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  1. So... I'm guessing this is a reference to "Sergeant Steiner" from "Cross Of Iron"; a classic!
  2. Personally, I think this would be a fantastic addition to the CM series! How cool would it be to be playing a night scenario and watching 'em burst in the air, lighting up for awhile various parts of the battlefield, then fading/dropping to earth? You're sneaking a platoon across a relatively open area in the dark of night when suddenly they're all caught 'neath the glow of starshells? This would be, as we used to say in Boston back in the '60s: "wicked pissa!" Regards, Odd
  3. It has been a ridiculous problem for years. It's not merely annoying. It's often scenario breaker. Seems like it would be a relatively simple fix. Is there some mystical property(ies) assigned to front versus rear doors?
  4. Bookwise, I've got one called "Handbook On German Military Forces"" put out by the U.S. War Department which covers 1039-1945. It has a TON of German TOEs in it along with a plethora of other stuff such as weaponry and equipment. Amazon has it here, along with other sellers covering a range from ten dollars (used) up to about 60 (new). I've found it quite useful over the years. Here's the Amazon link: https://smile.amazon.com/Handbook-German-Military-Forces-Department/dp/0807116297/ref=sr_1_1?crid=M3HMRZT00BGJ&keywords=handbook+on+german+military+forces&qid=1581716307&sprefix=german+handbook+of+mili%2Caps%2C174&sr=8-1 Regards, Odd
  5. Hi RT, Have you made any changes with that first mission of the campaign based on input/results from the testing guys? Regards, Odd
  6. An outstanding production, Megalon. I loved the intro. Thank you for working it up. Very immersive and informative and the use of music was the icing on the cake. Great job on the narration as well. Regards, Odd
  7. Location: North Shore of the Democratic People's Republic of Massachusetts

      I thought that was The People's Republic Of Cambridge. Hehehehee!
    An old Dorchester rat currently in Ohio. 

    Regards, Odd

    1. Vet 0369

      Vet 0369

      Cambridge has annexed most of the State now. A few communities still fight the good fight, but it’s virtually a lost cause since even the Republican Governor is more liberal than most Democrats. It’s really sad what’s happening in the first colony to fight to protect its firearms. I lived in Loraine, Ohio for a few months in the 1950s when my Father was transferred there from Somerville by Ford. My Mother didn’t like it though, so we moved back to Beverly.

    2. Oddball-47


      Hi Vet,
         I'm in Sandusky, not too many miles from Lorain. I chased a girl out here ten years ago. After living
      together for a year, we decided to split. We're still very good friends. I liked it out here so much
      that I decided to stay. It's a different world out here. Hell, people are so much nicer, the cost of living
      is about a third of what it is in MA these days. They even drive civilized out here!
         I went back to Dorchester a few years ago. It had been in the midst of great change
      in my last decade there and the changes have since accelerated. Not too many of the
      old families are around, the kids grew up and found themselves unable to afford the rents
      anymore. Somehow, the suburbs became cheaper to live in than in the city of Boston itself.
         Nothing there for me these days. But I've still got my memories !

      Best regards, Odd

    3. Vet 0369

      Vet 0369

      Hey Odd!

      I hear you about the people being nicer, driving more civilized, and cost of living. I worked at Boeing in Wichita, KS for a few years in the 70’s. Liked it so much that we even bought a house there. My wife had never lived away from her family though and missed them, so we moved back to MA. Just about the only thing I didn’t like was the seasons. There were only two, summer and winter. Also, I grew up within a stone throw of the ocean and really miss it when I’m not near it. My family has been here for almost 400 years, so that sort of roots you to an area too. We now live about two miles from where Tituba told her stories to the girls who started the witch hysteria. 

      Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

      p.s. Just downloaded and installed Rome to Victory last night (more missions and campaigns that I’ll never get around to playing hehe).

  8. Hi RT, I'd be happy to playtest one of the ten you mentioned were in the campaign. Rather than PM'ing you, I figured I'd just post here in the thread to act perhaps as a "nudge" of sorts to others who may be on the fence as to whether they'd like to help out or not. Regards, Odd
  9. In my installation of Final Blitzkrieg, I told it to install to the "E" drive, which it did. However, it then also put some folders in my "Documents" area under Battlefront. The "data" folder you want to use is not the "userdata" folder. I think you want the one you can locate thusly: This PC>Disk E (or whatever you installed CMFB to)>CM Final Blitzkrieg>Data>Z (Make this folder and put the mods in it) Regards, Odd
  10. I'd initially read of and personally experienced instances of enemy troops breaking and running directly towards the enemy when behind bocage. In playing one of the stock CMFI scenarios this morning, U.S. troops were tasked with defending a small village atop a hill. I had spotted a pair of US AI mortar teams about 300 yards away with 3x Brumbars. One of these took the mortar crews under fire and I lost sight of 'em for a few turns. Lo and behold, they re-appeared running directly at two of my Brumbars, which blew them both away at a distance of thirty yards. The mortar crews had run almost 300 yards towards the Brumbars. Has Battlefront officially noted that this aspect of the series remains a problem? Regards, Odd
  11. Hi Papi, I was able to play CM live after using this link. http://www.howtofindmyipaddress.com/ In my case, trying to use the IP address which CM provides you in the multiplayer hosting window was not working. Using the IP address on the above page/link (the huge numbers in green at top of page) I can now host a game and both of my buddies who have CM are able to connect fine to me. (Note that 7023 remains the port to use) It's worth a shot if you messed with your router's port fowarding and came up empty. Regards, Odd
  12. Myself and a buddy played this one live, turn-based tonight and man, oh man, has it played out beautifully thus far. So much action and anticipation! We played a solid 5 hours and still have about 60 minutes of game time left to play tonight. I've never seen so much Allied armor on a map before. It was jaw-dropping to see it all pointed at me! Highly recommended for human vs human play! Regards, Odd
  13. I played a two-player, live quick battle today with CMBN and both sections of a squad I had split in half (Germans) panicked and ran (on their own) through an opening in tall bocage directly into a wide open field -TOWARDS- the enemy. (U.S.) So it is obvious to me that the same bug which has been previously discussed has indeed, not been fixed. Flames, replies which find my post offensive/repulsive or which smack of grognardian elitism, shall be entertained. Odd
  14. Hi Captain, Thank you for taking the time to post that up for me. I see a new "02" patch has been released as well. I think I'll go grab that, install it, and see how many pixel truppen I can send to their unfortunate demise. Best regards, Odd
  15. Has a "readme" of some sort detailing all the changes the new patch/upgrade introduces been posted yet? Apologies if it has been posted up, and I somehow managed to miss it. Regards, Odd
  16. For anyone playing CMFB who has been seeing the awful mess the moire patterns make, I've come across a mod made by "Worghern" which removes it. I reccomend that you first fire up "Battle For Chaumant Part 1" before trying the mod out in CMFB to get an idea of just how awful the moire effect was in that particular scenario. The download for the mod can be found here: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-final-blitzkrieg/cmfb-scenery/worghern-blitzkrieg-environment-cmfb/ Once downloaded and unzipped, it'll make a "Z" folder with everything contained in the mod within that. I renamed the resultant "Z" folder to "ZZ_Warghorn CMFB" and just placed it into my main CMFB installation folder within the DATA\Z subfolders and it works very nicely. Regards, Odd
  17. I burned myself out on the A3 editor, but it was a fun ride while it lasted. My only experience with Battlefront's editor resulted in my making a mission that had no AI plan(s) at all and was so huge and had so many units that it took three minutes just to load. My buddy "Grunt" and I playtested it when it was finished, but we were both fried after about 45 minutes into the battle and called it a day. That was probably two years ago. I fired it up about three months ago and found myself wondering just what the hell I was thinking when I cobbled it together. Pink Floyd's album, "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" comes to mind. Best, Odd
  18. Hi everyone, I was reading a thread in the forums today with regards to AI plans for use in CM missions. That got me to thinking about the literally endless possibilities the Arma3 mission makers can utilize through the use of script commands. List of commands here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3 I'm guessing the current engine precludes the introduction of such a system, but perhaps if/when Battlefront begins work on "Engine 4", a similar system might be looked upon as perhaps having some merit. Perhaps someone in the forums familiar with both working up AI plans in the CM editors as well as Arma3 might have some thoughts on this. Best regards, Odd
  19. I concur, wholeheartedly! The modmakers are an integral part of the Combat Mission series and have been since the original CM came out 18 years ago. Their selfless contributions to the CM community over almost two decades have made a tremendous positive impact on my enjoyment of CM. Bless them one and all! Best regards, Odd
  20. To Ian: Thank you for validating that for me. To Steve: Thank you for the prompt reply. I'll give it a whirl on the morrow and see if I have any better luck. Best regards, Odd
  21. Battlefront website itself (not the forums) keeps timing out (unable to load page). Was unable to let 'em know via a Suport Ticket as it had the same problem. Was going to purchase a couple of DLC for a buddy of mine for his CMBN game. Sigh... Anyway, consider this a "heads up" to Battlefront in case they're unaware of the problem. Best, Odd
  22. Hi George et al, All these years I've been mucking about with various versions of CM and I've never done a campaign before. Shame on me! However, having said that, I have begun "Kampfgruppe von Schroif" and have just completed the first mission ("veteran" level difficulty) and had a grand time with it, eeking out a "tactical victory" in the doing. I am astounded at the level of work that went into this campaign. The accompanying PDF, all 133 pages of it was what convinced me to do this, my first ever campaign. My hat is off to you and I thank you for your time and efforts as well as for all the fun I had with the first mission! I am VERY much looking forward to the next one. A fellow CM player, my friend George, aka "Grunt" gave me a great pointer with regards to halftracks. I had several which did not have gunners (gunners killed in first mission), but which did have men/sections riding in the back, none of which were manning the machine guns. To get one of those guys to actually man the machine gun, selecting the halftrack and then selecting "open up" has one of the passengers step up and take the gunner position. Anyway, George, I just wanted to say "Thank you" for putting Kampfgruppe von Schroif together! Best regards, Odd
  23. A magnificent recounting, Heinrich! Thank you for working that up. And kudos to the Stalingrad mod team as well! A question; are those screenshots taken from in-game using one of the graphics shaders I saw mentioned in some threads months ago? Or, are you playing without shaders and modifying them after the fact with a graphics editor? The reason I ask is that they're just beautiful and I'd love to revisit CMRT using a shader if that's how you're playing. Best regards, Odd
  24. An article on Combat Mission: Afghanistan was posted up on the "War Is Boring" website today. Link is here: https://warisboring.com/i-got-my-ass-handed-to-me-in-combat-mission-afghanistan-907efa8ee1fa#.tto949adz Regards, Odd
  25. I've purchased the original CM, CMAK, CMBB, CMBN and CMRT over the years. But, I'm in the same boat as Futon and WarrenPeace in that I personally feel that without any new gameplay features that it is from my perspective just an "add on pack". So, I personally won't be purchasing it.
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