before you blow stuff up: I tried to replicate the stepped fields they use in the region as best as I could. Could be better, though. The fields are pretty "squarish" for my taste. The plots should hug the contours of the terrain. I initially found the "elevation" tool in the editor pretty confusing (my excuse) and didn't want to redo everything as soon as I got to a certain point in creating the map. Now that I've got the hang of it I'll probably do better next time. A view of the mountain spring just north of the village.... A view from the north-east this time.... I have playtested the scenario several times and think it will provide a challenge to players of varying skill levels. I'm looking forward to people trying it out and providing me with their feedback. As the great Bootsy Collins once said: "Funk away!" https://www.dropbox.com/s/1lha9pzu76x45x7/Ambush at Al Edel.btt?dl=0
  10. I read it a few years ago. Quite interesting actually. Picked it up on the recommendation of Conan O'Brien haha. A guest of his asked him what he was reading at the time and he mentioned this book. The sections detailing the experiments they performed on prisoners are pretty unsettling. They were given speed and basically marched around in circles to death to measure the effectivity of the drug. Horrible stuff. It also claims that German soldiers in France 1940 were able to sustain the manic pace of the blitzkrieg because they were juiced up and weren't sleeping.
  11. Thanks for the tip! This thread is slowly turning into a gag reel of CM bloopers hehe....
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