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  1. Was wondering if Hamachi would be easier to set up. Tried port forwarding 7023..dont know if its on partners end.
  2. No holiday sale ever. But steam is currently have a "winter sale" highly recommend Gary Grigsb'y War in the East, War in the West and any of the Graviteam Tactics games.
  3. Hey to each their own I guess. A title from 2011 still $60 good for them. Would I ever buy a game from 2011 for $60 absolutely not, but that's just me. Not bashing or trying to win people over on how business models work and how sales increase revenue... was just curious if they had sales and now I know they would never lol.
  4. I was just wondering some of their titles are old 4 years going on almost 5. I know they are PROUD of the games but $60 is a bit much. I couldn't name one AAA title that is still $60 from 5 years ago.
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